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Slimming AIDS from the pharmacy


In the spring of the desire for the feel-good weight is awakening in many people. A number of slimming aid promises support is on the way to dream figure. The pounds fall off quickly the first successes can motivate them to continue doing it. Of long duration the result of a lightning diets, however, is rare, because at some point the dreaded yo-Yo effect sets in.

3 types of slimming products

Who wants to have long-term success, not to a change of eating and life habits. At the same time, there are resources that can Start and hold on to the Slim down easier. Some of them require a prescription and are prescribed for Obesity, others are freely available. There are three groups of decreasing AIDS:

  • Appetite suppressant
  • Fat blocker
  • Source materials

Appetite suppressant

Traditional appetite suppressants or appetite inhibitors act directly in the brain. There, you promote, the brakes, the release of various messenger substances. The feeling of Hunger attenuates. Those wanting to lose weight feel satiated faster, eat less. One of the known active ingredients that sibutramine is. It affects the happiness hormone Serotonin and so ensures a longer feeling of satiety. At the same time, the body will boost its own energy consumption.

The prescription drug can be applied as a result of minimal side effects for up to a year. Nevertheless, nervousness, constipation, and dry mouth may occur.

Since the autumn of 2006, the active ingredient Rimonabant is on the market. The pill for the slim line inhibits a Receptor that is involved in the Central nervous system in the Regulation of Hunger and satiety. The result: The feeling of Hunger is regulated, and the desire to eat food. Up to ten percent weight loss are allegedly possible. The prescription pill is swallowed every day. For people with depression or anxiety disorders, the agent is unsuitable, because the drug can exacerbate such moods.

Fat blocker

Also promise a remedy, so-called fat blockers such as the active ingredient Orlistat. They slow down the cleavage of dietary fats in the intestine, which the body doesn’t absorb. “What is not recorded does not make you fat,” describes the Wiesbaden health scientist Dr. Claudia Christian the effect. In this way, a third of dietary fat to avoid digestive.

The substance works to a fat intake of no more than 60 grams per day. Otherwise, it may cause diarrhea due to the increased fat excretion. With fat blockers, calorie can reduced diet support. Who surrounded, parallel to its dining plan, can make all the so-called lipase inhibitor soon be redundant.

Source materials

Saturation compressed from alginates, collagen or Cellulose to fill the stomach without calories. The most over-the-counter bulking agents may be on the way to weight helpful. Before meals swallowed, sucking the substances in the gastric fluid, swell and create a feeling of fullness. The next meal is smaller and the “sponge” will simply be excreted.

But caution: should the preparations a lot of liquid to be drunk, as it can lead to severe blockages. Slimming aid must be paid regardless of whether over the counter or on prescription in the rule itself. Only in exceptional cases, the health insurance companies reimburse the cost. And don’t forget: less fat, and more movement is no way around. Stair climbing or to do short distances on foot, burn already calories. At the same time you are doing something for the Fitness and protects the environment.