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Slimming: myths and truths part II

“Low carb” leads to the dream figure

Carbohydrates are the main energy supplier for the brain and muscles, and therefore an important part of a balanced diet. In addition, carbohydrates have a lower energy density than fat: they provide four kilocalories per gram, fat nine calories. However, a diet with low carbohydrate content is also recommended by nutrition experts as an effective method for losing weight.

This is because carbohydrates in the intestine and degraded to simple sugar building blocks, and into the blood to be taken. So you will quickly increase blood sugar levels, which leads to a release of Insulin. This hormone causes in the body, among other things, an inhibition of the fat combustion and has actually influence on the weight loss success.

If you want to lose weight, you should not, therefore, possible to carbohydrate-rich meals so that the insulin levels can drop and the body in between meals to burn fat. Also in the evening without carbs, can be with weight loss helpful, provided that the daily energy balance is wrong. In the morning, and at noon, carbohydrates are important for the physical and mental performance. You should prefer whole grain products, as these are more slowly degraded and thus, for a low Insulin spike and a constant blood sugar level.

“Slim in sleep” is possible

For some time there are more and more diets that advertise to make in your sleep is slim. These concepts are based similar to the “Low-Carb”diets on the control of lipid metabolism by insulin levels. In contrast to the “Low-Carb”diets, is calculated in the case of “Slim in sleep” but a daily allowed amount of carbohydrate that is absorbed after the food combining principle at set times. In between meals, a five-hour break requirement and the duration of sleep should be seven to nine hours per night, so the body can burn fat.

This diet is carried out consistently, it may well lead to weight loss success, especially since studies show that getting enough sleep lowers the production of appetite-stimulating hormones. It is questionable, however, whether “Lean can be implemented in your sleep” permanently in everyday life – here, too, the yo-yo effect again threatens.

Formula diets deliver what they promise

Many commercial Diet plans are based on special Drinks or Shakes that replace for certain amount of time one or more meals a day and promise a quick weight loss. This Formula diets fall under the dietary regulation that regulates by law what is the nutrient composition of the must have products: a meal should not contain more than 400 calories.

In this way, you can control the amount of energy per day is easy and simple and the Motivation is rising rapidly visible results. However, the food intake is rather monotonous, and, therefore, Formula diets are recommended, especially in the initial phase. In order to achieve a long term weight loss is a permanent change in Diet is required.

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