Slimming, thanks to the South Beach diet

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Slimming, thanks to the South Beach diet

In America, many swarms for a Low-Carb diet, which propagates the Motto “low in carbohydrates – unlimited fat”: the South Beach diet. Possibly also German “fat eyes counter”, the pasta is unlimited, rice and potatoes recommend advised now, in distress. However, this Diet is only successful if the particular type of Fat is respected. Thus, the allegedly new the South Beach diet is reduced to an old hat: the Mediterranean diet.

Diet without carbs

Their origin is the new “fat shaft” in 1972, developed diet by the cardiologist Robert Atkins. He announced that the extra pounds on the best way to melt when you eat so much eggs and meat as you like, but all carbohydrate containing food is avoided. Although the “fat Guru,” Atkins shortly before his death last year almost 117 pounds – 1.80 body size – on the scale brought, the diet is still a trailer.

South Beach diet: “good” and “bad” fat

The cardiologist Arthur Agatson modified the Atkins diet and had a group of heart sick with great success. The “Low-Carb wave” was born. Unlike Atkins, he difference between good and bad fats. While vegetable Oils, especially olive oil, and nuts are allowed to remain animal fats more damn – the exception of fish oil/fat.

Also in contrast to Atkins: all carbohydrates should be avoided, but products made from white flour, such as bread and pasta, potatoes or sugary foods. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole-grain products, which also contain carbohydrates, are not allowed. The spun off from the Miami tribe at the end of the “South Beach diet” into three phases: in the first Phase, pastries, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, sweets, ice cream, fruit juices, or alcohol should be strictly avoided.

The Mediterranean diet as a precursor to

For a long time, the “Mediterranean diet” is a term. It has a high fat content, which is mainly due to the generous use of olive oil. An important part of the Mediterranean cuisine, vegetables and fish as well as meat in moderation. The only difference is that fruit and pasta. Particularly “refreshing” effect also, the fat from fish like mackerel, salmon, herring or tuna. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the blood flow in the body in the river.

Conclusion the South Beach diet

The advantages of the South Beach diet:

  • Fat satiates and makes unpopular foods, like vegetables, more palatable
  • the insulin level is not changed
  • It contains a lot of vegetable, but low in animal fats
  • It contains a lot of vegetables (keyword: vitamins, bioactive ingredients, dietary fiber)
  • and fish (keyword: Iodine and Omega-3 fatty acids, which act preventively against cardiovascular diseases
  • Sweets and products made from white flour (bread, pasta) are to be avoided.

The disadvantages of the South Beach diet:

  • Nutrient and long-satiating foods such as potatoes or rice are rich avoided
  • Fruit and 100% juice should, in particular, are in Phase 1 are excluded. However, they contain many vitamins and bioactive ingredients
  • If legumes and whole grain products are omitted, for example, in Phase 1 of the diet, lack the important fiber
  • Fat contains of all nutrients and the most calories. It may therefore be eaten less.

In contrast to the Atkins diet there are no objections to the South Beach diet, if not exaggerated. In its most extreme Form (Phase 1), it is recommended, however, only in the short term. It differs, however, not significantly different from the General nutrition recommendations.