Andrology – the science of healing men

Mantras, Spirituality
Andrology - the science of healing men Scientifically, there is the andrology long - as an independent area of responsibility of the medical-medical has established itself, the men medicine is only in the last decades. Doctors and scientists founded the German society of andrology (DGA) to this field. Priorities of andrology Andrologist found in a number of medical areas in urology, Internal medicine/endocrinology and dermatology. For several years, is set in the training procedure, the Doctors can purchase a qualified additional training to Andro login or andrologist. In order for the patient allows for a better orientation in search of a competent contact person. The andrology focuses on the disorders of fertility (infertility), the disturbances in the Hormone production in the testes (hypogonadism), the disturbances in the ability to have…
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Back fitness with the Pezziball

Smoking, Spirituality, Success and wealth
Back fitness with the Pezziball The Pezziball – as a seat or Fitball, known is an ideal workout for the back. Due to its special characteristics, it adapts perfectly to the body and can train the spine into a physiological Position. The Pezziball is device an optimal fitness, which is very versatile. Especially in the case of children and young people of the Pezzi Ball is a popular tool, the gymnastic Exercises gives a rather playful character. The Ball is a pure Exercise with very good properties, in order to train the bones, joints and even the spine. The advantages: The Ball stretches and relaxes the back muscles, trains the Balance and posture and trains the agility and sense of balance. Exercises with Pezzi-Ball - tips, the campaign for Healthy…
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Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine

Getting rid of snoring, Health problems, Mantras
Nutrition and respiration in the Mazdaznan doctrine A little, but right and varied vegetarian food, but not eating's sake - this is the principle of the Mazdaznan diet. The aim of the rather ascetic food intake, it is to be a perfect man. Simple breathing exercises are the spiritual food responsible. Nutrition is a process of creation, "The man is not on earth, in order to collect everything, what to discard, forest, Meadow, field, or garden, in his stomach in a kind of food storage, also not to be a type of churchyard or cemetery for dead animals. Rather, he should prove that here on earth the Power of the spirit over matter." So Chapter 1 of the Mazdaznan diet customer begins. Two important aspects, namely, animal food, and the…
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Yoga Exercises for beginners

Healthy foods, Jogging, Mantras, Martial Arts, Psychology of Success
Yoga Exercises for beginners Yoga means relaxation and Sport, inner peace and sweaty Fitness. It doesn't fit? You can think again! Yoga Exercises to tighten and strengthen not only the body but also include meditative elements that lead to Serenity and balance. There is a need for Yoga is neither a particular place nor special equipment for the respective Exercises. With a simple Mat and comfortable clothing you can do all the Yoga Exercises at home. We will show you six Basic positions, the success of even beginners in Yoga. Of the sun salutation on Cobra, warrior and dog to the triangle and the tree, we cover the basic Yoga Exercises. As an Extra we betray each Yoga Practice, what is the effect of this on the body and the…
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Erectile dysfunction – symptoms and diagnosis

Meditation, Skateboarding, Your body shape
Erectile dysfunction - symptoms and diagnosis Indicator of erectile dysfunction is that the Penis is not sufficient or not long enough to be stiff so that sexual intercourse can not or only incompletely be performed. However, the Transition from a normal ability to have an erection to erectile dysfunction is not clearly defined. Just with age many men need more and longer stimuli, so that it comes to an erection. No longer will erectile dysfunction is the Situation, then, if the sexual activity for the Participants is satisfactory. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction may be first sign of a serious disorder such as diabetes or atherosclerosis with risk for heart and brain. Therefore, Even if it is difficult, should be consulted for erectile disorders, the family physician…
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Diseases of the prostate

Body cleansing, Getting rid of the sleep disorders, Spirituality, Workouts
Diseases of the prostate Beyond the 50. Year of life occur in men, the prostate and disorders more and more frequently. To name the primary benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. Prostatitis, i.e. inflammation of the prostate gland, is today in Germany only rarely. In particular, patients with weakened affected immune system, that is to say, in particular, the Sick and the Old. In the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia it is literally translated to a benign enlargement of the prostate. Due to the anatomical proximity of the life-long, ever-growing prostate to the urethra, it comes at some point to a Urinary obstruction and discomfort associated with it. In direct contrast to the "benign" enlargement of the prostate, malignant prostate cancer. This cancer is after the age of…
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Depression also meet children and young people

Bicycle, Getting rid of stress, Spirituality
Depression also meet children and young people Even if there is no sole explanation for all behavior disorders in children and adolescents: Behind aggression, as well as behind other abnormalities or physical symptoms, you can plug in a Depression. The "Berlin Alliance against Depression", especially in view of the sometimes simplified discussion of violence in schools. Depression in children is often detected late Overall, the topic of depression in children and youth is a neglected old part criminally. This also has to do with the appearances differ from those in depressed adults usually and that both parents and Doctors come to rarely on the idea that the child could be suffering from Depression. "The result is a lot of late specialized treatment is often," explained Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, head of…
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Between advertising and health

Getting rid of stress, Home Gyms, Morning exercises, Smoking, Spirituality
Between advertising and health Special offers and new products to entice you out of the packs, the various promises lights. But what is the deal with the food? Usually do not get stuck behind expensive advertising, and the arts name for more than well-known products. Because it says, look closely, advises the DAK. Behind sound full terms on the ingredient lists of sugar is hiding mostly plain. Sucrose, Fructose, Maltodextrin or corn syrup are types of sugar. Even the supposedly healthy granola bars can turn out to be as fast as the candy. Foods that have no information about their composition, should remain the same on the shelf. "The greatest danger for the consumer is that in most of the products is not easy to understand what they consist of,"…
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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space!

Getting rid of stress, Home Gyms, Morning exercises, Smoking, Spirituality
Work in the Flow? Forget time and space! The concept of Flow comes from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes the feeling of total Absorption in an activity. The Flow experience is the experience of absolute well-being, resulting in a challenging activity, similar to that in children, the forgotten in the Play of time and space. What is a Flow? Flow, therefore, is something of the ideal state of action. Usually people do something and think of other things. When you Act in the Flow, all energy is focused on the activity at that Moment. In this sense refer to people who experience it as a Float or to Flow (Flow), than you would from an energy flows through. We humans do a lot of things that causes us to subjectively nothing. This…
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Strengthen the back

Body cleansing, Mantras, Other
Strengthen the back The number of people suffering from back problems or poor posture, is steadily rising. Around 80% of the Germans have had pain in your life once back, 30% even suffer from chronic pain. Dramatically, the Situation is now also in children and adolescents. 44% of fourth graders are already complaining of pain on the occasional back. These Figures give food for thought. The reasons for this development are to be found in the modern service society. Sitting most of the time, or people in a rigid Position and move too little. This applies not only to the job Situation, e.g. by constant Sitting at a Desk or in front of the Computer, but also leisure, for example, when driving a car or long hours of television. Be…
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Veins exercises

Compulsive gambling, Jogging, Spirituality
Veins exercises Veins a health movement for healthy veins Your blood different loads vessels in the everyday life is exposed. The veins are all the more relieved, the better, the more you pay attention to a good posture. This applies to the Lying, Sitting, Standing and walking. The typical venous patient complains especially on heavy legs, swelling in both lower legs, tension, and aching pain, night cramps and restless legs. These symptoms are intensified by prolonged Sitting, or, in the case of heat, and before and during Menstruation. Crucial for the success of the therapy, the Motivation of the patient to cooperate. Movement is in the first place, a regular vein gymnastics and a lot of Running to strengthen the leg muscles and promote venous muscle pump. Veins fitness not…
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Work-Life Balance for parents

Books on healthy eating, Mantras, Nutrition basics
Work-Life Balance for parents Compatibility of family and profession is not always easy in everyday life are often overcome many hurdles. There is a need for a comprehensive organization, so that both parents and children in an age characterized by Stress, you will not lose the Balance. Instead of losing time, it's a win all the more important because the increased at the same time, the quality of life for the entire family. Time for family A Chinese wisdom says: "The work is running out, if You show Your child the rainbow. But the rainbow will not wait until You're done with the job." But this is precisely where the crux of the matter lies for many parents: How is it possible to get work and family under a hat…
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So grilling is not an upset stomach

Drugs, Exercises to restore vision, Feng Shui
So grilling is not an upset stomach Finally the BBQ season starts again: sausages, chops or Steak to taste from the Grill just simply better than from the pan. But it is probably also the pinch of summer, which gives the candy the right seasoning. Since people with sensitive stomachs or a propensity to heartburn pay attention to the Fat or burned ("it tastes right") or a glass of beer, more or less. The next Morning, the remorse - or after the next report on cancer-causing substances quickly in the food. Especially people with irritable stomach sensitive to fatty meats with full-bodied Cocktail or mayonaise-based sauces. The Whole is accompanied by plenty of alcohol, fast-heartburn or stomach pain, because fat and alcohol locker are considered to be classic Acid. As…
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Slender and healthy well into the spring

Hair care, Mantras, Other, Pregnancy and childbirth
Slender and healthy well into the spring Winter fat to get rid of... Who is advised in the winter months, a bit "out of shape", you should restrict with the Feast and a lot of vegetables and fruit to eat, to the spring full of enthusiasm, physical Fitness, and to meet with less pounds. Klaudia Pütz, diploma in dietetics, the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen says: "low-Calorie diet, exercise, and relaxation are now used for many people on a day-to-day plan, in order to bring the body and mind in top form." ...and health gain The good news of the nutrition of the apostles in order To slim down, must not be omitted. On the contrary, it means: "eat vegetables, fruits, legumes and salad!" There are more…
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To further prevent miscarriages

Healthy food recipes, How to get rid, Mantras
To further prevent miscarriages For more miscarriages avoid The success of further pregnancies depends on the abort cause. These can be detected and remedied, is of a successful pregnancy. Examples: If the woman has already suffered several premature births is being studied, the Embryo typically, in order to clarify the cause of his early death. In addition, it must be clarified whether the parents may be a genetic disease is present. For this purpose, there are special genetic consultation, to be carried out mainly in University hospitals. In some cases, hormonal imbalances can be identified as the cause, you can avoid a new pregnancy. For example, not be formed in the body sufficient yellow body hormone, the uterine lining properly and the fruit will not keep. A yellow body hormone…
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Barbecue sauces and Dips

Feng Shui, For women, Workouts
Barbecue sauces and Dips Summer time is barbecue time. To include a successful barbecue party just: fine sauces, Ketchup and Dressings food. The spicy companion that will give grilled ingredients, a touch of spice and round out your taste. Delicatessen sauces and Dressings are offered in a variety of flavors. In addition to the classics like Ketchup, Mayonnaise and mustard there is a panel ready-made sauces and Dressings according to recipes from Asia or Tex-Mex cuisine or exotic ingredients like tamarind or Mango. The recipes are extremely varied, but basically the same principle. What is inside and what is the taste what is the Sauce? They usually contain fruits or their Mark as the tomato paste in Ketchup. Other ingredients are vinegar as an acidifier, sugar for Sweet, salt, Oil…
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5 things that make a Baby happy

Mantras, Vaporarium
5 things that make a Baby happy A happy, content and balanced Baby is The wish for all parents. Of course, each child brings with the birth of your own personality and individual character traits. But as different as the Little ones are also so easy, it is also to give you a good Start in life. The five most important tips for new parents: 1. Close gives the Baby a sense of security For nine months the Baby Mama's warmth, feel her heartbeat and hear quite a lot of security experience. It's no wonder that the Little ones feel at ease when you back to give you that comfort feeling. When you Wear it in a sling, the loving baby massage or in the daily cuddle hour: babies are…
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Family growth often leads to jealousy

Mantras, Personal growth, Vaporarium
Family growth often leads to jealousy Most children wish for a sibling. But if the Baby is there, must share the Greater the attention of the parents all of a sudden. Especially first-born feel, then reset. "Children are jealous when a sister or a brother comes to the world, is quite normal," says Karin Schreiner-Kürten, a psychologist at the AOK-Bundesverband. "A good preparation and targeted donation from the parents to help the Elderly then, with the new Situation." If a sibling is there, need Older a lot of attention With the birth of a Geschwisterchens a lot of changes in a child's life: It should be noted that not everything revolves around it. The more important it is for parents to announce their first-born offspring in a timely manner. As…
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Cravings to understand-and avoid – here’s how!

Alcohol, Compulsive gambling, Exercises to restore vision, Fitness, Meditation
Cravings to understand-and avoid – here's how! In the morning there is cereal with fruit, lunch a salad and dinner fish and vegetables. However, two hours later, the cravings will notify you on chocolate, the fancy Chips or the Desire for cheese – what is it with this unhealthy cravings? Food cravings are a common reason for the Failure of diets. The body will signal its need for energy replenishment. However, psychological factors or certain diseases can be behind cravings. We have compiled an Overview of possible causes and give tips on what you can do against cravings. What are cravings? Many people are familiar with the "sudden urge to immediate food intake" – so the Definition of cravings. The body signals that it needs carbohydrates, if the blood sugar…
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Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier

Mantras, Roller-skates, Sports, Weight loss tips, Your body shape
Consultation is not a matter of luck: nursery makes life easier The issue of children's education are the ghosts. Almost with each new Generation of mothers, the educational change large-scale weather situation. While it up some time ago as a modern, was to harass the children as little as possible with parental influences, have, in the meantime, more and more parents, according to an allensbach survey tube 87 percent of the German – restore value to a good children. They believe that their children have an easier life, if you play by the rules of coexistence to learn as early as possible. The correct Behavior According to the motto "What does not learn little Hans, Hans NEVERMORE" have to learn to eat with a knife and fork, Sharing with others…
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Cysts and uterine fibroids

Body cleansing, Drugs, Feng Shui, Micro- and macro-elements, Pregnancy and childbirth
Cysts and uterine fibroids Among the many expertise of the physicians to Express the term "Tumor" most commonly give rise to misunderstandings and unfounded, unnecessary Fears. A typical example is: The lady doctor/the lady doctor in the study cysts found on the ovaries the woman's ovaries. He is listed on the case sheet or in the hospital admission diagnosis "Adnextumor" and says only that something is swollen-like bead on the "Adnexen" (= Annex of the uterus), ovaries, or fallopian tubes, has formed. Cysts and fibroids are usually harmless The word "Tumor" most people think of "cancer". Ovarian benign Entity, which have to do with cancer, nothing to cysts are almost always. The same is true for uterine fibroids. Also in the case of these vessels, of the uterus muscles of…
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What makes barley grass Superfood

Alcohol, Healthy herbs, Mantras, Obesity
What makes barley grass Superfood Barley grass is among the health-conscious people becoming more and more popular. Similar to wheat grass barley grass is considered a Superfood that everyone can grow it themselves, and full of healthy minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The young, bright green cereal leaves can be enjoyed as a powder, capsules or as a barley grass juice – who do not like the flavour, mixed with the dietary Supplement just in his cereal or in his Smoothie. What are the ingredients in barley grass are stuck and what is the effect of barley grass health, click here. Healthy Vital Substance Combination Barley grass is considered to be extremely healthy. In particular, the balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals, the barley grass is…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Menu

Books on healthy eating, Jogging, Roller-skates, Spirituality
Weight Watchers Christmas Menu Christmas the whole family comes together, it will be a lot of talking and laughing and of course eating. Also, who pays attention to his figure, want to treat yourself to these special days. Many of the typical Christmas dinner however, have a lot of fat and many calories. Thanks to Weight Watchers for a delicious Christmas meal but is no longer a Problem. For a fine meal does not have to mean lots of calories and lots of fat. With Weight Watchers days Enjoy is fixed quite easily To start off, you can surprise its guests with Beetroot Julienne with pears, mustard confit and goat cheese. The focus of the menu is a filet-o-stained saddle of Venison with Brussels sprouts, to be served to the…
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Prevention methods – Mechanical and chemical prevention

Compulsive gambling, Healthy food recipes, Meditation, Reference book
Prevention methods - Mechanical and chemical prevention Mechanical Contraception In these methods, one uses the tools of the vagina by the woman's physician or self, either in or on the Penis, placed and thus once or over a longer period of time prevent the sperm to find their way to the ova. These tools include a condom or spiral, for example. Condom (Condom). A male condom is a protection that is pulled over the rigid member and prevents the ejaculate from entering the vagina. Used correctly, it is located in the middle of the security area (Pearl-Index 2-12). The condom for women ("Femidom®"), is another side-open tube, which is secured by means of a ring against a clean slide is inserted into the Vagina (Pearl-Index 5-25). It is only via…
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Detergent – what to consider?

Diets, Help yourself, Morning exercises, Spirituality, Weight loss tips
Detergent - what to consider? Deep-pore cleansing - a dream, the us, the advertising suggests. You don't want to, but only in the kitchen and bathroom, but the best anywhere. In the advertising and supermarkets, more and more cleaning services are offered resources to make all of the organisms in the budget in the end. But we really need them, the perfect cleanliness? What are microorganisms? Among the microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts and mould fungi. Micro-organisms are very small. You can measure 1/100 to 1/1000 mm and are individually detect only under the microscope. It is only when they have increased in number and in a collection of several million, lie together, they are also without a microscope visible. Because they are not usually visible to the naked eye, can…
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The Use-Value

Jogging, Smoking, Spirituality
The Use-Value The farmers are spraying nowadays, more than in the past? If the food control of residues of several pesticides are found, one speaks in General of multiple residues. You hear this term, many people think that in agriculture, unreflective way of dealing with pesticides. This is to say that the plant has changed the protection in the past decades. Used to be mainly used for broadband active substances which are effective against all organisms. Today, the pests to be combated in a targeted manner and selectively, wherein the means used are mostly beneficial gentle. Sometimes the use of multiple agents is required. By means of residue analysis residues of these substances can be detected. Improvements in the residue analysis allow the determination of a much larger number of…
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Osteoporosis in menopause

Feng Shui, Morning exercises, Roller-skates
Osteoporosis in menopause Osteoporosis, hot flashes, weight gain, depression and the horrors of menopause. Against the menopause you can not do anything very much but with a healthy diet and Sport against almost all of the symptoms. Additional hormones don't have to be. A certain amount of discomfort, probably all women, if you think of the upcoming change years. And those who are already in the middle of it, with different problems, and feel helpless in this profound Phase of your life exposed to. What is the menopause? The fact is: the menopause, climacteric, or Menopause, are characterized by a permanent decline in hormone production (Estrogen and progesterone). This stage of life, hits most women at some point between the ages of 45 and 50, or more extreme, between 40…
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In the case of unfulfilled desire for children to think of the thyroid gland

First aid, Fitness, Hair care, Healthy food recipes, Spirituality
In the case of unfulfilled desire for children to think of the thyroid gland If the request fails a child, company-a lot of couples a true treatment Odyssey. What is frequently overlooked is that the cause of the infertility cannot be in the abdomen, but in the neck area: in a malfunction of the thyroid gland. In this connection Professor Gerhard Hintze, Bad Oldesloe pointed out, for the Forum thyroid: "Both a function as a sub-function of the thyroid gland can interfere with conception in a sustainable way". Affected women would be less likely to get pregnant and could be more likely to be false births affected, the expert said. In the case of a discovery and treatment of the disease, the difficulties could be avoided to a large extent.…
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Boreout – boredom in the workplace

Home Gyms, Mantras, Micro- and macro-elements, Places for the rest, Success and wealth
Boreout – boredom in the workplace According to the employment survey of 2007, the Federal Institute for occupational safety and of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training almost one in seven people in Germany will feel, in view of his qualifications under the demands. Underload, boredom and lack of interest characterize the state of dissatisfaction in the workplace, called Boreout. "From time to time I have to do for about an hour or two. The Rest of the time I surf in the Internet, searching for bargains in Online Shops, plan the next holiday. There is nothing to do. What I do is totally irrelevant. My phone does not ring sometimes for days...". This writes a desperate Participant in the Forum of "Boreout“. Definition: What is Boreout? Boreout…
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Slimming, thanks to the South Beach diet

Feng Shui, Massage, Obesity, Roller-skates
Slimming, thanks to the South Beach diet In America, many swarms for a Low-Carb diet, which propagates the Motto "low in carbohydrates - unlimited fat": the South Beach diet. Possibly also German "fat eyes counter", the pasta is unlimited, rice and potatoes recommend advised now, in distress. However, this Diet is only successful if the particular type of Fat is respected. Thus, the allegedly new the South Beach diet is reduced to an old hat: the Mediterranean diet. Diet without carbs Their origin is the new "fat shaft" in 1972, developed diet by the cardiologist Robert Atkins. He announced that the extra pounds on the best way to melt when you eat so much eggs and meat as you like, but all carbohydrate containing food is avoided. Although the "fat…
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