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Sexuality during and after menopause


Sexuality in old age, in particular, the sex life of older women, in our eternal youth set society as a taboo subject. Many women experience ageing with a continuous sexual devaluation that is accompanied by Concerns about their own attractiveness, decreasing efficiency, various diseases and complaints. In addition, women are influenced by the societal “double standard of aging”, which means that women are perceived as unlike men as unattractive, old, and asexual. The hormonal changes with the onset of menopause, as well as the increase in General diseases have so far been made mainly as causes for the changes in the sexual life. What but the quality and quantity of female sexuality after menopause depends is involuntarily kept secret of many women. The Medical psychologist Dr. Beate Schultz-Zehden from the Benjamin Franklin Campus of the Charité hospital in Berlin, has gone on the traces of this mystery.

Pleasure and pain

That the desire for Sex in men, decreases in old age, is known as the fact that women also have sexual interests and needs in old age. To old age women remain sexually pleasure – and orgasm, if a decline in Libido and sexual activity with age seems to be undisputed.

So far, this has been attributed to changes during the hormonal transition processes. Also a number of other causes may be responsible, not only physical, but psychological and sociological reasons for concern or, more generally, of the partnership.

Older people experience sexual needs, sometimes in shame, or as inappropriate, especially if the Partner has age-related difficulties. Although satisfactory contacts for both partners would be possible, the lack of conversation between the partners, sometimes to the complete disappearance of sexual encounters.

The range of needs

In a representative survey of 521 women have answered between the ages of 50 and 70 years an extensive questionnaire on sexuality anonymously. This nationwide study covered not only the current sexual life of women in the higher age, but also asked about the changes in the lived sexuality. The results of the survey disproved the widely-held view that sexual Desire with the beginning of the hormonal changes decreases significantly.

The spectrum of sexual needs is enough, rather, from the daily desire for sexual contact, up to and including complete rejection. Between the age of 50. and 60. The age of the surveyed women want on average several times a month Sex, between 65 and 70 years, in contrast, half of all women don’t want no sexual relationship. However, the desire for sexual contact was greater than the actual lived sexuality. Existing sexual needs remain, therefore, in the case of some women not satisfied.

As women age with sexuality, sure of their individual biographies. With increasing age, not only the frequency but also the number of women with sexual intercourse decreases. So a quarter of 50 – to 55-Year-old experienced no active sexuality, in the 65 – to 70-Year-olds, it was 66 percent. In this age, only one in every three women, to be sexually active.

Dwindling desire in old age?

For this purpose, the different reasons to exist: Many women live without a Partner and the opportunity to find a new Partner, is in many ways difficult, since men tend to die earlier and only a third of the women living alone is ready to bind again. In addition, diseases, the loss of the partner, as well as more General relationship problems, women’s Libido to reduce, with the result that some women in their sexual relationship dissatisfaction.

Some women use the Age, to free himself from the obligation to sexual activities: Over the years, it has come to a Form of wear and tear of the partnership, or you have years of wrong without Lust sexually, and now the freedom of sexual refusal.

Changed experienced sexuality

Both the sexual desire as well as a satisfying sex life – so the conclusion of the survey, conclude, correlate with the quality of the partnership and with the quality of sexual life in previous years, with the satisfaction of sexuality, not primarily by the quantity of activities but the quality of the sexual encounter. While the frequency of sexual intercourse loses with age, in importance, the importance of tenderness in sexuality, also with a view to develop sexual pleasure.

New Freedoms

Some women feel relief of Menopause-free in sexuality. The elimination of monthly menstruation and menstrual hygiene, the liberation of the prevention of problems and the fear of unwanted pregnancies liven up the sex life, as well as the Exodus of the children from the parents house. These women have more time to enjoy the spontaneity in sexuality and have to pay no more attention to their children. A happy assessments of the partnership and only a few sexual problems in the past play an important role to make a woman that has learned in the past, your sex life is satisfactory, it can enjoy more likely with increasing age. The study provides evidence that may result in changes in the area of sexual behavior of women. It is a smaller group of so-called “sexually emancipated” women between the ages of 50 and 65, the reported life an extremely fulfilling and satisfying sex. You are particularly sexually active, take part more frequently than her partners for the Initiative in the sexual life and take over instead of the passive Parts is also becoming more and more an active role.

Lack Of Advice

Unfortunately, there is still a lack of adequate counselling services, especially for older women. Many of the courses are specifically aimed at younger women, when it comes to questions about the pregnancy or termination of pregnancy. Gynaecologists, however, can be just for older women important contacts. But only about every fourth woman goes in the studied age group, even a woman doctor or a woman doctor, talking openly about sexual issues and in the majority of cases the women themselves who raise the issue.