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Slimming Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressant

Appetite suppressants, anorectics (from the Greek have “no Hunger”), are a means to inhibit the hunger centre in the brain. Others extend the feeling of satiety. In addition, there is appetite suppressant combined effect of: amphetamines, i.e. stimulants (“Speed”) increase the consumption of energy and stimulate the appetite throttling, sibutramine, the Reductil® on the German market, prolongs satiety and increases energy consumption.

“Appetite suppressants have strong side effects. You can increase the blood pressure in General as well as in the pulmonary circulation, the pulse frequency increase, to lead to nervousness and sleep disturbances. Appetite suppressants can quickly lose their effectiveness and patients can even become addicted to it,” warns Prof. Dr. Peter Stehle, Vice-President of the German nutrition society e. V. (DGE). The sole application of reducing the maximum in the short term the weight. As soon as the appetite suppressant, will be discontinued, to increase the body weight back, because the causes of Obesity have not been changed.

Side effects of appetite suppressants

Like any drug, the AOK, also warns appetite suppressant side effects, such as anxiety, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, heartbeat, changes in the Psyche, impotence, sweating, and skin rashes. Because of their stimulant effect you need, for example, in the Techno scene miss. In Europe and the United States, the number of the appetite suppressant consumers is estimated to be 50 million. The consequences, if hungry and fat people in their desperation to grab at the same time to appetite suppressants and Ephedra tea, are catastrophic.

In the long term, successful weight loss

Anyone who wants to reduce his weight in the long term, this can only be achieved through a change in his diet behavior. A fat – and energy mixed diet, the most effective and gentle method to lose excess weight and maintain the new weight is reduced. Regular physical activity promotes long-term weight loss. Appetite suppressants can facilitate the weight loss in the short term, but they must necessarily be under medical control taken.

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