Simple and good home

Simple and good home

Simple and good home

A Fete in the own four walls has its advantages: it is cheaper and it saves the organization to drive many children from point A to point B – of course, the ingenuity is allowed to go out and still over hit the pot.

Very popular themed parties, where everything is in the characters of fairies, pirates or aliens. As well trim remove fixed with the flea market boxes from the attic, full of fantasy and made-up children’s faces and handmade Hats from likes to play games.

For soothing moments in between, the so-called Kim-games that train the senses. Guess who is blindfolded at the sound of someone biting into a carrot? Anyone who recognizes the soap smell? Barefoot paths are the guarantee for giggling fun.

Outdoor celebrations

A course can tinkering with the children, for example, egg cartons, Pine branches, chestnuts and sawdust. When the weather is good should have fun with the crowd already out there. Maybe in your own Olympics with fun sports such as relay race with water-filled rubber boots. Anyone who has even the most water, wins.

Not new, but very popular rallies with tricky leagues are questions and tasks: Since when is it the fountain in the market square? What Mrs Müller eats from the city library? Make a flower chain made of daisies! With these Games, children back time-back in the foreground. Especially in mixed groups of girls and boys the Little one to learn to know their respective Strengths and appreciate.

The crowning glory of a Party with older children, a night walk with a camp fire: If it crackles, bread on a stick by the fire, roasts, and scary stories to be told, it is clear that The simplest things are usually the best.

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