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Caffeine A way to Start the day without a hot Cup of coffee is for many people unimaginable. In the coffee contained caffeine, our blood circulation and has a positive effect on our mood. On average, each German consumes daily about 200 milligrams of caffeine in addition to coffee, the absorption also takes place over tea, Cola, energy drinks and chocolate. Since caffeine has a stimulating effect, help us to have a Cup of coffee or a glass of Cola to overcome small performance lows. However, caffeine can, especially if it is to consume a lot of it is also side effects. Effect of caffeine Caffeine takes between 30 and 45 minutes to enter the bloodstream. About this it is distributed in the body, before it is finally excreted with…
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Cherries – Healthy and around

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Cherries - Healthy and around Summer time is cherry time! That means eating cherries in the fresh air and sunshine. While in April and may, the flowering cherry trees will enchant you with her sight, there is the cherry harvest time between June and August is the tire to buy juicy vitamin bombs everywhere. Delicious cherry recipes are in high demand. To waffles and wafers, whether as a jam, compote, juice, liquor, cake, sugar refined, cooked or just raw and fresh-from-the – tree cherries to taste not only deliciously sweet, but also healthy, low in fat and full of vitamins. Cherries: calories and nutrients Calories are, however, hardly in cherries: 100 grams of cherries have just 22 calories, cherries 52 kcal. Cherries are not ripe, therefore, they are picked at…
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Avocado – the healthy calorie bomb

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Avocado – the healthy calorie bomb While the Avocado was a few years ago only in selected stores or well-stocked vegetable dealer, belongs to you today, for the popular range of products in almost every supermarket. But what exactly is the Avocado? A fruit or a vegetable? Or it doesn't count because of their high fat content, even of the healthy foods? How to recognize the hard, rough shell, if the Avocado is ripe? And how it is prepared? Avocado – healthy in spite of many calories Although most of the avocado fruit is spoken of, belongs to the Avocado to the family of berries. In Europe, Avocados are treated more like vegetables, and preferably in salty foods, such as bread spread, in a salad or with salmon consumed. In…
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Vinegar & Oil in its best expression

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Vinegar & Oil in its best expression According to Greek legend, the goddess Athena planted in the contest with Poseidon a young olive tree, for the Benefit of mankind. Its fruits should be the human life necessary food, light source, medicines and beauty products. Small History The oldest discovered olive culture is over 3000 years old and was discovered on the island of Crete. Known for a lively Oil trade during the ancient. Such as wine and olive oil so the vinegar has a very long history. The oldest jug of vinegar dated back to the earliest Egyptian dynasties (about 5000-6000 BC). The Tradition of vinegar production lies not only in the refinement and preservation of food, but also in the pharmaceutical application. For example, Hippocrates recommended to connect the…
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Lose weight with whey

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Lose weight with whey Whey looks great with your greenish-aqueous color very appealing. Sour tasting whey is basically just a waste product. Nevertheless, athletes and diet experts on whey Drinks swear. Whey is not just for losing weight as part of a diet or as a stand-alone Molkekur, but also as a nutrient-rich thirst-quencher for active people. What whey is? Similar to butter, milk whey is a by-product in the processing of milk. There are two different whey types: rennet Whey (sweet whey) is produced when the milk rennet is added to it to thicken and cheese. Acid whey is, however, in the case of quark production, when the milk is treated with lactic acid bacteria. This whey is the liquid that settles to the Thickening of the milk from…
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Plums: First aid in case of blockages

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Plums: First aid in case of blockages If the days are slowly getting shorter, the plum season. With its sweet taste reminds us of the summer, allows us at the same time but also a healthy Start in the autumn. Because plums are not only important vitamins and minerals, but also help with constipation and other health problems. Mature plums have a very high fruit sugar content, which is why eating the blue fruit with a Fructose intolerance better omitted. The high fruit sugar content also leads to the fact that prunes have more calories than many other fruit varieties. The plum and their ingredients Similar to many other fruit varieties plums, consist mostly of water. In addition, the blue fruit to 10.2 percent from carbohydrates, 0.6 percent protein, 0.2…
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Cabbage – A Mild Cabbage

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Cabbage - A Mild Cabbage Cabbage or pointed cabbage is a kind of vegetable cabbage (Brassica oleracea), and comes as the Chinese cabbage is probably from China. Although it is closely related to cabbage, but cabbage is much more tender and friendly than all the other varieties of Cabbage. Closely related to cabbage is also Filder herb, which is preferably processed to Sauerkraut. Cabbage is generally regarded as a winter vegetable, cabbage is already in the spring and is harvested in the early Winter. Therefore, cabbage is also referred to sometimes as a summer cabbage. Its name to the cabbage owes its Form: Growth habit is loose and cone-shaped, towards the top, the green-yellow pointed leaves. The longer the cabbage is stored, the more he turns to the Yellowish. When…
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Banana: ingredients and calories

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Banana: ingredients and calories Bananas are one of the most popular types of fruit – we eat them raw, boiled, baked, or grilled, and drink even as nectar in Smoothies or milk shakes. No wonder, because the crooked fruits are not only tasty, but are also full of nutrients and are therefore extremely healthy. Here you can learn more about the ingredients, nutritional value and calories of tropical fruit. Nutritional value of bananas Bananas are very nutritious. Depending on their maturity, they contain different amounts of nutrients. They are always rich in carbohydrates, however, varies with the composition: The more ripe a banana is, the less strength and the more sugar it contains. 100 grams of banana provide about: Of 22.8 Grams Of Carbohydrates 2,6 Grams Of Fiber To 1.1…
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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy

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Soft drinks: Not always unhealthy Under soft drinks soft drinks are combined with no alcohol. They are usually carbonated and have a sweet-sour taste. In addition to carbonic acid you are also allowed to contain ingredients such as sugar, sweetener, flavors, fruit concentrate, as well as vitamins and minerals. Especially in the case of the use of sugar is not saved in the production of many soft drinks. That's why sweet drinks often have a high calorie content and are considered to be unhealthy. Not only soft drinks are soft drinks The term soft drinks, you think classic way first to soft drinks such as Cola or lemonade. According to the food code, the term soft is taken drink, however, considerably more. Therefore, drinks fall under soft: Fruit juice drinks…
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Vitamin deficiencies – when threatened with danger?

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Vitamin deficiencies - when threatened with danger? Almost all processes in the body are not removal run without vitamins, unregulated, or too slow. Without a sufficient supply with all essential vitamins our body therefore, fast life unable. Vitamins are vital substances, which are not or only in insufficient amount even produced by the human body. You will need to be supplied to the body through the food from the outside. In the case of a balanced, varied diet of a metabolism of healthy people can be included in the rule, plenty of vitamins and minerals, so that the demand can be met. The most important Directive is the recommended intake, as defined by the German nutrition society (DGE), different for the different ages of life, from infants through children up…
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Vitamins Under vitamins is commonly understood to be a heterogeneous group of substances having similar effect in the human body. For many chemical reactions in our body, for growth and development and for a healthy, defensive strong body of vitamins are essential. In contrast to animals man is dependent on the regular intake of vitamins - such as Vitamin C. Daily Dose Of Vitamins The recommendations regarding the daily requirement of vitamins are to be understood as guidelines. They vary, depending on the Institution, which submits the recommendations. The differences arise from the fact that it is extremely difficult to measure the actual needs of the organism. Complex mechanisms that make many of the vitamins salvageable, some vitamins are produced by the body or by intestinal bacteria. Complex absorption mechanisms…
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Diet for gallstones

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Diet for gallstones Gallstones are caused by clumps of bile. An incorrect diet is one possible factor that may favor the emergence of such clumping. Gallstones in themselves are harmless, but they can cause a painful biliary colic or inflammation of the gallbladder. Here you can read what you should watch for gall stones in the daily diet and the formation of the stones with the right diet can prevent. Gall bladder and gall stones The bile as bile is for the digestion of fat is crucial. It is produced in the liver and then in the gallbladder stored. If necessary, the liquid is by the contraction of the gall bladder into the duodenum distributed. Due to various factors, such as, for example, certain diseases, or poor diet, can form…
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Nitrofen is only a temporary Problem

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Nitrofen is only a temporary Problem Nitrofen is only a temporary Problem, but this is the overall health of the population as well as no follow. In contrast, in high-heated starch-containing food products should be aware of contained acrylamide, in fact, a significant cancer risk factor, the the consumers. Professor Dr. Edgar Schömig, Director of the Institute for pharmacology of the University of Cologne, examined how serious the health hazard of the substances Nitrofen, acrylamide, and estragole are actually. The great sensitivity of the population to the theme of poison in the food, explains Professor Schömig by the fact that people always have fear that when a risk is not calculable and not transparent. In addition, everyone is affected by the topic of nutrition. Cologne expert expresses to substances toxic…
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Healthy Tomatoes

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Healthy Tomatoes Not only that, the tomato is presented in a Red, as beautiful can hardly be it has also a very vitamin rich inner life. Was cultivated Solanaceae in South America, where it served in Mexico, the Aztecs also as a medicinal plant. Its cultivation in our latitude, we are indebted to the Spanish conquistadors brought the tomato with the potato to Europe. Tomato, Gold Apple, Love Apple Not only their species but also their names are many: its explorers, the native Americans, called them "tumatle". In Italy they are referred to their original yellow color due to as a "pomodoro", what a promise means, "gold Apple". But also love, Paradise Apple and tomatoes are the names, who bring laurels to the fruit already in advance. Through centuries of…
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Milk While babies need milk, children and adults can draw, of course, many other food products. Nevertheless, you should have the benefits of the milk – usually cow's milk – not to be missed. Milk is an all-rounder. This is about the fact that babies do in the time of their rapid growth, this is the only food shows. Milk is a complete food that you can drink. The German society for nutrition recommends a half a litre of milk or milk products on the day. Milk provides calcium, zinc and Magnesium The water content of the milk to be about the many varieties of fruit and vegetables to compare. Per Serving it is, however, comparatively more vital nutrients - experts speak of a higher nutrient density. The most famous…
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Black and green tea – a healthy indulgence

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Black and green tea - a healthy indulgence What the English and East Frisian have in common? They are self-confessed tea drinker. Green and black tea are especially known and loved. Rightly so, because they not only have a stimulating, pleasant effect, but serve with your ingredients also of our health. Green and black tea are made from the same sheet of material. Black tea is produced by Fermentation after Wilting and thus receives only its dark leaf and infusion color. For the taste and Aroma of black teas, this process is crucial. Green tea not fermented variant. So the tea is not fermented, it destroys the enzymes, briefly Scalding in boiling water or by treatment with water vapor. Finally, the tea is rolled several times and dried. Tips for…
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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs

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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs Strawberries are high in Vitamin C content of 65 milligrams per 100 grams of important part of a healthy diet. With only 32 calories per 100 grams, they provide the body with little energy and get the slim line. In addition, they contain with Ferula and ellagic acid secondary plant substances for their cancer-preventive effects are known. The ancestors of our cultivated large-fruited strawberries strawberries are small, juicy and more aromatic woods. Already in the year 1714, beer varieties originated in France by crossing two Forest, the first large fleshy strawberries. In the meantime, there are over 600 different varieties, which differ in size, structure, color, and taste of each other. Vitamins in strawberries Strawberries are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C in large quantities in…
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Pain relief from the chili pepper

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Pain relief from the chili pepper Cayenne pepper not only in spicy dishes from the inside of fiery Hot in the body. In the fruit of the Cayenne pepper, the chili peppers contain the active ingredient Capsaicin. He also acts from the outside in the case of joint pain warming, analgesic and healing. A salve with Cayenne pepper stimulates the circulation deep in the joint, the supply of nutrients to the articular cartilage is promoted, the formation of synovial fluid is stimulated. The pain, and the normal mobility returns. After prolonged use, the nerve fiber respond to the Capsaicin - the long-term analgesic effect occurs. The Cayenne pepper - a natural remedy In medicine, the fruit of the Cayenne pepper since the long-term use. Especially in the treatment of joint…
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Spinach – what’s in the leafy vegetables

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Spinach – what's in the leafy vegetables Thanks to an error on the part of spinach was for a long time as ten times the iron-rich, as he is in reality. But even if the spinach does not appear now on the list of iron containing foods in the front ranks, the vegetables. Numerous healthy ingredients and fewer calories to make the leafy vegetables is not only a popular ingredient in many recipes, but also the ideal food during a diet. What makes spinach so healthy and what you should consider in the preparation, you can find here. For what is spinach good for? Spinach is not only popular in the kitchen. Also as a medicinal plant the vegetables can be attributed to a number of positive effects on health:…
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Eggplant (Solanum melongena)

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Eggplant (Solanum melongena) The eggplant, Solanum melongena or egg plant, is a nightshade plant and a popular part of our diet. There are many recipes with eggplants. Typical of the Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, is the use of eggplant is very varied and the preparation is relatively easy. But also for the health of the eggplant can also play a role. Low in calories, eggplants are, however, usually just before preparation. Eggplant: Healthy Multi-Talent There are different types, shapes and colors of eggplant. The most famous eggplant is dark purple with a round oval shape. Eggplant not only taste good, they are also said to have a healing effect. Especially in the fruit water of the eggplant should have a positive effect on rheumatism, sciatica and kidney disease. In addition…
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Successfully lose weight – without the yo-Yo effect

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Successfully lose weight – without the yo-Yo effect On the way to the perfect figure for the summer, some of the pitfalls lurking. So, too, the well-known yo-Yo effect. Just then, if you could reduce the following a diet to be successful weight and now his old eating habits again lay down, comes one of the yo-Yo effect on the ropes and strikes with a new weight gain. However, there are ways the yo-Yo to prevent effect from the beginning. What is the yo-Yo effect? In children times a Jo-Jo was connected with positive experiences when Playing. But who comes as an adult with the yo-Yo effect, is about constant up and down, mostly unhappy, because this time it relates to the own weight of the device from time to…
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Sweet Not only are kids snacking like Sweet. Adults also love sweets. The Federal Association of the German confectionery industry reported that in 2009, on average, every German 30,12 kg of Sweet eaten. Especially popular are the ice and not just on hot days. But not only ice cream and chocolate is candy. Also liquorice and fruit gum are loved by sweet tooth. If you fancy something Sweet, doesn't have to sacrifice every Time, but there are a few tips for proper behavior in the cravings for Sweets, sweet treats remain a pleasure without remorse. What is the effect of a sweetener is a sweetener is really low calorie as sugar? Interesting facts on the topic of Sweets and ice cream. General information on the topic Water ice: a low-calorie…
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Polenta as a carbohydrate supplier

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Polenta as a carbohydrate supplier Hot, yellow and steaming – so Polenta lands traditionally prepared on the table, and is therefore particularly in the autumn and in the Winter a popular snacks. Hot a is, however, already in the preparation, the cooking of Polenta is true to the bone. But the effort of cooking is worth it, because Polenta is a delicious side dish that contains carbohydrates and important minerals. Polenta is healthy? Since Polenta is usually only corn flour and water, it is not particularly rich in nutrients. Similar to pasta or rice, it provides carbohydrates, and quickly tired of it. However, the slurry also contains protein, potassium, Magnesium, and silica. This makes the maize meal porridge for a healthy side dish. In 100 grams of cooked Polenta for…
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Mustard To give his two cents: we have to play today to reveal that somebody enquired of all his opinion. In the 17th century. Century, when this phrase came into circulation, was meant to be the proper mustard. Because of our ancestors so precious and sought after, that a host who could afford it, hinzugab it unasked to every meal, regardless of to fit whether the recipe for mustard or not. Mustard do-it-yourself Today, we use mustard mainly as a spice. Healthy he is, however, not only as an addition to certain foods, even externally, a healing was applied to the mustard of the oldest cultures in effect awarded. For the production of mainly used mustard paste, the seeds of white, brown or black mustard. The darker they are, the…
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Health assessment of tea

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Health assessment of tea Tea is as a beverage, becoming more and more popular. Not only because of the enjoyment by the fragrance and Aroma to do with a Cup of tea and something Good. Also our health benefits from the positive properties of the tea leaves. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies in which the effects of the different substances were studied in this tea to our body. In addition to the primary odor - and taste-the aroma giving substances, such as essential Oils and theanine, there are some special ingredients in the tea, which is even ascribed to the prevention of various diseases. Particularly, the polyphenols are the highlight here. Other important ingredients in tea is fluoride, which prevents strengthens tooth enamel and tooth decay, and…
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Energy drinks: Harmful to health?

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Energy drinks: Harmful to health? Energy drinks are becoming more popular: In the office, you will be consumed in order to increase the efficiency, and on parties to distribute the fatigue. Children and young people are increasingly turning to energy drinks – without having to think, however, the unwanted side effects of the stimulant drinks can cause. Energy drinks: What's in it? Depending on the manufacturer, the ingredients of energy can be drinks are quite different – in General, the drink is however, from the following substances: Water Carbonic acid Vitamins and minerals Caffeine Taurine Glucuronolactone Color and aroma substances Effect of energy drinks Energy drinks have a stimulating effect: you dispel the fatigue, and should also have a positive influence on our concentration and performance. This effect of energy…
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Down with the cancer – ran to the Ballast!

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Down with the cancer - ran to the Ballast! Dietary fiber reduce the risk of colon cancer. This interpretation, according to the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics, two current long time studies. The population in Germany, however, belongs rather to the "fiber-rings", and can therefore benefit the most from this protection. In the context of the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) study, researchers recorded the eating habits of 519.978 persons under the magnifying glass. They found that people can lower with a low fiber intake, their risk of bowel cancer by 40 per cent, if you double the fibre content of your food. It does not matter what food the dietary fiber. The race: cereal, cereal and fruit In a study of dietary fiber intake from…
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Coffee has a stimulating effect

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Coffee has a stimulating effect Most of the German decide on a daily basis for their Cup of coffee – after all, 73 million cups we drink German per day. In every Cup of coffee 100 mg of caffeine. If we enjoy the hot drink in moderation, coffee is extremely positive effects. In the 17th century. and 18. Century the coffee slowly, but surely in Europe. Initially, coffee was drunk for Breakfast, and later more and more in the other meals. The popularity of coffee is its stimulating effect. This effect of coffee can be attributed Mainly to the caffeine and the chlorogenic acids. Caffeine content in coffee A coffee bean contains between 0.8 % and 2.5 % caffeine. The caffeine content in coffee is also determined by the duration…
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Tasty recipes around the poultry

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Tasty recipes around the poultry Whether roll roast Turkey breast or duck with red wine - we show you how you can prepare tasty dishes with poultry. Duck breast with red wine and BlackBerry puree Ingredients for 4 people: 800 g medium-sized potatoes, 2 shallots 1-2 Cloves Of Garlic, Salt Pepper from the mill grated nutmeg 150 g of whipped cream 50-100 ml milk 30 g grated Parmesan cheese 4 small German duck Breasts (approx. à 150 g) 200 g fresh blackberries (substitute frozen) 150 ml of dry red wine, about 2 TABLESPOONS brown sugar a little Oil for Smearing the pan Preparation: potatoes wash, peel and cut into thin slices. Potatoes in a fan shape in a greased gratin form. 1 shallot and peel the garlic. Shallot, finely dice…
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Honeydew Melon: A Healthy Vitamin Bomb

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Honeydew Melon: A Healthy Vitamin Bomb Whether honey melon, water melon, Cantaloupe melon or Galia - is the selection of different melon types in the supermarket. The melon is easily recognized by its bright yellow color and is especially suited to hot summer days, perfect for a refreshing Snack: Due to their high water content, this Melon variety has only a few calories (kcal), but nevertheless, a fruity Aroma and a sweet taste. Although their fruit sugar content can be up to ten percent, are honeydew melons healthy, because you have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Honeydew melons are rich in Vitamin A The high water content of about 85 to 90 per cent provides the succulent taste of honeydew melon. He makes them, especially in the summer, a…
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