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So grilling is not an upset stomach

Finally the BBQ season starts again: sausages, chops or Steak to taste from the Grill just simply better than from the pan. But it is probably also the pinch of summer, which gives the candy the right seasoning. Since people with sensitive stomachs or a propensity to heartburn pay attention to the Fat or burned (“it tastes right”) or a glass of beer, more or less. The next Morning, the remorse – or after the next report on cancer-causing substances quickly in the food.

Especially people with irritable stomach sensitive to fatty meats with full-bodied Cocktail or mayonaise-based sauces. The Whole is accompanied by plenty of alcohol, fast-heartburn or stomach pain, because fat and alcohol locker are considered to be classic Acid. As an Alternative, pieces such as neck chops, Steaks, loin, or poultry vegetable skewers or fondue or fish in addition to lean meat, because it comes in this country, although not so healthy, much too rarely on the table.

Those who like it exotic, you can even try cooking-banana – they contain valuable carbohydrates for a healthy diet is particularly important. Meat needs no additional fat for grilling, the vegetables can be drizzled with vegetable oil. Instead of fat sauces, you can also make Quarkdips with fresh herbs and garlic.

Dr. Glatzel of Dortmund Max-Planck-Institute has even found that spices well-being and performance, such as mustard promote fat digestion, and can alleviate, therefore, heartburn, and flatulence. Marjoram (also sausage herb) is a gastric tonic and anti-spasmodic. The spice turmeric (in the Curry included) relieves irritable stomach complaints and bloating, and fits in perfectly with plantain with chicken breast. Sensitive people benefit from turmeric preparations (for example, Curcumen) from the Javanese turmeric, Curcuma xanthorrhiza.

Alcohol attracts stomach acid and hangover

On hot days, the body loses plenty of fluids – alcohol, the drainage is further driven forward Against a glass of wine or beer is of course nothing to say, but you should delete make sure first of all, the thirst with non-alcoholic mixed drinks. This is particularly the case for heartburn Sufferers. Excess acid is bound, for example by the active ingredient Algeldrat. Simethicone relaxed, however, the bloated and irritated stomach-intestinal area: The ideal combination (Paractol) for the evening and the Morning after.

Don’t be afraid of crickets

Especially people with sensitive stomachs suffer from the fear of the stomach or colon cancer and therefore do not often on the grill. In spite of all the horror stories about the cancer risk from grilling, however, must forego any summer fun. If some rules are respected: it is Important that the coals are properly annealed, the best 45 minutes. Because before you from stewing carcinogenic substances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS). The same goes for the Grilled, the outside is already black and the inside is still bloody. Because burnt also promotes cancer sentstehung. Anyone who uses lack of time to petrol or methylated spirits to bring the fire, risking serious burns. Safe grill lighters, which have to be burned completely, otherwise toxic fumes. By the addition of mustard, fat-containing food is not only acceptable, but the spicy Paste is also intended to defuse the carcinogenic hydrocarbons, a food chemist Udo Pollmer.

When fat is poison

Criticized the crickets primarily because of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting, for example, if meat juice or fat drips into the coals and burn. The food sucks itself full of the vapor, which is inhaled. Make sure that extra fat meat is well shielded, for example, in aluminum pans will be prepared. Cured or Smoked (ham, smoked bacon, liver, cheese, Kassel, Vienna) should not be grilled, due to the high temperatures carcinogenic nitrosamines to form. By the way, should be additionally employed fat high heat. High-quality cold-pressed oils lose a high temperatures of their health-promoting properties.

Grilling without remorse

  • Coals properly by annealing.
  • No fat drip onto the coals, let the grill shield.
  • Nothing burnt food.
  • No cured meat grilling.
  • Fish, vegetables and fruit before meat.
  • Low-fat meats and sauces to prevent heartburn in the stomach-ridden.
  • Plenty of side dishes, like bread and salads, reduces the barbecue meat consumption.
  • Meat and salads, not before standing in the sun, which increases the risk of bacteria colonization.
  • Only charcoal to use anything other can put off toxic fumes (e.g., painted wood, recovered paper).