Lose weight without Sport: it works!

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Lose weight without Sport: it works! Lose weight without Sport is not easy – with the right tips and Tricks, but quite possible. Exercise burns energy and can thus get rid of lighter excess weight. However, even without welding Training blowing, you can make your pounds fall off. To succeed in losing weight without sports, it is vital that you are disciplined. You must not hold a strict diet, your diet but in the long term, meaningful change. Hunger you should, however, not the case. We give you the best tips on how to without sports can lose weight. 1) fruit and vegetables If you want to lose weight without exercise, a healthy diet and to eat daily at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. You carve the best,…
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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs

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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs Strawberries are high in Vitamin C content of 65 milligrams per 100 grams of important part of a healthy diet. With only 32 calories per 100 grams, they provide the body with little energy and get the slim line. In addition, they contain with Ferula and ellagic acid secondary plant substances for their cancer-preventive effects are known. The ancestors of our cultivated large-fruited strawberries strawberries are small, juicy and more aromatic woods. Already in the year 1714, beer varieties originated in France by crossing two Forest, the first large fleshy strawberries. In the meantime, there are over 600 different varieties, which differ in size, structure, color, and taste of each other. Vitamins in strawberries Strawberries are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C in large quantities in…
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Cinnamon – which is Why he can damage

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Cinnamon - which is Why he can damage Cinnamon in pregnancy For a long time already it is known that cinnamon can cause in sensitive individuals allergies. Interestingly, the consumption of cinnamon may also result in persons who are allergic to herb pollen (e.g., mugwort) allergic reactions (so-called cross-allergies). In pregnancy should cinnamon be enjoyed with caution - the Oil can cause contractions. Cinnamon: harmful effect on health Since a few years, you know that cinnamon naturally included - Phenylpropanoide (v. a. coumarin, but also safrole) can be harmful to health. A certain percentage of the population seems to be particularly sensitive and reacts with liver damage (why not) know so far. In addition, it has been shown in an animal experiment an increased risk for cancer; the extent to…
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Pain relief from the chili pepper

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Pain relief from the chili pepper Cayenne pepper not only in spicy dishes from the inside of fiery Hot in the body. In the fruit of the Cayenne pepper, the chili peppers contain the active ingredient Capsaicin. He also acts from the outside in the case of joint pain warming, analgesic and healing. A salve with Cayenne pepper stimulates the circulation deep in the joint, the supply of nutrients to the articular cartilage is promoted, the formation of synovial fluid is stimulated. The pain, and the normal mobility returns. After prolonged use, the nerve fiber respond to the Capsaicin - the long-term analgesic effect occurs. The Cayenne pepper - a natural remedy In medicine, the fruit of the Cayenne pepper since the long-term use. Especially in the treatment of joint…
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Olive oil – a cultural asset with a certain Extra

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Olive oil - a cultural asset with a certain Extra Shady olive groves dominate for centuries the landscape of the entire Mediterranean area. Their fruits are an important part of the Mediterranean cuisine, healthy, know, in the meantime, probably the most. In addition to the taste and versatility is probably one of the reasons why olive oil is becoming more and more popular, and also the entrance into our kitchen. A plant with a medicinal effect, Hardly any other Plant has always been so much worship, such as the olive tree and its products. Whether as a Symbol of peace, as the highest prize in the Olympic Games or as a healing Plant with far reaching medicinal effects. Olive oil has 9 kcal per gram and contains, in addition to…
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Curry – A Blend Of Spices

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Curry - A Blend Of Spices There are actually, the curry tree (Murraya koenigii), the leaves of which are a mandatory ingredient in almost all curry dishes. However, this spice has nothing to do with the well-known Curry since this is not a separate spice, but a spice mixture. Curry: A relic of the colonial period The word "Curry" and the curry powder is an English invention. The word "Curry" in India during the colonial period, because with "kaari or kaaree" will be referred to sauce dishes and stews with vegetables and rice. In India, the different spice mixes for the preparation of the curry "Masala" (=mix). The Indian curry dishes get their name from a combination of the main ingredient and the Masala (e.g. Chicken Masala). In the UK,…
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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output

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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output The artificial outlet in the area of the small intestine or at the beginning of the large intestine is the bowel after surgery for a while until he switched to the modified digestion. In the first time of the bowel movement can be thin, later, he should be a thick liquid. Since the colon is not happening, it can, however, be no fixed, regular bowel movement formed. Especially in the initial phase of the intestine is not yet able to provide all nutrients in adequate quantity. Some of the tips will help, however, to support the gut just at this time, and to provide the body as well as possible with food: Drink plenty of fluids – approximately 2 litres per day. Drink…
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The world of Cognac

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The world of Cognac Cognac is so famous that he is often used as a Synonym for the generic wine brand. You can learn more about this unique noble drink, that the connoisseurs around the world fascinated. Cognac is produced by the Burning of the wines of a certain Region according to specified rules. Therefore, Cognac is a brandy of a special kind. Where's the Cognac? The area of origin of Cognac is located in the South-West, about 80 km North-East of Bordeaux. Its landscape is called "Charente" after the main river in the Region. The name for the drink is the capital of the Charente, the town of Cognac. The climate is characterised Charente by the relatively cool Atlantic climate. With only 7% Vol. Alcohol and 10g/l acid, the…
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Mustard To give his two cents: we have to play today to reveal that somebody enquired of all his opinion. In the 17th century. Century, when this phrase came into circulation, was meant to be the proper mustard. Because of our ancestors so precious and sought after, that a host who could afford it, hinzugab it unasked to every meal, regardless of to fit whether the recipe for mustard or not. Mustard do-it-yourself Today, we use mustard mainly as a spice. Healthy he is, however, not only as an addition to certain foods, even externally, a healing was applied to the mustard of the oldest cultures in effect awarded. For the production of mainly used mustard paste, the seeds of white, brown or black mustard. The darker they are, the…
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Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

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Down with the cancer - ran to the Ballast! Dietary fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. This interpretation, according to the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics, two current long time studies. The population in Germany, however, belongs rather to the "fiber-rings", and can therefore benefit the most from this protection. In the context of the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) study, researchers recorded the eating habits of 519.978 persons under the magnifying glass. They found that people can lower with a low fiber intake, their risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent, if you double the fibre content of your food. It does not matter what food the dietary fiber. The race: cereal, cereal and fruit In a study of dietary fiber intake from…
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Coffee has a stimulating effect

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Coffee has a stimulating effect Most of the German decide on a daily basis for their Cup of coffee – after all, 73 million cups we drink German per day. In every Cup of coffee 100 mg of caffeine. If we enjoy the hot drink in moderation, coffee is extremely positive effects. In the 17th century. and 18. Century the coffee slowly, but surely in Europe. Initially, coffee was drunk for Breakfast, and later more and more in the other meals. The popularity of coffee is its stimulating effect. This effect of coffee can be attributed Mainly to the caffeine and the chlorogenic acids. Caffeine content in coffee A coffee bean contains between 0.8 % and 2.5 % caffeine. The caffeine content in coffee is also determined by the duration…
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Soy in medicine

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Soy in medicine The soy bean is viewed in our society is very ambivalent. On the one hand, large uncertainty, which relates to the use of genetic engineering in the production of Soya. On the other hand, the Image adheres to the soy products, to have a great health Benefit. So soy is attributed to, among other things, a cancer-preventive effect, and the alleviation of menopausal complaints. For this purpose, in particular, in the soy bean occurring, isoflavones are responsible, which belong to the group of secondary plant substances. As you exercise in the body, an effect similar to Estrogens, they are also referred to as phytoestrogens. Soy for menopausal symptoms helps? Typical menopausal symptoms in Japanese women with traditional way of life scarcely known. It is surprising, however, that…
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Mushrooms: fun with risk

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Mushrooms: fun with risk A mystery, almost a little magical and, above all, taste are the mushrooms. Still, if you were self-collected. But beware: all Too often they are confused with poison mushrooms, sometimes with a fatal outcome. A few important things to keep in mind so that the enjoyment is not a risk to health. Mushroom poisonings in history Among historians, the presumption, even of the Roman Emperor Claudius had been a mushroom lover and would have paid for his passion with death. If really his wife or political opponents have enriched the last meal with the extract of Green tuber leaves, fungus, everything was just an unfortunate mix-up, or the death cause was quite different: the fact is that even today, mushroom poisoning occur, although rarely, and hardly…
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Quinine-containing drinks are not for Pregnant women!

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Quinine-containing drinks are not for Pregnant women! Tonic water or Bitter Lemon drinks will carry the note "contains quinine". The reason for this is the least the consumer will know: Even if the enjoyment of quinine-containing beverages for the majority of the population is not a problem, it can be the consumption of larger quantities of individuals a health concern. "In particular, Pregnant women should, as a precaution, avoid the consumption", says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. Also people advised against by the doctor because of a particular disease or a Hypersensitivity to Cinchona alkaloids of quinine, should avoid quinine-containing beverages. To provide better Information to consumers about possible risks, the BfR (Federal Institute for risk assessment) recommends to extend the previous identification of targeted information for Pregnant…
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Arginine expands the blood vessels

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Arginine expands the blood vessels Arginine, L-arginine, is acid a semiessentielle amino. It plays an important role for us, since it is involved in many crucial processes in the body. Among other things, arginine has an impact on our hormonal balance and our immune system. The amino acid is produced by our body, for the most part even, under certain circumstances, the demand may exceed the body's own production. This is the case, can arginine be either through certain foods or through dietary supplements. Food Supplement with arginine, but can also be used in Bodybuilding as well as a sexual enhancer for men. Here it is especially popular, since so far hardly any side effects of arginine are unknown. Foods with arginine Semiessentielle amino acids such as arginine are produced…
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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits

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Bad marks for beverages with added benefits Drinks with angepriesenem additional benefit of not hold what they promise. In some cases, the alleged Messiahs turn out to be even potentially harmful to health. This was the result of a nationwide market analysis of the consumer's Central of the so-called functional beverages that promise due to the enrichment of various active pharmaceutical ingredients is a Plus to health, vitality, or Power. The drinks give the impression that you would only have to access in order to be healthy, eternally young and vital. In some cases, exactly the opposite may occur. In the framework of the investigation of the consumer centers 238 ACE drinks, Energy Drinks, sports drinks, probiotic milk drinks, Breakfast drinks, vitamin drinks, Wellness drinks, and water were purchased in…
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Christmas spices

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Christmas spices Christmas time is cookie time. But, while children falls mostly with large eyes on gingerbread, cinnamon stars and Spekulatius, parents ' concerns often. Finally, all about are the Christmas spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Who is not to overdo it with the Treats and the ingredients of the biscuits are informed, has nothing to fear. To the contrary, is known to have enjoyed lots of Christmas spices even have health-promoting effects. An Overview of cinnamon, clove, cardamom & Co spices shed light on the good and bad sides of the most popular Christmas. Cinnamon With cinnamon stars, gingerbread, and cinnamon spice is an integral part sections. With its intense smell is the epitome of a Christmas spice is cinnamon almost. Here, the aromatic substance coumarin, the cinnamon, the…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies – Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies

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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies - Syrup-And-Walnut-Cookies Syrup-Walnut-Cookies Baking cookies is part of the advent and Christmas season as well as visits to the Christmas market, or Decorating a Christmas tree. After Christmas, eating the many cookies, however, mostly ugly noticeable when the pants pinches or the shell no longer fits properly. Because in many of the Christmas too much Butter or sugar cookies. Here are some recipes for cookies that you can enjoy without a guilty Conscience. Ingredients for 45 pieces 100 g light sugar syrup 50 g sugar 100 g of walnuts 8 TABLESPOONS vegetable oil 300 g flour 1/2 level TSP baking powder 4 teaspoons gingerbread spice 3-4 TABLESPOONS of sea buckthorn fruit sauce (with honey, reform, house) 100 g dark chocolate POINTS® value: 2 per piece Preparation…
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Barley grass powder juice or capsules?

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Barley grass powder juice or capsules? Who would like to buy barley grass, must decide, which is the Form he prefers. Because barley grass is, among other things, as a powder, barley grass juice, but also in the Form of tablets or capsules, as well as fresh or in processed products available. Behind the various terms: Barley grass powder is made from barley grass, which is first carefully dried and then ground. Activated barley or germinated barley was in front of the Drying and Grinding soaked for two days in water and then sprouted for a few days. Tablets and capsules provide easy dosing and quick intake of barley grass powder without any prior preparation. Barley grass juice is obtained by juicing (pressing) of barley grass. It contains in relation…
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Food for the defense

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Food for the defense Food for the defense The antimicrobial properties of garlic were known already to Aristotle, and Hippocrates. In the 2. World war II used garlic as a germ abtötendes means (antiseptic) against gangrene. Garlic is probably the food plant with the strongest anti-microbial effect. This effect is based on the contained sulfur-containing Compounds. Garlic juice inhibits in a test tube (in vitro) even at a high dilution (1:125.000) the growth of staphylococci, streptococci, Vibrios, bacilli, fungi, and yeasts. The highest concentrations of such antimicrobial substances have been detected in garlic, but they are also present in onions, leeks, shallots and chives in abundance. Defenses through food strengthen These foods will strengthen your immune in addition: Types of cabbage such as red cabbage or cabbage contain mustard oils…
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Celery Although celery is already since the middle ages in Europe, the Umbelliferae on his great discovery. In celery, is a variant of the real celery is really a gourmet destination. The light green rods are ideal for salads and colorful vegetable plates, as an accompaniment to meat dishes and for soups. You with your fine-spicy Aroma to many dishes until the last whistle. Celery, Bleaching-, stem - or stalk of celery called, has long, stems fleshy leaf and a small root tuber. Be consumed but only the stalks. If you are fresh, you have a pale-white to yellowish-light green color. When Bending, they break immediately. Celery sticks, which is superimposed by bending. The delicate rods need to be washed before consumption. More robust, thick stems are peeled better. Celery…
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Cancer – vegetables and fruit protect it best

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Cancer - vegetables and fruit protect it best The diet influenced the development of cancer - this is today undisputed. Approximately one-third of all cancer cases are related to eating habits. Of course, other factors such as cancer-causing substances from the environment (for example, Smoking), heredity, or infection play a role. Scientists could now clearly make cancer-causing food ingredients (Carcinogens) such as Benzpyrene in Grilled or black-smoked, as well as aflatoxins in moldy food. In addition, cancer-promoting factors (promoters) were determined, for example, alcohol and cancer protective factors (anti-promoters) such as, for example, Vitamin C. However, no person eats alone of Grilled or Vitamin C. The DGE has therefore examined the question of whether there is a food or diet that can protect disease before the most cancer. These include…
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Formula diets

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Formula diets In the meantime, the year is a few weeks old. But the good intentions are implemented? Many of the less alcohol is in addition to the stop Smoking and, not least, the desire to lose weight, the list. There are different ways to futterten rolls of fat to get rid of. One of them is the Slim down with ready-made drinks or powders, Formula diets are industrially produced. With low-fat milk, or water, the powder is stirred to a drink or a soup, and now there are many different flavors. During the diet phase, these mixtures are used to replace one or more meals of the day. A few calories, but a sufficient amount of the important minerals and vitamins to prevent a nutrient deficiency. Powder drinks also…
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(Healthy) diet of children and young people

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(Healthy) diet of children and young people For optimal child development good nutrition is an important prerequisite. In Childhood the Foundation is laid for the body substance, the composition of which will remain of importance. Here, the child or youth's body has special demands on the diet. In comparison to her little body, children need to eat a lot more than Great. Maximum demand in 15 - to 18-Year-old The Maximum energy consumption is achieved between the 15. and 18. Years of age. During the pubertal growth spurt, the required Calcium (1200 mg/day), phosphate (1600 mg/day) and iron (boys: 12 mg/day, and girls 15 mg/day) is increasing. According to age, during the child stage instead of a way to adapt to the dietary pattern of adults. Too much of this…
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Healthy tip eating: bread baking

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Healthy tip eating: bread baking How much bread in the last few years, it has become really expensive. Therefore, the purchase of a bread-baking machine is worth. Jerk, twitch has fresh bread and it saves a lot of money. Lid on, ingredients, the baking program. About three hours later the bread is done – for the price of a few cents. So easy, the bread does bake with the baking machine. In the trade, many different models are offered. The prices are between 50 and 200 euros. You should pay attention when buying: Standard equipment anti-stick coated, removable baking pan and kneading hook. Measuring Cup and spoon. Degree of Browning of the crust is not adjustable. Different, the size of the baking dish: it varies from 500 grams up to…
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Orthorexia It's not just the "how Much" of your food, like the anorexic, but to the right quality. And this is true, can be time spent hours of the day with Rumination about the content of the food taken. What is seen by some Doctors, rather than whim, by others as a precursor of a lean, or as obsessive compulsive disorder, identified; some see it even as a stand-alone disease. Orthorexia nervosa It was discovered the "new disease", in 1997, of the alternative physician Steven Bratman. He derived the name from the long-known clinical picture of eating disorder anorexia. These are available in two forms, which, however, both the employment and the amount of food is common: Whether in the Form of Puberty anorexia (Anorexia nervosa), the food intake is…
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Overweight – every fifth child in Germany is too thick!

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Overweight - every fifth child in Germany is too thick! Overweight in children and adolescents is a Problem that is rife, and Now, about 20 percent of children in the Federal Republic of Germany are now overweight. The trend is growing - specialists speak of an epidemic. Since the 80s, has changed the life style in Germany, more and more. Children spend more and more time in front of the TV or Computer and move too little. So-called children's food often contain too much fat and too much sugar. Children who eat right, have clear advantages in the Kindergarten and in the school. You have greater power reserves, do not have to fight with the loads caused by Obesity and create a good basis for health and well-being in later…
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Ideas for a finger food Party

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Ideas for a finger food Party Whether Cocktail Party, new year's eve or the garden party: finger food is absolutely in the Trend. Not only the guests with finger food on the small, lovingly prepared Snack that you can eat quickly in passing, without making your fingers dirty. Also, the hosts can save themselves with finger food, a lot of work. Instead of stacks and stacks of dirty dishes are merely a couple of napkins and wood remain at a finger food Party, namely, chopsticks left. But what exactly is finger food? Learn here, what's up with the small Snacks, and discover new recipes for finger food. Finger food ideas for cold buffet What finger food actually is? Basically, it's nothing new to take food with bare hands. In of…
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Rhubarb Rhubarb is popular because of its fruity-sour taste and of a variety of food is available. Especially compote, cake or refined rhubarb in a special way. In addition, he has relatively few calories, but contains on the other hand, as the toxic force of oxalic acid. What is the effect rhubarb has on the health and what should be considered in its preparation. Rhubarb: Important Ingredients Rhubarb has many vitamins and minerals that are important for the human organism. These include: Vitamin C Vitamin K Magnesium Potassium Iron Phosphorus Iodine Malic and citric acid Pectin Tannins Glycosides essential Oils Rhubarb in Figures – nutritional values A quantity of 100 grams of rhubarb contains usually about 14 to 21 kilo calories and only 0.2 grams of fat and 0.9 grams…
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Diets – How do I take it correctly?

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Diets - How do I take it correctly? Thanks to the surplus of Food and lack of exercise, Obesity has become a growing Problem in our society. However, food combining, fat burner, China, blood groups, rotary or Psycho-diet, the pounds are not melting. And also in spite of pineapple, bananas, or cabbage diet is reached after a few weeks the old weight again. Low Carb or Low Fat? FDH - just half the food is only apparent way out, because this can in the long term, lead to malnutrition. The excessive consumption of fat and other Light products, which are offered nowadays in the mass, unfortunately, only the money-bag lose weight because the Allowed is only consumed even more rich. What the diet actually deliver what it promises? Diets work…
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