Soda maker in the Trend: How is the quality of our tap water?

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Soda maker in the Trend: How is the quality of our tap water?

More and more people make their carbonated mineral water with so-called soda ago heaters. However, clear water is always clean?

Without the liquid of the human being can only survive for a few days. The healthiest drink for the body is water. Drinking water is from a river, lake, source or ground water can be obtained.

Before it is for the public network is available, it goes through several cleaning steps. The water that comes out of our pipelines, is subject to the strict regulations of the German water regulation – in Germany, it is probably the most strictly controlled food products.

Through our lines of health runs so good free water, but can pipes this through metals such as copper and lead from the water or with pollutants such as nitrate from soils to be impacted.

How clean is our tap water?

About half of all drinking water pipes in Germany, are made of copper. Although copper is an essential trace element, of the adult daily around 1 to 1.5 mg should. The water has an acidic pH-value below 7, it can be dissolved the copper from the pipes and in the water to accumulate.

Until the seventies of water were installed on pipes made of lead. In larger amounts, lead is toxic, especially for children. Soft water in combination with such tubes can lead to high lead concentrations in the tap water, which may damage to your health.

Nitrate and nitrite are components of fertilizers. Depending on the oxygen content of the water, they are converted into each other. Nitrate dissolves well in water and may therefore be due to leaching of the soil with the rain into the ground water. In areas with strong agriculture or intensive wine cultivation is operated can be increased, the values for nitrate. The limit value for nitrate under the drinking water regulation at 50 mg/l.

Drinking water contributes to about 25% of our nitrate intake, of vegetables to 60 %. Studies have shown in the last few years that the tap water is contaminated in many regions with uranium. A legally binding limit value does not exist so far, and will – if it is set – probably about the for small children a critical value. The non-binding conductance of the authorities is of 10 micrograms of uranium per Liter of water. Families with small children should use, therefore, possibly mineral water from bottles for the food production – to high uranium values are characterized by “not suitable for the preparation of infant food”.

Tap water examine

Quick and easy test strip, including for the measurement of the pH-value and Hardness, you can buy in pharmacies. More accurate water analyses to be carried out at your local water works.

Soda maker Yes or no?

In spite of the above limitations: The strict requirements of the legislature, a very good water quality in Germany. If you pay attention to when making your own carbon-containing mineral acid water on some things, then is an ideal thirst-quencher is water from the tap.

However, you should bear in mind that your self – “gesprudeltes tap water” substances, the amount of vital minerals (e.g. calcium) contains such as purchased bottled water. Most people can compensate for these deficits by eating a healthy diet. In the case of persons with special needs (Pregnant women, athletes, people with diseases such as osteoporosis, or long-lasting diarrhea), however, it is cheaper to cover the supply of suitable mineral waters.

You should be mindful when drinking water

  • Do not use water that has long stood in line (in the morning, after work or after the holiday). By a short flow of water can be minimized harmful substances.
  • Bottles, you fill your water should be absolutely clean and hygienic.
  • Do you prefer glass bottles – these can be easier to clean.
  • You consume your water as quickly as possible. For longer storage keep it in the fridge, which protects against germ propagation.
  • You use water for the production of Baby/toddlers food you can be sure that in your tap water, the limits for critical substances are not exceeded. Fall back in case of doubt, if water in bottles.