Slimming herbs and pills

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Slimming herbs and pills If it would be so easy! But neither herb, nor tablets let the body fat melt, even if the advertising promises something quite different. On the contrary, Many slimming products use just in case of permanent dangerous. Always when new studies to the ever increasing Obesity of the Germans or the Europeans appear to be the pharmacies, because then the demand for over-the-counter products that can reduce your appetite or burn fat increases. Always new products on the market, often as "purely vegetable" means disguised, but just then the messages that you will help in the long term, neither the one nor the health to serve, pile. Example: "thermal Power", is a dietary Supplement that contains ephedrine. Fat Killer Ephedrine Prior to the "cooking Power" has…
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Vegetarianism The vegetarian diet goes back to the philosopher Pythagoras, and includes the doctrine that man should only or mostly foods of plant origin to use as food. There are different types of vegetarian diets. Likewise, different reasons for vegetarianism, and Before - and disadvantages of this type of diet exist. Forms of vegetarianism One distinguishes between different forms of vegetarianism, the proportion of allowed animal food, as well as the type and preparation of the plant-based diet can be distinguished: Ovo-Lacto vegetarians eat no meat/fish, but eggs and dairy products. Lacto vegetarians eat no meat, no fish and no eggs. Vegans eat only plant-based products. Reasons for a vegetarian diet To be a vegetarian or to be, not only a special diet, but as a last resort-a certain way…
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Protein powder to build muscle

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Protein powder to build muscle Protein powder as a protein powder commonly is a dietary Supplement which has a very high protein content. The powder is, in particular, taken by athletes who hope to gain a faster muscle building. If you have a particular whey protein powder, better known as Whey Protein is popular. However, it should be noted when taking some of the rules. Because if too much protein powder is consumed, it can cause side effects – such as damage to the kidney. Protein powder to build muscle Protein powders are primarily used by strength athletes. You are trying to achieve through the additional protein intake for faster and greater gains in muscle mass. In addition to strength athletes, older people can benefit from taking a protein powder.…
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Coconut oil and coconut oil

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Coconut oil and coconut oil Coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) is a particularly high-heatable vegetable oil, which is extracted from the endosperm of the coconut (copra). At room temperature coconut oil has a solid state and an off-white color – in this Form it is referred to as coconut fat. Coconut oil is mainly used in the kitchen for Roasting and baking, but also in cosmetics. Here, coconut oil is popular for hair care. Coconut oil - healthy or unhealthy? Since coconut oil and coconut oil have a particularly high proportion of saturated fatty acids – this is about 90 percent - were for years considered to be unhealthy. Because, supposedly, the many saturated fatty acids should lead to an increase in the cholesterol levels. Today, we know that high…
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Piercing – what to consider?

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Piercing – what to consider? Piercing in many cultures a long Tradition and has experienced a real Renaissance. A Ring in the navel, or a piece of jewelry in the nose are an eye-catcher – but also risks. Who wants to pull such a beauty interventions must therefore take account of health aspects. The observance of certain rules of hygiene is the basic requirement, the risks are largely excluded. Piercings – what are the risks? In the selection of the material, ensure high purity. Recommended for titanium, high gold or platinum. Alloys containing Nickel or other base metals, can lead to allergies and should therefore not be used. The Piercing, it comes to open wounds. The hygiene rules are not complied with, there is the danger that viruses or bacteria…
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Sick child – What to do?

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Sick child - What to do? What to do? To provide you the fever the child plenty to drink: tea, juices and water, preferably in a cool (not freezing!). The younger the child is, the greater the thirst. Infants have, based on your body surface area, a high fluid requirement. In the apartment there is a thin pajamas, or T-Shirt and a pair of shorts is enough for a feverish child normally. In bed, a light blanket should be. The legs are warm, you can make the calf wrap. The fever continues to rise nevertheless, you can give at temperatures greater than 39.0 °C are also child-appropriate fever-reducing medications. Depending on the age and body weight, there are suppositories or fever juices. Check whether the child sink due to your…
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Cancer prevention – (k)is a taboo for real men?

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Cancer prevention - (k)is a taboo for real men? The prostate is the gland in the body of the man, which is essential for the formation of the Secretion, the mobility of seed threads responsible, responsible. Enclosing below the Bladder outlet to the urethra is called the prostate gland. In particular, older men suffer from pathological changes in the prostate. Almost every second man aged 50 is affected. Preventive care for men as well! Around half of all women regularly go for cancer screening. Unfortunately, only about 15% of the men but true this important study. This is usually quite straightforward: With the Finger the doctor can palpate the rectum from hardening or enlargement of the prostate gland often. A cancer is suspected, to exclude, may be removed a little…
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Pizza: a Healthy or unhealthy?

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Pizza: a Healthy or unhealthy? Pizza is generally regarded as rather unhealthy – after all, a lot of pizzas to deliver large quantities of fat and lots of calories. However, depending on the dough and topping Pizza, in fact, is not so unhealthy. An Italian study found that us should be able to regular consumption, even before a heart attack protect. The healthiest Pizza is, of course, if you want to prepare the Italian specialty itself. We'll tell you which covering is healthy and will give you a delicious recipe to try at home. Pizza: rich in calories How much calories are in a Pizza, decide dough and toppings. A typical Italian Pizza with thin dough, lots of vegetables and little cheese brings it, for example, to about 550 calories.…
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Unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex education

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Unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex education The number of births in the teenage age in Germany is low in international comparison. With a year 13 births per 1,000 girls between 15 and 19 years, we are among the number of the British of 31, and the United States of 52 births. Nevertheless, Every unwanted pregnancy is one too many. In General, the children are sexually Mature before they realize what happened. Between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age, 38 per cent of girls have their first Time already behind, with the boys at 29 per cent. Due to the early sexual maturity in girls may be earlier pregnant. As the reason of the earlier sexual maturity, a researcher at lead the good health of the population. For…
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In order the succeed in the beginning with the Baby: tips to prevent small aches and pains

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In order the succeed in the beginning with the Baby: tips to prevent small aches and pains The time after birth is exciting - especially the first child. And, not infrequently, the "newborn" child, parents are also particularly concerned. The "greenie" on his way in the world is in need of can food especially, love, warmth and lots of body contact conditions, in which most parents rely on their natural instincts. And even the little aches and pains you get a good grip on. For the soul: much close Even in the toasty-warm fruit water, weightless and always the muffled heart sound of the mother in the ear. Now, in a loud, bright and sometimes cold world. The need to cope with infants. To help you in this transition, there…
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Back in the spring cycle

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Back in the spring cycle Cycling is healthy, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and also fun. For this reason, millions of people swing in the spring on your bike. But what many people don't know: Cycling on an improperly adjusted bike can damage your spine permanently. Because Cycling is only really healthy when man and machine are optimally coordinated with each other. And since you can't change the anatomy of the human being, must, of course, the Bicycle way, be adapted to the individual needs - not Vice versa. What to look for when buying a new Bicycle, need to pay attention to What special features must you look for when buying a new Bicycle, tells you the Aktion Gesunder rücken e. V. The EGR checked and everyday objects, such as bicycles…
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Really fast – so gehts!

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Really fast – so gehts! Fasting is far more than a religious Ritual – today is fasting, for example, many of their health's sake. More and more people have access to a purifying detox to cleanse the body permanently of pollutants. Fasting is supposed to give back the body's lost energy and heal him. By the way, you can lose salvation or fall and a few annoying extra pounds fast. Read here how to fast properly and what you should consider for a healthy diet. Why fasting is salutary When fasting is dispensed either solid food or the consumption of these limited. The fasting is drinking more than usual and leads to his body of nutrients by liquids such as juices or Broths. These are on the one hand, recycling…
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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities

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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities Work and private life in view To frequent if Suffering ill write leads or even chronic illnesses, may also be a change in the workplace fashionable. Even if it is not a prescribed occupational disease, could work to achieve physician, in case of work-related diseases with better prevention, advocates Letzel. Finally, occupational physicians, approximately 39 million active in Germany, people at a glance, and see, in the ideal case, the special work situation, as well as the individual capacity and the private environment. Protection against occupational diseases Who no longer, or only to a limited extent, can work in Germany for health reasons, is well protected. Only illnesses or accidents that were directly caused by the occupation, are considered to be occupational diseases - the law…
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Macrobiotics – The inside of the middle of find

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Macrobiotics – The inside of the middle of find Macrobiotics means "large life" and is a science which deals with all aspects of life. A vegetarian-influenced diet, which can allegedly cure diseases. The principles of Yin and Yang, the two opposites that form a perfect Whole, the macrobiotics. Macrobiotics is based on the principles of Yin and Yang The principles of Yin and Yang, the two opposites that form a perfect Whole, the macrobiotics. On the diet, this means avoiding extremes such as one-sided meat food or too many sweets. Rather, it comes with all of the food to the people in a balance. Yin and Yang are energies that are also present in the food. Yin is the expansive, Yang is the pull-in force. Include the Yin-influenced food and…
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Physiotherapy makes the dog mobile again

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Physiotherapy makes the dog mobile again The dog is aging as well as the man. With the years, only "Mr Chen is not" climbing the stairs is harder, but also your four-legged friend. Unlike the person who complains like over tired bones and aching joints, do the dog, everything, to cover up his physical Suffering. Because originally he is a pack animal and in the wild the weak members of the pack are excluded. The innate instinct forbids it to show the four-legged animals, weakness, and pain. Only the attentive observers have noticed the hidden signals of the favorite and recognizes: It's not good for him. These can be signs that your dog is in pain: He shows less joy in Play and movement. He is lame and has problems,…
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Skillful children are safer

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Skillful children are safer Accidents cause of death no. 1 in the case of children and young people. More than half of all fatal accidents occur in leisure time, during sports, at home or in school. A report has now shown that on the one hand, high physical activity is associated with a risk of Accidents, on the other hand, however, motor experiences are fundamental to the prevention of accidents. This means that the movement experienced, the child, the less the accident it is at risk. The only Problem: the children do lots of sports, can tend to be routine situations and to underestimate it and crash. Clumsy children run more risk of being killed in everyday situations. Sports accidents: often in the case of "light exercise" To some extent,…
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Diet for colostomy

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Diet for colostomy In Germany, an estimated 100 000 people live with a colostomy (Stoma or colostomy). The creation of a Stoma is unavoidable, you must adjust the Affected in a completely new Situation. Ask for the daily use of the artificial output. Particularly, diet plays a big role in that. No Ostomy Diet As time passes after the surgery, varies depending on the age and of individual reaction, condition, and type of surgery. A great importance have the underlying disease of the Intestine in which the artificial output. After the acute healing phase, the General principle is: There is no special stoma diet! People with artificial output should be just as Healthy a varied, wholesome, mixed diet. For this purpose, a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products,…
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Food control: “Official sample” on perishable

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Food control: "Official sample" on perishable Whether at the Snack bar, in the Restaurant, at the bakery or in the supermarket food inspection needs to be and protects every consumer. The control without prior notice your come on the basis of complaints and also routinely, at least once in the year and although. When should you turn as a consumer, the official control and what want to know, the authorities of them? The Surprise is big, as Hanna S. from Braunschweig unpacking your pork tenderloin: in addition to a disgusting smell, an atypical film of lubricant covers the meat - this should be printed on the packaging for at least five days. Hanna S. has purchased the meat in the supermarket, where she had been annoyed over moldy goods. Although…
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Overweight knee makes crunching

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Overweight knee makes crunching The knee is the largest joint in and enormously resilient. Briefly, it can carry up to 1.5 tons. However, many people suffer from arthritis-related discomfort in the knee. The higher the body weight, the greater the risk of osteoarthritis. In the Following, you know, what are the risks, as a result of Obesity for the knee. Rheumatic pain in the knee It is estimated that about ten percent of all Germans know what it means, when any movement is torture: you suffer from rheumatic pain. Rheumatology (Greek.) means "drawing, tearing pain," and is a collective term for a variety of very different painful diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatism flammable may be due to constant wear and tear. Here, there is a distinction between Soft-tissue rheumatism,…
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Smoothies – health-self-made

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Smoothies – health-self-made Five servings of fruit and vegetables – this is the recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet. At the same time, but it is also a challenge. Smoothies offer a healthy Alternative. They can be bought either in the supermarket or prepared but simple and healthy home. All you need is fresh fruit and vegetables, to taste yogurt or buttermilk, olive oil, sugar, and a blender. Every fruit and vegetable that you can eat it raw. Their creamy consistency to get the Smoothies with ice cubes, yogurt or buttermilk. Power and vitamins Ginger is known for its invigorating and digestion-promoting effect and exceptional taste experiences. To do this, press a small piece of peeled ginger through a garlic press and mash this together with the juice of three…
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Fresh fish does not smell like fish

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Fresh fish does not smell like fish Fish are not only tasty, they provide the body on top of important nutrients, such as protein (high quality!), Vitamins (lots of Vitamin A and D abundant B-vitamins) and minerals (especially Iodine). In addition, the fatty acids in fish are good for the heart, brain and immune system, because it is the good Omega-3 fatty acids. What is so good to be healthy, must also be treated well. Hygiene tips around the fish you get here. Fresh fish does not smell like fish, but of seawater. The eyes are clear and bulging, and the gills bright red. The skin is shiny with a clear layer of slime and the scales are stuck. The fish meat is firm and light pressure, no hollow back.…
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Adnexitis – diagnosis and complications

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Adnexitis - diagnosis and complications What symptoms and complications can occur? The range of possible symptoms ranging from severe abdominal pain and fever due to acute infection up to a light, always repeating the Drag-and-cycle disorders in chronic courses of the disease. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease may mimic appendicitis, excluded an ectopic needs to be pregnancy. Typical symptoms that occur but not always and not all together, are: Acute pelvic inflammatory disease: The most common are sudden, strong is an understatement abdominal pain and fever over 38°C. The abdomen is often inflated and stretched. In addition, there may be vaginal also vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor, Nausea, irregularities in bowel movements or during Menstruation. Sometimes pain during urination. The longer the infection lasts, the more sick the patients are feeling.…
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Procrastination (Procrastination)

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Procrastination (Procrastination) Big mother taught us from an early age: "What you can do today, tomorrow!" Easier said than done – about one in five suffers according to experts, under procrastination ("defer", Defer). What is often dismissed as laziness, can develop the disease: the chronic procrastination is characterized by counter-productive, unnecessary and retardant behavior. Procrastination is often the case of students Since the mid-80s, scientists have been researching the "procrastination" and came to the result that students suffer from the phenomenon of procrastination, because you rules after school, with a predetermined timetable your daily schedule to the University (often in addition to the work), suddenly, self -, and long-term projects need to organize. Here are the students from the less organized the Humanities are particularly affected. Eliyahu M. Goldratt referred…
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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine – is a water soluble Vitamin and belongs to the group of B vitamins. Strictly speaking, the term Vitamin B6 includes three substances, namely, Pyridoxol, Pyridoxal and Pyridoxamine. Vitamin B6 must be supplied to the body from the outside, however, it is included in many foods, so a Vitamin B6 deficiency occurs rarely. Vitamin B6: effect on growth Vitamin B6 is involved in the body is crucial in the construction and remodeling of proteins. It is an important coenzyme for the metabolism of the amino acids is. Coenzyme as a component of enzymes together with these to ensure that biochemical reactions take place faster. The amino acid metabolism amino acids are converted in the body's own substances. The messenger substances Serotonin,…
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Meat in the daily diet

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Meat in the daily diet Meat has always been one of the staple foods of the people. But while our ancestors fight for the meat still on the hunt hard, the animals self-killing, gutting and preparing had enough of a grip in the cold counter. Never meat was so cheap and in such masses available as it is today. According to the world agricultural report, the global consumption of meat has in the last 40 years, more than tripled. So 300 million tons of meat landed in 2012, for example, in the cooking pots. Much of it falls on the industrial countries, Every German eats an average of nearly 60 kilograms of meat, and US Americans even about 120 kilograms. According to experts, this is too much. Meat is healthy?…
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Menopause (Climacteric): Alternative Treatment

Books on healthy eating, Feng Shui, Spirituality
Menopause (Climacteric): Alternative Treatment Alternative treatment of menopausal symptoms Although the women with medical care, on average, satisfied there is but one exception: the advice and the offer of alternative healing methods and remedies in order to treat climacteric complaints. Almost a third of women in this area dissatisfied with the services of your physician. During their regular practice, Doctors can't afford it time-often even in the particular conversation needs of women in menopause. Therefore, additional offers have to be created to meet the need of women to individual, medically-competent, holistic advice and support. As different as the causes of menopausal symptoms are so diverse and also the solution approaches. These depend on the type and intensity of the complaints, risk factors for osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease, pre - existing…
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Men’s health – The masculine imperative

Feng Shui, For men, Vaporarium
Men's health - The masculine imperative Typical male – where does it come from? To meant times of the Neanderthal man, to hunt mammoths and build caves. Therefore, the men of Neandertal, and all the other valleys, mountains and plains had to be especially strong, have courage and willing to take risks. "Seven masculine Imperative" Today, the mammoths are extinct, but the male self-understanding has not changed fundamentally. The American psychologist Herb Goldberg has described the self-understanding of the men in the "seven masculine Imperative“: the less sleep I need, the more pain I can endure, the more alcohol I can have, the less I care about what I eat, the less I ask someone for help and being dependent on someone am, the more I control my feelings and…
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Man(n) should also be able to show weakness

Feng Shui, For women, Workouts
Man(n) should also be able to show weakness Actually, not end of the world, if it doesn't work out in the bed time. But it is not the image that men have of themselves. The Ego of a man will mostly suffer so great a lull in the bed, that he overcomes the Gang to the doctor. All men are loser... Men will quickly feel as a failure. No wonder: half of the world's population are women, the bars, however, two-thirds of the work, but only ten percent of world income. You can also give birth to children. Anyone who holds as a man, must at least be successful in the profession, built a house, planted a tree, a nice woman and have children. Burn out to the belt line…
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Hormone-free menopause

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Hormone-free menopause Many women suffer in menopause among complaints such as hot flushes, outbreaks of sweating or sleep disturbances. A relief of symptoms by the administration of hormones is controversial. Because studies indicate that hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer significantly. This is why you should use against menopausal complaints is better on tablets with herbal ingredients. Herbal supplements instead of hormones To ease the discomfort during menopause, are prescribed by Doctors herbal supplements instead of hormones. Often these herbal preparations contain extracts from the black cohosh. Such tablets can against sweating and hot flashes, as well as against irritability and vaginal dryness help. In addition, the tablets will also have a bone-protective function. The advantage of preparations made with grapes silver candle extract is that…
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Strawberry: Healthy Ingredients

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Strawberry: Healthy Ingredients Strawberry time! The red delicacy laughs resistors from the market and plantations, and offers one of the healthiest pleasures of the summer. Strawberries most can not get enough of that, this is also not necessary: strawberries are 90 percent water and provide your amazing low nutritional value of 32 kilo-calories per 100 grams of vitamins and minerals tired. Are strawberries healthy? Strawberries taste delicious and are an ideal "slim fruit". The same is not true of course only as long as dipped in whipped cream or sugar. It is best to enjoy strawberries pure or with a sauce of yogurt, sweetened with a little honey. Then strawberries are not only full of enjoyment but also a valuable contribution to a healthy diet. Here are 6 reasons why…
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