Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack

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Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack With the new winter semester, the time of exams and oral exams will begin for approximately two million students. And that means often: Stress pur. Almost unnoticed, the food habits are changing now. While, for some, the tension literally on the stomach, and he eats out of a lack of time and Overload, hardly anything, in others it is an insatiable Desire for specific, usually unhealthy foods. Food against Stress "If I'm in the exam stress, I just need chocolate to soothe!" As Miriam K. many of the students. The DAK respondents Hamburger students to their eating habits in times of trial, and found that in the case of Stress-eaters in addition to fat-rich foods, such as Pizza and…
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Slimming herbs and pills

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Slimming herbs and pills If it would be so easy! But neither herb, nor tablets let the body fat melt, even if the advertising promises something quite different. On the contrary, Many slimming products use just in case of permanent dangerous. Always when new studies to the ever increasing Obesity of the Germans or the Europeans appear to be the pharmacies, because then the demand for over-the-counter products that can reduce your appetite or burn fat increases. Always new products on the market, often as "purely vegetable" means disguised, but just then the messages that you will help in the long term, neither the one nor the health to serve, pile. Example: "thermal Power", is a dietary Supplement that contains ephedrine. Fat Killer Ephedrine Prior to the "cooking Power" has…
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(Irr)paths to the desired weight – Without scientific proof not a success?

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(Irr)paths to the desired weight - Without scientific proof not a success? Here, different slimming programs are described, all of which have one thing in common: they are not documented (yet) scientifically. Sometimes it is in these diets is the Faith to move mountains, but often not to scientifically encourage unsustainable ranked statements (Removable)services. Maybe you can find someone in this selection unique weight-loss program, if it corresponds to a well-balanced diet. The Polymeal Diet This diet is only available since 2004 and is not therefore yet sufficiently scientific. On your diet exclusively food to the risk of heart disease reduce. Allegedly, this risk should be reduced in compliance with this diet to 76%, however, the question is, whether the heart-protective effects of different foods individually and add up how…
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Heart protection with olive oil

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Heart protection with olive oil In the case of elevated cholesterol levels, olive oil is considered the Oil of choice. Especially the abundant contained monounsaturated fatty acids can lower the cholesterol effectively. In contrast to other vegetable oils, olive oil, phenolic-containing components, and other phytochemicals that are important for the unique taste and the scent of olive oil is responsible. Many of these Compounds have positive effects on health. Health Promotional Oleuropein One of these health-promoting substances, Phenol Oleuropein, has strong antioxidant effects. The phenolic compound Oleuropein from olive oil has a high antioxidant effect and protects against heart attack, Katrin Raschke, diploma in nutritional science expert at the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.). A kilogram of extra virgin olive oil contains 50 to…
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Vegetarianism The vegetarian diet goes back to the philosopher Pythagoras, and includes the doctrine that man should only or mostly foods of plant origin to use as food. There are different types of vegetarian diets. Likewise, different reasons for vegetarianism, and Before - and disadvantages of this type of diet exist. Forms of vegetarianism One distinguishes between different forms of vegetarianism, the proportion of allowed animal food, as well as the type and preparation of the plant-based diet can be distinguished: Ovo-Lacto vegetarians eat no meat/fish, but eggs and dairy products. Lacto vegetarians eat no meat, no fish and no eggs. Vegans eat only plant-based products. Reasons for a vegetarian diet To be a vegetarian or to be, not only a special diet, but as a last resort-a certain way…
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Protein powder to build muscle

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Protein powder to build muscle Protein powder as a protein powder commonly is a dietary Supplement which has a very high protein content. The powder is, in particular, taken by athletes who hope to gain a faster muscle building. If you have a particular whey protein powder, better known as Whey Protein is popular. However, it should be noted when taking some of the rules. Because if too much protein powder is consumed, it can cause side effects – such as damage to the kidney. Protein powder to build muscle Protein powders are primarily used by strength athletes. You are trying to achieve through the additional protein intake for faster and greater gains in muscle mass. In addition to strength athletes, older people can benefit from taking a protein powder.…
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My child has diarrhea – what helps?

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My child has diarrhea - what helps? Diarrhoea and Vomiting diarrhoea dry the body very quickly. Especially in infants, small children and also older people this is a risk. Fluid and salts must be replaced quickly, and in large quantities: three to four litres of liquid suitable for adults, for children something less. The Doctors recommend Mineral water (without or with a little carbonic acid), various herbal teas (e.g. camomile, fennel) and strongly diluted fruit juices. Electrolyte solutions from the pharmacy are also suitable. Infants and children to spoon the tea at the best serving way, you spit out otherwise the hard-infused liquid to easily. And what's with the food? If the appetite announces itself slowly again and the kids belly feeling hungry, it may be at first only light…
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Healthy Living from A to Z – part 2

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Healthy Living from A to Z - part 2 Mites, ozone, mercury, or molds - these and other pollutants can affect the quality of living and, therefore, the health considerably. Humidity Through Breathing and sweating, but also bathing, showering, or cooking, we produce steam. A Four-person household produces per day, about 10 liters! The water is invisible in the home as water vapor. With a Hygrometer, the relative humidity of the room you can check. You should be between 30 and 65 percent. When the moisture settles on the cold walls, threatening to mold. Here are just a regular Airing helps, several times a day. Ventilation ensures that not only the temperature balance, but, above all, particulate matter, pollutants and moisture are removed from the apartment. Ventilation of the spaces…
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Coconut oil and coconut oil

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Coconut oil and coconut oil Coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) is a particularly high-heatable vegetable oil, which is extracted from the endosperm of the coconut (copra). At room temperature coconut oil has a solid state and an off-white color – in this Form it is referred to as coconut fat. Coconut oil is mainly used in the kitchen for Roasting and baking, but also in cosmetics. Here, coconut oil is popular for hair care. Coconut oil - healthy or unhealthy? Since coconut oil and coconut oil have a particularly high proportion of saturated fatty acids – this is about 90 percent - were for years considered to be unhealthy. Because, supposedly, the many saturated fatty acids should lead to an increase in the cholesterol levels. Today, we know that high…
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Syphilis Lues venerea - love disease - is the technical Name for one of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases. It was the mid-90s, when almost extinct, the number of new cases in recent years, worldwide concern. Pathogen Treponemes, spiral-shaped rod bacteria that live only on humans and predominantly by direct mucous membrane contact to be transmitted. Of microbes and human "Lust plague spreads", "Lues to draw again on the rise", "Syphilis outbreak in the Metropolitan area of Aachen" - the reports in Newspapers, on websites and in the reports of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a bleak picture. An almost-forgotten infection is spreading again. The "hard chancre" more homosexuals, or men who have with other men Sex ("MSM"), he is but in a quarter of cases in Heterosexuals. High…
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For a natural feel-good digestion

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For a natural feel-good digestion Our digestion has a huge impact on our well-being. A very important role the gut plays. Day and night, he is active, in order to process our food, to supply the body with important nutrients and to protect the organism against pathogens. All this work he's done mostly so that we don't even notice. The Central importance of the gut for our well-being plays, we notice only when he gets out of balance and the digestive uncomfortable. The causes for the Occurrence of such complaints, are very different - as are the concrete effects for the parties Concerned. In any case, well-being and quality of life are affected to a significant extent. Fibre - for healthy digestion essential! A balanced diet with many the ballast…
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What do you know about drinking water?

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What do you know about drinking water? What makes water hard? How do we control the quality of water in Germany? With these and other questions about the food and drinking water the Forum is drinking water e. V. launched a representative survey on the Knowledge of German on your food number one. Most of the people in Germany can only answer one of three questions correctly - as the result of a representative survey by TNS Emnid, Institut for market and opinion research. Although many have knowledge about a good Part of that is a large information deficit. Only a few know that Hard water contains a lot of Calcium and Magnesium That "lime" for the hardness of the water is responsible, is the vast majority of people in…
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Piercing – what to consider?

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Piercing – what to consider? Piercing in many cultures a long Tradition and has experienced a real Renaissance. A Ring in the navel, or a piece of jewelry in the nose are an eye-catcher – but also risks. Who wants to pull such a beauty interventions must therefore take account of health aspects. The observance of certain rules of hygiene is the basic requirement, the risks are largely excluded. Piercings – what are the risks? In the selection of the material, ensure high purity. Recommended for titanium, high gold or platinum. Alloys containing Nickel or other base metals, can lead to allergies and should therefore not be used. The Piercing, it comes to open wounds. The hygiene rules are not complied with, there is the danger that viruses or bacteria…
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Sick child – What to do?

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Sick child - What to do? What to do? To provide you the fever the child plenty to drink: tea, juices and water, preferably in a cool (not freezing!). The younger the child is, the greater the thirst. Infants have, based on your body surface area, a high fluid requirement. In the apartment there is a thin pajamas, or T-Shirt and a pair of shorts is enough for a feverish child normally. In bed, a light blanket should be. The legs are warm, you can make the calf wrap. The fever continues to rise nevertheless, you can give at temperatures greater than 39.0 °C are also child-appropriate fever-reducing medications. Depending on the age and body weight, there are suppositories or fever juices. Check whether the child sink due to your…
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10 good resolutions for the new year

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10 good resolutions for the new year The time between Christmas and new year's eve is best, to draw balance sheet for the past year and to think about good resolutions for the new year. At the latest, in the new year, the impulse arises to make everything better than last year, and the resolutions into practice. Have you made good resolutions for the new year? If not: We will tell 10 good intentions, the the health to do good, and call the little Tricks that contribute to the implementation. Less Stress Stress is not accompanied nowadays, not only professionals. Also students and Housewives suffer because they can no longer keep up with the demands of everyday life. Who often suffers from Stress, is permanently strained and risked Burnout, and…
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Hormone deficiency – cause and symptoms

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Hormone deficiency - cause and symptoms Other causes of hormone deficiency Hypogonadism the male hormone deficiency is, in the jargon. Specifically, the term refers to the function of the hormonal activity of the testes. The causes can be both of the testes themselves (primary hypogonadism) and disorders of the pituitary gland or the parent structures in the brain (secondary hypogonadism). General symptoms are lack of sexual desire (Libido), muscle wasting, increase in body fat content, Depression, blood poverty (anemia) and bone loss (osteoporosis). Also young people can be affected when they come due to a lack of hormone production in the puberty. Such as Kallmann syndrome, described disturbance occurs rather rarely. In the case of the so-called precocious Puberty tarda puberty sets in with some delay, sometimes only with the…
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Cancer prevention – (k)is a taboo for real men?

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Cancer prevention - (k)is a taboo for real men? The prostate is the gland in the body of the man, which is essential for the formation of the Secretion, the mobility of seed threads responsible, responsible. Enclosing below the Bladder outlet to the urethra is called the prostate gland. In particular, older men suffer from pathological changes in the prostate. Almost every second man aged 50 is affected. Preventive care for men as well! Around half of all women regularly go for cancer screening. Unfortunately, only about 15% of the men but true this important study. This is usually quite straightforward: With the Finger the doctor can palpate the rectum from hardening or enlargement of the prostate gland often. A cancer is suspected, to exclude, may be removed a little…
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Healthy food on the Christmas market

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Healthy food on the Christmas market The advent and Christmas season is in front of the door and wait on us at every corner sweet Treats: cookies, Domino stones, studs & co. belong to the Christmas season. And at the Christmas market you want to miss out on a Cup of mulled wine or a bag of roasted almonds are reluctant to. But unfortunately, the sweet Treats contain a lot of calories. And also hearty dishes such as Bratwurst or potato pancakes are not exactly Slimming. You can also look to the holidays without having a bad Conscience on the scale, we can provide you with healthy Alternatives to the largest calorie bombs. Burgundy ham instead of Sausage Sausages are among the typical Treats at the Christmas market. From time…
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Apple juice, Apple spritzer and co.

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Apple juice, Apple spritzer and co. The Germans hold the world record in the juice drink: each year, there are more than 40 liters of juice that everyone drinks from us fruit. Apple juice is with an annual consumption of about 13 litres of our most popular fruit juice drink. Apple juice tastes pure and is healthy as a thirst quencher, but it is less suitable. Because of Pure Apple juice has a high content of fruit's own sugar (100 grams per Liter), and thus a lot of calories, up to 550 kilo calories. Apple juice also contains fruit acids, which are not well tolerated by some not so good. Fitness Drink Apple Juice A better approach is to mix the Apple juice with mineral water to meet the thirst…
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Fire protection: fire extinguishers are in every household

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Fire protection: fire extinguishers are in every household The fire red steel container should be free and quickly accessible – and also really to Clear the surrounding flammable materials. Information about the fire, the Pictograms on the device. It is also important that all members of the family (even the kids!) even before the case of emergency, know how to use the fire extinguisher to use – who printed only studied in case of fire the directions for use, wasted valuable time, for immediate use saves may lives and reduces property damage. For private households the foam are quencher well, because they can be targeted to the source of the Fire is directed. Powder as an extinguishing agent can pigeons, however, the environment is a strong one. Tips for emergencies:…
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The pH-value

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The pH-value In the ideal case, a Balance between acids and bases is the same as the food intake with the subsequent excretion of metabolic waste, should keep the Balance. Also, the ratio of energy intake and energy expenditure should balance each other out. Buffer substances in the blood The blood in the human body has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 - slightly alkaline. This pH value must be constantly maintained, so that the body can function optimally. Therefore, the blood has so-called buffer substances. This will not cause the pH of the blood changes immediately, as soon as acids are released into the blood. With the help of buffer substances, acids can be compensated (neutralized) and the pH-value is kept constant. On the blood acid metabolism get waste…
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Various Esstypen – I eat right?

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Various Esstypen - I eat right? Actually, it would be very simple: We eat when we're hungry and stop when we are full. Unfortunately, this is not always so. Often the time for a real food is missing, or we feel with our weight and want to lose weight. However, diets can end up with eating disorders. And hectic to eat is often associated with an unhealthy diet. In this context, it is interesting to learn, whether the own eating behavior is the right one. Questions such as "Why I eat?“ or "when and how much I eat?" should ask the custom Esstyp find out, because it is not only the growling stomach to eat the us for a reason. Social and cultural norms determine the eating habits In the…
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Diet in menopause – changes in hormone balance

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Diet in menopause - changes in hormone balance At the latest, with 50 years of the so-called exchange, the menopause is announced by irregular cycles as well as different levels of menstrual bleeding,. The term comes from the Greek and means as much as "stage". This initiates the beginning of a new phase of life. During the hormonal changes of the correction of the life comes to style, especially a customized nutrition is of particular importance. It is worthwhile for every woman to consider the food behaviour, even if the climacteric complaints keep within limits, to prevent poor health in a timely manner. Change in hormonal balance During the change of estrogen level falls continuously. As a result, the ratio shifts to other sex hormones. As with other hormonal changes…
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Selenium: Health Significance

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Selenium: Health Significance Health significance of selenium Selenium is a component of important enzymes and helps (in the Form of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase), the cells of the body in the defense of aggressive metabolic products, the so-called free Radicals. In this function, it belongs to – such as vitamins A, C and E – to the so-called anti-oxidants. Free oxygen radicals arise in nearly all metabolic processes, can damage the body cells and the genetic material (DNA) and cause cancer. Cancer It has been observed that in areas where selenium-rich diet prevails, cancer and heart attacks are rare. Therefore, a certain degree of protective effect against cancer and Atherosclerosis will be discussed. In experimental studies have shown that selenium may help prevent cancer. In addition, selenium protects the body…
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The morning-after pill Pro and cons

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The morning-after pill Pro and cons Germany, until the beginning of 2015, one of the few countries in Europe in which the "morning after pill" was available only on prescription, although in the Wake of the Federal Ministry of health Advisory "Committee of experts on prescription" for the year 2003 for the discharge from the prescription. Among the supporters of the non-prescription dispensing by pharmacist in addition, Pro Familia, German society for gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG); the professional Association of gynaecologists (BVF) refused to give a recipe for freedom. Morning-after pill as a trigger of discussions Opponents fear that the now lighter-weight access could lead to neglect the long-term prevention. Proponents point to Figures from neighboring countries, such as England, France, Sweden, and Switzerland, in which the "morning after" pill…
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Development of the baby in the first three months of life

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Development of the baby in the first three months of life A Baby comes into the world. For the parents, a new life begins now section that brings a lot of joy and at the same time with a lot of effort is connected. In particular, the first child, many parents are very uncertain about whether or not you do everything correctly, and whether your child is developing normally. An important point of reference for the healthy growth and development of the baby the weight. On average babies weigh after the birth of between 2,800 and 4,200 grams. Many parents are alarmed if your Baby loses in his first two to three weeks of life weight instead of gaining weight. However, this is no cause for alarm, but completely normal.…
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The art will be slightly “easier” to

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The art will be slightly "easier" to If losing weight is hard, take it easy: The "Very-Easy"cure will help you fat for Winter and spring get rid of tiredness. Quick miracle diets cause most of the time only, that you bring to the shortest possible time more weight than before on the scale. It healthy diet does not make you fat can be so easy. Counting calories a thing of the past. The most important principle: Save the fat, because the sets immediately. Not the sugar, but saturated fat makes chocolate for a character killer. Avoid fatty meats, Mayonnaise, cream, sweet pastries, French fries and Chips. Counting calories is out Of course, we cannot do without fat, because otherwise the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K will not…
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Noise protection for children: effects of noise

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Noise protection for children: effects of noise The hearing is to be Heard in addition to the eyes our most important sense organ and the basis for interpersonal communication. For the development of the sense of hearing is a complex interconnection of the brain is necessary. This process is completed with the fourth to fifth year of life as far as possible. Especially in the toddler age, it is important, therefore, that the environment offers good conditions for optimum Hearing. Children react during their development is very sensitive to external influences, your hearing can be irritated by a variety of influences from the environment. Charges for hearing The biggest Handicap in the hearing development and for the preservation of a good hearing is a high level of noise pollution. With…
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Children’s illnesses and doctor’s visit

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Children's illnesses and doctor's visit Children's diseases are not particularly when kindergarten children are not rare, which is why a visit to the doctor is often treatable. Typical children's diseases are measles, chicken pox, or rubella. But also diseases such as Mumps, Poliomyelitis or whooping cough in childhood, most frequently. Teething symptoms from illness to disease differently. The cause of the virus infections are in the rule, so that a visit to the doctor usually is more than appropriate. Also about possible abuse should inform parents of children diseases optimally. General information on the topic Mumps: it is Not only a children's disease In the case of Mumps as a goat Peter referred to, is a viral disease that primarily affected children. However, it can also infect adults with Mumps....…
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Dogs and cats, in spite of Allergy

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Dogs and cats, in spite of Allergy They are considered to be loyal friends of people - dogs and cats are in Germany, as Pets are very popular. However, not everyone who loves these animals, you can approach them easily, blame it on an Allergy to the animal. Special breeds of dogs and cats can, however, be suitable for Allergy sufferers. Not only children wish for a pet. Also, for a lot of adult dogs or cats as family members. However, anyone who has an Allergy to animal hair, you must keep the four-legged friends. Nießattacken, watery and itchy eyes, and shortness of breath can be part of the symptoms of allergies to dogs and cat. The name of the animal hair Allergy at first suggest that the Problem is…
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