Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack

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Students and nutrition: From the main seminar on the cravings attack With the new winter semester, the time of exams and oral exams will begin for approximately two million students. And that means often: Stress pur. Almost unnoticed, the food habits are changing now. While, for some, the tension literally on the stomach, and he eats out of a lack of time and Overload, hardly anything, in others it is an insatiable Desire for specific, usually unhealthy foods. Food against Stress "If I'm in the exam stress, I just need chocolate to soothe!" As Miriam K. many of the students. The DAK respondents Hamburger students to their eating habits in times of trial, and found that in the case of Stress-eaters in addition to fat-rich foods, such as Pizza and…
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(Irr)paths to the desired weight – Without scientific proof not a success?

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(Irr)paths to the desired weight - Without scientific proof not a success? Here, different slimming programs are described, all of which have one thing in common: they are not documented (yet) scientifically. Sometimes it is in these diets is the Faith to move mountains, but often not to scientifically encourage unsustainable ranked statements (Removable)services. Maybe you can find someone in this selection unique weight-loss program, if it corresponds to a well-balanced diet. The Polymeal Diet This diet is only available since 2004 and is not therefore yet sufficiently scientific. On your diet exclusively food to the risk of heart disease reduce. Allegedly, this risk should be reduced in compliance with this diet to 76%, however, the question is, whether the heart-protective effects of different foods individually and add up how…
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Heart protection with olive oil

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Heart protection with olive oil In the case of elevated cholesterol levels, olive oil is considered the Oil of choice. Especially the abundant contained monounsaturated fatty acids can lower the cholesterol effectively. In contrast to other vegetable oils, olive oil, phenolic-containing components, and other phytochemicals that are important for the unique taste and the scent of olive oil is responsible. Many of these Compounds have positive effects on health. Health Promotional Oleuropein One of these health-promoting substances, Phenol Oleuropein, has strong antioxidant effects. The phenolic compound Oleuropein from olive oil has a high antioxidant effect and protects against heart attack, Katrin Raschke, diploma in nutritional science expert at the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.). A kilogram of extra virgin olive oil contains 50 to…
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Syphilis Lues venerea - love disease - is the technical Name for one of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases. It was the mid-90s, when almost extinct, the number of new cases in recent years, worldwide concern. Pathogen Treponemes, spiral-shaped rod bacteria that live only on humans and predominantly by direct mucous membrane contact to be transmitted. Of microbes and human "Lust plague spreads", "Lues to draw again on the rise", "Syphilis outbreak in the Metropolitan area of Aachen" - the reports in Newspapers, on websites and in the reports of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is a bleak picture. An almost-forgotten infection is spreading again. The "hard chancre" more homosexuals, or men who have with other men Sex ("MSM"), he is but in a quarter of cases in Heterosexuals. High…
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What do you know about drinking water?

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What do you know about drinking water? What makes water hard? How do we control the quality of water in Germany? With these and other questions about the food and drinking water the Forum is drinking water e. V. launched a representative survey on the Knowledge of German on your food number one. Most of the people in Germany can only answer one of three questions correctly - as the result of a representative survey by TNS Emnid, Institut for market and opinion research. Although many have knowledge about a good Part of that is a large information deficit. Only a few know that Hard water contains a lot of Calcium and Magnesium That "lime" for the hardness of the water is responsible, is the vast majority of people in…
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10 good resolutions for the new year

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10 good resolutions for the new year The time between Christmas and new year's eve is best, to draw balance sheet for the past year and to think about good resolutions for the new year. At the latest, in the new year, the impulse arises to make everything better than last year, and the resolutions into practice. Have you made good resolutions for the new year? If not: We will tell 10 good intentions, the the health to do good, and call the little Tricks that contribute to the implementation. Less Stress Stress is not accompanied nowadays, not only professionals. Also students and Housewives suffer because they can no longer keep up with the demands of everyday life. Who often suffers from Stress, is permanently strained and risked Burnout, and…
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Fire protection: fire extinguishers are in every household

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Fire protection: fire extinguishers are in every household The fire red steel container should be free and quickly accessible – and also really to Clear the surrounding flammable materials. Information about the fire, the Pictograms on the device. It is also important that all members of the family (even the kids!) even before the case of emergency, know how to use the fire extinguisher to use – who printed only studied in case of fire the directions for use, wasted valuable time, for immediate use saves may lives and reduces property damage. For private households the foam are quencher well, because they can be targeted to the source of the Fire is directed. Powder as an extinguishing agent can pigeons, however, the environment is a strong one. Tips for emergencies:…
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Diet in menopause – changes in hormone balance

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Diet in menopause - changes in hormone balance At the latest, with 50 years of the so-called exchange, the menopause is announced by irregular cycles as well as different levels of menstrual bleeding,. The term comes from the Greek and means as much as "stage". This initiates the beginning of a new phase of life. During the hormonal changes of the correction of the life comes to style, especially a customized nutrition is of particular importance. It is worthwhile for every woman to consider the food behaviour, even if the climacteric complaints keep within limits, to prevent poor health in a timely manner. Change in hormonal balance During the change of estrogen level falls continuously. As a result, the ratio shifts to other sex hormones. As with other hormonal changes…
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The morning-after pill Pro and cons

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The morning-after pill Pro and cons Germany, until the beginning of 2015, one of the few countries in Europe in which the "morning after pill" was available only on prescription, although in the Wake of the Federal Ministry of health Advisory "Committee of experts on prescription" for the year 2003 for the discharge from the prescription. Among the supporters of the non-prescription dispensing by pharmacist in addition, Pro Familia, German society for gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG); the professional Association of gynaecologists (BVF) refused to give a recipe for freedom. Morning-after pill as a trigger of discussions Opponents fear that the now lighter-weight access could lead to neglect the long-term prevention. Proponents point to Figures from neighboring countries, such as England, France, Sweden, and Switzerland, in which the "morning after" pill…
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Dogs and cats, in spite of Allergy

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Dogs and cats, in spite of Allergy They are considered to be loyal friends of people - dogs and cats are in Germany, as Pets are very popular. However, not everyone who loves these animals, you can approach them easily, blame it on an Allergy to the animal. Special breeds of dogs and cats can, however, be suitable for Allergy sufferers. Not only children wish for a pet. Also, for a lot of adult dogs or cats as family members. However, anyone who has an Allergy to animal hair, you must keep the four-legged friends. Nießattacken, watery and itchy eyes, and shortness of breath can be part of the symptoms of allergies to dogs and cat. The name of the animal hair Allergy at first suggest that the Problem is…
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Endometriosis: Therapy

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Endometriosis: Therapy What is the therapy for the treatment of endometriosis? Only in the case of Endometriosis, which cause no symptoms, and no growth tendency, it may be possible to treatment dispensed. In General, however, The sooner it is treated, the better the prospects of long – term freedom from symptoms and cure-even with small herds. Which therapy is chosen, is of the extent and the localization of the disease, but also on the age of the Affected and an existing desire to have children. In principle, drug and surgical treatment options are available, which can be individually combined and applied. Drugs Different hormones to interrupt more or less the menstrual cycle and Ovulation so that the uterus no mucosa is built up. Thus, the endometriosis foci can be made…
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In The Office

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In The Office Exercise 1 In order to prevent the shoulder and neck muscles harden, you can perform the following Exercise. Sit upright in your chair. You take - if available - a filled water bottle in both hands. Then stretch both arms as far as it goes to the front, hold it for a second in this Position and then pull back to the body. Proceed in the same way, by stretching the arms to the right, then left, up and down. Repeat the Exercise eight times.   Exercise 2 To the relief of the back, it is important to change the sitting position often. Assemble the feet in a Sitting position and lift it to the right. There is a short the ground with the feet touching, and…
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Niacin (Vitamin B3)

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Niacin (Vitamin B3) The Vitamin Niacin is also called nicotinic acid, Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP (Pellagra Preventing). By Definition, vitamins are substances that cannot be produced by the human body itself. Therefore not a Vitamin in the classic sense is Niacin, because it can be made for food, but also by the body itself. However, Niacin to the group of B will be counted-vitamins. Niacin can have an effect – if it is taken in appropriate amounts have a positive impact on our health. So it is helping in the case of atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol. It is, however, taken an Overdose of Niacin, the Vitamin also have side effects. Niacin: The Effect Niacin is present in the human body, mostly in the Form of two Co-enzymes NAD and…
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Black tea, green tea – Healthy content

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Black tea, green tea - Healthy content Healthy Content Whether black, white or green: Healthy all kinds of tea, but with a different expression. For example, a new joint study by Spanish and British biologists has shown that green tea can slow the growth of cancer cells. Enzymes One of the main ingredients of green tea, epigallocatechin gallate, in short EGCG, binds to an enzyme that cancer cells need for their proliferation, and prevents you so, spread out. The same result researchers at Japan's Kyushu University, came last year. A tumor-inhibiting concentration of EGCG can be achieved in your studies, already through two-three cups of tea per day. Vitamins Black tea kills against Plaque bacteria on the teeth. In addition, a lot of fluoride, which hardens teeth, as well as…
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Generation of Fat – the sick, early retired tomorrow?

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Generation of Fat - the sick, early retired tomorrow? Every fifth child and every third young person in Germany is too thick. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for type 2 Diabetes mellitus, and many children no longer get rid of the bacon later. Especially those with a sweet tooth, but also Fast Food Fans are running in case of excessive consumption and little exercise the risk of becoming chubby. Parents should not forbid their offspring the Snacking altogether, but you better calories offer poorer Alternatives. Because when the cravings for the Kids to build up, the risk of uncontrolled secret Naschens. Children and to allow sweets in a healthy measure, is better than that you ask this secretly from the grandparents in a double amount. More exercise…
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What are micronutrients?

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What are micronutrients? Nutrients are, in General, all of the human body for normal development and maintenance of health materials needed. In addition, the term refers to two groups of different dietary components: firstly, there are the macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats). These macro nutrients can be processed in the cell, but only used if the food contains additional nutrients, the nutrients so-called micro -,. What nutrients is micro? To nutrients the include micro-vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K), minerals (such as calcium or Magnesium), trace elements (e.g. iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese), phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids), essential fatty acids (fish oils) and amino acids – substances that are life-important for the body and, among other things, protecting against free Radicals. Micro-nutrients, in…
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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities

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Occupational disease prevention responsibilities Work and private life in view To frequent if Suffering ill write leads or even chronic illnesses, may also be a change in the workplace fashionable. Even if it is not a prescribed occupational disease, could work to achieve physician, in case of work-related diseases with better prevention, advocates Letzel. Finally, occupational physicians, approximately 39 million active in Germany, people at a glance, and see, in the ideal case, the special work situation, as well as the individual capacity and the private environment. Protection against occupational diseases Who no longer, or only to a limited extent, can work in Germany for health reasons, is well protected. Only illnesses or accidents that were directly caused by the occupation, are considered to be occupational diseases - the law…
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Diabetes in animals – such As Diabetes makes the animal felt?

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Diabetes in animals - such As Diabetes makes the animal felt? How does Diabetes in animals? To be able to use the excess blood sugar withdrawal, you must drink a diabetic animal very large quantities and, accordingly, more eliminated. Although diabetic animals, many develop more to eat than usual - a veritable hot-hungry - often. Blame the lack of Insulin, which prevents proper utilization of food. Diabetic cats tend to fall due to the lack of appetite and vomiting. Some of the disease is also due to an altered gait, which is on a flatter Fußung to back of the hindquarters. Because the body's cells can only be leads to little or no energy is drawn from the entire body in the Philippines: A dull coat, but also damage to…
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Mycoplasma infections

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Mycoplasma infections Mycoplasmas are tiny bacteria that cause in humans a number of disorders of the urogenital tract and the respiratory tract. A part of them lives peacefully on the genital mucous membranes, without us noticing it. Sometimes Mycoplasma from, however, diseases - Mycoplasma infections. Mycoplasma Mycoplasmas are the smallest and simplest known organisms, which reproduce themselves. Unlike the other bacteria you have, instead of a cell wall, only a thin membrane. The class, listen to you, and is therefore also referred to as Mollicutes ("Weichhäuter"). They are dependent on host organisms. Their tiny size, simplicity, and lack of cell wall, and thus the deformability of set-up optimally for your parasitic existence, and allow them to closely to the membranes of the host cells pin, or, if necessary, by sliding…
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Ketchup When you remove the lid of a Ketchup bottle, rises to one of the seductive smell of tomatoes and vinegar quickly in the nose. But be careful – in the red sauce, not just tomatoes, but also a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, and often flavoring agents, thickening agents and preservatives are stuck. Therefore, the question of whether Ketchup is unhealthy or healthy. Ketchup is healthy? Ketchup is only about 70 percent of tomatoes, not Ketchup contains only a lot of tomatoes, and the healthy colour lycopene, but also a high percentage of sugar. For this reason, a good Ketchup should have a that is low in Sugar because too much sugar damages the teeth and fattening. In a single bottle of Ketchup can be - depending on the…
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Work-Life Balance: 12 Tips

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Work-Life Balance: 12 Tips Five minutes quickly passed, because there is nothing you can do. You can break for five minutes the head on that one has to do multiple calls to, his birthday has to plan a celebration and the departed neighbour promised to feed their cat. In the same time you can call but also the boss and decide to arrange the appointment with the hairdresser tomorrow. For the birthday planning, it is sufficient for the time being, and to find a date and send out invitations. And the cat can take care of the children. This may be the first steps to Work-Life Balance. Time management as an important factor Effective time management is to separate the Important from the unimportant, big tasks into smaller sub-areas to…
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Diet for liver disease

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Diet for liver disease A targeted diet for liver disease is designed to protect the liver. In the case of health problems with the liver, particularly fat-rich foods should be avoided. Also hot spices and certain vegetables, such as cabbage should not eat the liver of the sick, without straining the liver unnecessarily. Completely taboo in liver disorders should be alcohol. The taste of the liver In the case of a liver disease, it is advantageous to feed with a lean cottage cheese, steamed vegetables and potatoes, simple carbohydrates and lean meat. The food should gently be prepared and not Cream (as created by grilling or Frying). Also coffee is not suitable for liver patients. It can be helpful, the nutrition with artichokes or artichoke juice to enrich. Also, milk…
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Erectile dysfunction – symptoms and diagnosis

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Erectile dysfunction - symptoms and diagnosis Indicator of erectile dysfunction is that the Penis is not sufficient or not long enough to be stiff so that sexual intercourse can not or only incompletely be performed. However, the Transition from a normal ability to have an erection to erectile dysfunction is not clearly defined. Just with age many men need more and longer stimuli, so that it comes to an erection. No longer will erectile dysfunction is the Situation, then, if the sexual activity for the Participants is satisfactory. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction may be first sign of a serious disorder such as diabetes or atherosclerosis with risk for heart and brain. Therefore, Even if it is difficult, should be consulted for erectile disorders, the family physician…
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Cravings to understand-and avoid – here’s how!

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Cravings to understand-and avoid – here's how! In the morning there is cereal with fruit, lunch a salad and dinner fish and vegetables. However, two hours later, the cravings will notify you on chocolate, the fancy Chips or the Desire for cheese – what is it with this unhealthy cravings? Food cravings are a common reason for the Failure of diets. The body will signal its need for energy replenishment. However, psychological factors or certain diseases can be behind cravings. We have compiled an Overview of possible causes and give tips on what you can do against cravings. What are cravings? Many people are familiar with the "sudden urge to immediate food intake" – so the Definition of cravings. The body signals that it needs carbohydrates, if the blood sugar…
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Prevention methods – Mechanical and chemical prevention

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Prevention methods - Mechanical and chemical prevention Mechanical Contraception In these methods, one uses the tools of the vagina by the woman's physician or self, either in or on the Penis, placed and thus once or over a longer period of time prevent the sperm to find their way to the ova. These tools include a condom or spiral, for example. Condom (Condom). A male condom is a protection that is pulled over the rigid member and prevents the ejaculate from entering the vagina. Used correctly, it is located in the middle of the security area (Pearl-Index 2-12). The condom for women ("Femidom®"), is another side-open tube, which is secured by means of a ring against a clean slide is inserted into the Vagina (Pearl-Index 5-25). It is only via…
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Sex education – education in the school

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Sex education - education in the school Sex education in school The question catalogue of the Small is complex: changes in puberty, arousal, the period of the first ejaculation, and "the first Time" will be discussed. Also, contraception, pregnancy, or malformations in the teaching program. Parents can support the development in this Phase, by shopping first for hygiene or suggestions from youth magazines to get the best source to learn what moves a Teenager. The Younger still "very innocent," said the biology teacher. "Typical questions are: Does everyone in the puberty? I need a towel, if the vagina moist? Hurts Sex?" And: "a floating egg when the pill prevents ovulation?" Although Teens tend to have already made the first sexual experiences, many people do not know about the date of…
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Every beginning is difficult: How to parent your children fit for school

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Every beginning is difficult: How to parent your children fit for school "Mom, when I can finally go to school?" Finally a school child to be and to belong to the Great – the first day of school for each child something Special. But that is exactly as big as the anticipation of the new challenges that lie ahead to Protect the little ABC. "Make your offspring like the school," advises Nicole Knaack, expert for health promotion at the techniker Krankenkasse, the parents of young school beginners. "The more fun a child out of school, so much the better. Because happy children learn more easily." School starters who have confidence in your own abilities and have learned to apply independently on small tasks, have it at the beginning is especially…
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Breast reduction: risks and costs

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Breast reduction: risks and costs Reimbursement by the health insurance The amount of the costs incurred for a breast reduction depends primarily on how much tissue needs to be removed from the breast. After a detailed interview and the assessment of the chest, the physician will create a cost estimate. In General, the cost for a breast reduction in Germany between 4500 and 7000 euros. These prices are only indicative and the exact cost can only be by the attending physician. Whether a breast reduction is a reimbursement by the health insurance or not, always depends on the circumstances of the OP. The Operation is considered to be medically necessary, are covered by health insurance in General, the cost of the procedure, or pays at least a grant. In the…
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12 tips to fight kitchen germs

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12 tips to fight kitchen germs Hygiene is a must. This is especially true in the kitchen and when handling food. Sources of risk in terms of Hygiene cloth, especially a refrigerator, a sponge and Wiping. Below you will find some important tips on cleanliness in the kitchen. Scientists have studied how high the bacterial counts in a kitchen. The result Per square centimeter have been found in a sink, up to 10,000 bacteria, also of 10,000 germs on a square inch of countertop, and 100,000 on the kitchen floor and 100 million on a square inch of a kitchen sponge. Regular Disinfection is necessary Sponge or cloth the germ extractors par excellence in the kitchen. With the sponge, you spread areas, namely, germs everywhere, on all of the work;…
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Spices Spices give a meal of a particularly fine flavor. Particularly herbs, salt and pepper for Seasoning very popular. Curry is a spice that is used both in distant countries as well as in our kitchen often. Not only is the Curry sausage is enriched with Curry in terms of taste, but also a lot of sauces and main dishes. Also, originally exotic, but now out of the European kitchen is an essential component of cinnamon. Cinnamon is not only used as a spice, but also have a health promoting effect. What can cinnamon do, and see how it dose. Interesting facts on the topic of spices, cinnamon and Curry. General information on the topic What is Peri Peri? Peri Peri also known as African Devil, because it is one…
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