Sex headache – taboo subject with a high degree of agitation

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Sex headache – taboo subject with a high degree of agitation

The phrase “honey, not tonight – I have a headache” sounds a little corny. In addition, he is supposed to serve, allegedly, as an excuse for the “most beautiful thing in the world”. But the most violent headaches for many people during sexual intercourse, and not before.

Men are affected more often

Also, it is not, in General, the women who have to fight with headaches during Sex. Especially men between the age of 25. and 50. Years of age are affected three to four Times more often than women. Usually the head pain explosion-like during orgasm.

Around 70% of those Affected report that they have been attaktiert of the pain accompanying the appearance of the “lightning stick-like”. In other patients, a dull pain in the head and neck to spread, with increasing excitation, the stronger and more likely a tension headache.

In most patients, the sexual kofpschmerz occurs only over a few months and then disappears. However, the symptoms can return even after years. Studies show that migraine patients are particularly affected. Around a quarter of the patients the Doctors can find a family-related predisposition to attacks-like headaches. High blood pressure, and changes in sexual practices increase the risk also.

Cause and effect

Who suffers during sexual intercourse a severe headache attack, the first needs to clarify urgently whether, under certain circumstances, a cerebral hemorrhage or a stroke are the cause. In most cases, such a life-threatening trigger of the headache can be excluded.

Very clear clues as to the origin of the complaints, the stress researchers do not assume, however, that the processing of stress stimuli in the brain works in the affected patients.

The regulation of the arteries in the brain is affected. The vessels are not able to adjust properly to the blood pressure increase and thus cause a failure of supply to the brain. Similar mechanisms are also of migraine patients is not known.

Abstinence is not necessary

Explosive headaches during sexual intercourse painful and unpleasant. For the person you are worrying, but, in General, harmless. Who suffers more under these attacks, does not have to renounce but to the sexual intercourse.

A bit of discipline but can help the headache to limit or to prevent entirely. Quickies or too much excitement should be avoided. The “cuddly version” of slowly increasing arousal helps not to overload the stimulus processing in the brain.

Prophylactically can be taken after consultation with the doctor an hour before the sexual intercourse acetylsalicylic acid. In the case of long-term Sexual headache also, beta-blockers, and other blood can be used pressure-lowering agents. In any case, a thorough medical workup is necessary, so that the sentence “darling, listen. I’m getting a headache” from his vocabulary.