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There is no on the heart and kidneys tested theory, with which the child can educational value of its security. There is also no ideal time for the infamous parent-child conversation: Because classical education, which covers conception, pregnancy and birth in a slip, it’s not enough today for a long time. Why? The innocent Little come early with the topic of Sex in contact: Through television, magazines, Radio and advertising, you quickly get insight into the love life. The sooner this half-knowledge is put in perspective, the easier it will be for them later, of course, and self-consciously with sexuality and your body.

Where are the small children?

One day, the buds want to know, specifically, where babies come from. “The winged words on the pollination story no one understands well,” says biology teacher, Anja is, she teaches at a high school, among other things, sex education: “children are usually sexually Mature and can start, therefore, little to do with technical Details.” You need simple, but true answers.

Parents can consider how you name the sexual parts, to describe in simple words how Daddy’s sperm, mom’s egg to fertilize, if you love each other. And then in mummy’s tummy and a Baby grows. It is important to convey that tenderness plays. So the child learns that the Union of man and woman is a loving, natural process.

If parents find it difficult to talk about Sex, to help even more picture books. Later, you can leave the subject of education to the teacher. In Germany, the school is ranked number two when it comes to education. Place assigned to the mother. “Children do not know in the sixth grade, what happens during Sex,” reports the teacher Henke. “But we all know a kind of half-and, the teacher needs to respond to.”

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