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Sick child – What to do?


What to do?

To provide you the fever the child plenty to drink: tea, juices and water, preferably in a cool (not freezing!). The younger the child is, the greater the thirst. Infants have, based on your body surface area, a high fluid requirement. In the apartment there is a thin pajamas, or T-Shirt and a pair of shorts is enough for a feverish child normally. In bed, a light blanket should be. The legs are warm, you can make the calf wrap.

The fever continues to rise nevertheless, you can give at temperatures greater than 39.0 °C are also child-appropriate fever-reducing medications. Depending on the age and body weight, there are suppositories or fever juices. Check whether the child sink due to your fever measures entfiebert. After about six hours, the medication, if necessary, may be repeated.

When should be presented to the child but the child’s doctor?

In the case of common cold signs, such as slight coughing (without shortness of breath), and rhinitis, breiigem chair or a fever, where the child is but hilarious nevertheless, and appetite, you can wait mostly until the next day. Often the signs of disease are gone or weaker.

Immediately to the doctor it mean when a baby has more than a slight fever: less than six months from 38.0 °C (Po measured), the older infant from 38,5 °C. This applies also, if his behavior is “suspicious”, your Baby signs of disease, you can’t explain, for example, a rash or inflamed eyes, or if the child is missing more than a meal or acts apathetic. In the case of longer-lasting watery diarrhea, repeated vomiting and a high fever with difficulty in breathing (or wheezing breathing noise) you should drive as quickly as possible in the nearest children’s hospital.

In principle applies: In all cases of doubt, even if you feel insecure, you should go on the safe side and consult a doctor.

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