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Pomelos Pomelos – a hybrid of Grapefruit and pummelo – after a few years in the winter months, also in German supermarkets. You have a pear-like shape and are usually well recognized the fact that they are Packed in a net. When consuming Pomelos, you should keep in mind that the simultaneous intake of blood pressure lowering medications to interactions. Calories and ingredients Pomelos have hardly any calories and are therefore ideal for a healthy snack suitable. Depending on the maturity of the caloric content is between 25 and 50 calories per 100 grams. Similar to Grapefruit, including pomelos are Pomelos are rich in Vitamin C. they also have valuable minerals such as potassium, Magnesium, and phosphorus. Due to the high content of the bitter substance Limonin is stimulated by…
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Leek (Leek)

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Leek (Leek) Leeks can be harvested both in summer and in the autumn compared with The summer leek of September-harvested Leek is a bit stronger in taste. Leeks can be extremely versatile, and it can be eaten both raw and boiled, fried or baked. Calories and ingredients Leek is rich in vitamins and minerals: It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K and folic acid as well as potassium, calcium, Magnesium, manganese, and iron. Since Leeks belong to plants of the Onion, put in it a valuable secondary plant substances. Leek is not only healthy, but also good for the line: 100 grams bring, it is in fact just 26 calories. Recipe: Cheese-And-Leek-Soup Fry 500 grams of minced meat in a pot. You in the meantime, cut a kilogram of Leeks into…
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The 13 best slimming tips!

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The 13 best slimming tips! You have decided the bacon to declare war? The goal should always be to change his lifestyle permanently to a healthy diet – combined with more movement. But once it is, hold on. Here you will find the best tips and Tricks that can help. 1. No Hunger – no food The Hunger is a Signal of the body, which is effective for many. Food is often not controlled by the Hunger, but in the time of day. Who does not know this, just in time to 12.00 PM, whether hungry or not – to the table, where a sumptuous meal of fascia. Who wants to stay slim, you should listen to the signals of his body and only eat when really hungry. 2. Eat…
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Nutrition in Multiple sclerosis (MS)

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Nutrition in Multiple sclerosis (MS) Multiple sclerosis, briefly MS, is a neurological auto-immune diseases of the Central nervous system. It is also called the disease with a thousand faces, since the Multiple sclerosis symptoms and course of MS are very different and individual. The exact triggers of MS are, so far, as well as the MS causes are not known. MS occurs most frequently in industrially developed countries with more temperate climates. In these countries, the foods are fatty and oily, such as meat, sausage, cheese, and Butter an integral part of the daily diet. Climate, diet and living habits seem to dominate, therefore, the disease is Multiple sclerosis. Wholesome and healthy In order to influence the course of MS is positive, the nutrition should be as wholesome and well…
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Food culture

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Food culture The development of the food culture It was in the early history are still the primary target of hunters and gatherers to survive through the more or less regular food intake, as discovered by later generations, that food won through special preparation to taste. New techniques of preservation, dealing with herbs and spices, the origin of table manners, and Essritualen are just some of the milestones on the path to our current food culture. This can be from Region to Region, very different from what we find on trips to distant countries. Other factors, such as religious affiliation, can play a major role. Herein, the embedded families usually develop as the smallest, but probably the most important unit of a family food culture. The food culture of the…
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Mushrooms – healer from the forest

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Mushrooms - healer from the forest "Eat mushrooms and live longer!", a need-to-know recommends: Professor Jan Lelley, Professor of Mycology at the University of Bonn. He introduces a whole series of fungi that develop in addition to an enrichment of the feed slip is also amazing healing properties for different diseases. Meanwhile, many open-minded Doctors on the option of "fungus medicine". Prof. Lelley has even coined the term "Mykotherapie" analogous to the "phytotherapy" herbal medicine. In the case of fungi with the most potent medicinal effects are quite tough and therefore inedible varieties, which must be pounded to powder, to be taken. However, others, such as the mushroom, the oyster mushroom, or Shiitake are among the most sought-after edible mushrooms. Mushrooms: drugs, the taste Quite apart from the healing power…
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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age

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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age Paleo diet – so a decreasing trend from Hollywood. What's behind it? In the case of the Paleo diet, which is also referred to as the stone age diet, are allowed only such food, which were also our ancestors in the stone age accessible. So mainly a lot of fruit, vegetables and meat during the diet on the table. We introduce you to the Paleo diet velvet delicious recipes for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, we are betrayed, what are some good reasons for, but also against the Paleo diet talk. Basics the stone age diet The Paleo diet is based on the assumption that our genome has changed since the stone age. So – the proponents argue – is the…
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The own eating habits control

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The own eating habits control The eating habits of the people is a stable, many years of learned behavior. Just because it has established itself over the decades, due to experience and learning processes, it is not easy to change it again. But it is possible! The own nutrition behavior change means that new ways of behaviour in the context of eating are learned and the existing, "old" habits are replaced by others. This process requires a constant Practice of the new behavior, and thus, also time and patience with yourself. What influences the eating behavior? How and what food you eat, is affected by four different areas. These have all in different ways on the individual eating habits of the people. They influence the motives of the behavior and…
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Rider pants or lifebuoys

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Rider pants or lifebuoys Men get a gut, women put more around the hips. This fact is one reason that men are more at risk of heart attack and stroke. Because in some Places the fat is "looser" than others. Obesity and its consequences Obesity is a real disease. The not was only the food research. Soon, every third German has a weight problem, many small children weigh more than they should, and in elementary school the gym teacher have to fight against the fat pads of the First and second klässer. The consequences for our thick society are devastating. Because in the Wake of the Speicherfetts diseases, which affect both the quality of life as well as the life span in a negative lurking. In the first place the…
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Wasabi: Sharp from Japan

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Wasabi: Sharp from Japan Anyone who has ever had Sushi, also knows Wasabi: the green Wasabi Paste is usually served together appetizers with the tasty Sushi. At the first Taste of the Japanese spice you should, however, be on the alert, because Wasabi tastes very sharp. In contrast to the chilies, the trigger feel in the mouth especially on the tongue a sharp Taste, increases the sharpness of Wasabi in the nose, and burning in the throat. In this point, the spice is similar to the horseradish, which is why Wasabi as "Japanese horseradish", or as water of horseradish is referred to. From a Botanical point of view, Wasabi is a horseradish, but is only distantly related to. Ingredients of Wasabi Wasabi (Eutrema japonica) originates from the family of Brassicaceae.…
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Zinc – an essential trace element

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Zinc – an essential trace element Zinc is essential for our health. The trace element plays in a variety of metabolic reactions: It is involved in the function of approximately 300 enzymes in the cellular metabolism and in 50 enzymes. Zinc is important for growth, the skin, the storage of Insulin and protein synthesis, sperm production and the immune system. Zinc is a trace element essential for numerous processes in our body are essential. So the immune function of our body's zinc household is dependent. Zinc: function and effect Especially important is a sufficient supply of Zinc during the growth period, i.e. in childhood and adolescence zinc deficiency can lead to growth and developmental delays. Zinc is needed for cell division. Thus, it is tissue, it is also an important…
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Multi-talented Vitamin E “disarm” free radicals: protection for the heart and brain

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Multi-talented Vitamin E "disarm" free radicals: protection for the heart and brain Rheumatism, arteriosclerosis and cancer - these diseases have one thing in common: they are caused by aggressive oxygen molecules, called free radicals,. They cause damage to vital proteins and lipids and promote the aging process. Be formed in the body when metabolic processes. The healthy body has its own protection mechanisms against the radical oxygen molecules. In General, these are made in the cell of the body's own radical scavengers are harmless. The body is exposed to permanent stress or chronic illness, he needs help from the outside - for example in the Form of vitamins. Antioxidants Of some vitamins, you know that you can make in the human body to scavenge free radicals and render them harmless.…
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Barbecue – bread and finger food

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Barbecue - bread and finger food Unusual and quite easy to handle on the Grill all sorts of finger food-creations such as Mini pizzas, tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta, and Tex-Mex-Burger or Mexican Tortilla. Not only as a garnish, but also as an Appetizer and Snack, you help to bridge the waiting time on the sausages sent. For beginners Bruschetta is recommended in many variants. For the uncomplicated flash recipe you need only a few ingredients, such as, for example, a couple of slices of white bread, ripe cocktail tomatoes, small, chopped Basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and a little Mozzarella. The bread slices are toasted on each side with Oil and coated on the Grill. The fresh toasted bread, then toes with the peeled garlic vigorously rubbed, and again,…
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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue)

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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue) Celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine. By an intolerance to Gluten, a grain contained in the adhesive protein, shrink the small intestine protrusions. Thus, fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and even water can not be absorbed properly in the body. So far the only treatment is the complete, lifelong renunciation of gluten-containing food. The only way to recover the intestinal mucosa and their function. Even at the smallest amounts of Gluten damage and disease, however, occur again. Gluten is found mainly in the cereals wheat, spelt, rye, barley, unripe spelt, and oats. Concerned must refrain from all food and drugs containing these grains in any Form. For this purpose, conventional Baking mainly, and pasta, such as bread, rolls, cakes, pasta and…
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Selenium: deficiency and Excess

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Selenium: deficiency and Excess Selenium: Deficiency Symptoms Because of the large differences in the selenium content of the soil, the selenium content varies in crops is very strong. In many regions of Europe, including in Germany, contain the soil, only a little selenium, among other things, due to the sulphur dioxide polluted acid rain and sulfur-containing fertilizer (sulfur is then absorbed by the plants instead of selenium). The trace element is added, therefore, often cattle feed, since the animals are thus less prone to disease. Animal proteins are usually much better sources of Selenium because the selenium-poor soils as plant food. Some scientists classify Germany as selenium deficiency area, because often, the actual selenium intake – an average of 30-60 µg /day – behind the recommendation of the German nutrition…
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Heart protection with olive oil

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Heart protection with olive oil In the case of elevated cholesterol levels, olive oil is considered the Oil of choice. Especially the abundant contained monounsaturated fatty acids can lower the cholesterol effectively. In contrast to other vegetable oils, olive oil, phenolic-containing components, and other phytochemicals that are important for the unique taste and the scent of olive oil is responsible. Many of these Compounds have positive effects on health. Health Promotional Oleuropein One of these health-promoting substances, Phenol Oleuropein, has strong antioxidant effects. The phenolic compound Oleuropein from olive oil has a high antioxidant effect and protects against heart attack, Katrin Raschke, diploma in nutritional science expert at the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.). A kilogram of extra virgin olive oil contains 50 to…
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Dill has numerous healing abilities

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Dill has numerous healing abilities The aromatic plant Dill a lot of myths: As a bundle of Dill to help under the pillow against nightmares, while it is supposed to keep attached to the door of evil witches. First and foremost, Dill is used to Flavor food, and here particularly to the Seasoning of the cucumber. Therefore, this spice is a plant known commonly as cucumber herb, a Name it shares with the Borage. As a spice both the leaves and the fruits of the fennel can be used. The leaves can be harvested from June to July, and fruits from August to September. Dill contains valuable ingredients Dill has a slightly sweet taste, with the fresh herb will taste sweeter than the dried fruits. 100 grams of dried Dill…
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Fabric exchange rate: lose weight with Globules

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Fabric exchange rate: lose weight with Globules The Material exchange rate promises easy to lose weight within 21 days without feeling Hungry and yo-Yo effect. The Material exchange rate relies on calorie reduction and the intake of vital nutrients products. In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG, which should help in contrast to the HCG diet, in the Form of Globules, or homeopathic drops with weight loss. We present the 21-day Material exchange rate and inform you about possible side effects. What is the chemical exchange rate is? The chemical exchange rate is increasing world-wide popularity. You should detoxify the body and the metabolism is "re-programmed" so that the figure remains even after the end of the diet. A short-term diet is combined changeover with the use of products for the…
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Causes of Obesity

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Causes of Obesity The causes for high are many and varied. To be discussed as the main causes (diet and exercise), genes, and socio-lives-cultural factors. However, some diseases such as thyroid can increase function and disorders of the cortisone budget (Cushing's syndrome), as well as some medications such as hormones, antidepressants and corticosteroids the weight. Life habits The continuous increase in obesity cannot be explained solely by genetic predisposition to justify. It can be assumed that the genes of the Central Europeans in the last 100 years have changed little. Nevertheless, the Problem is growing rapidly. The reason for this is increasing calorie intake is, at the same time decreasing physical activity. It is too much, too fatty, and eating too sweet and too many calories are consumed in beverages…
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Vegetarianism The vegetarian diet goes back to the philosopher Pythagoras, and includes the doctrine that man should only or mostly foods of plant origin to use as food. There are different types of vegetarian diets. Likewise, different reasons for vegetarianism, and Before - and disadvantages of this type of diet exist. Forms of vegetarianism One distinguishes between different forms of vegetarianism, the proportion of allowed animal food, as well as the type and preparation of the plant-based diet can be distinguished: Ovo-Lacto vegetarians eat no meat/fish, but eggs and dairy products. Lacto vegetarians eat no meat, no fish and no eggs. Vegans eat only plant-based products. Reasons for a vegetarian diet To be a vegetarian or to be, not only a special diet, but as a last resort-a certain way…
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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold

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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold Lemons are real multi-talents: So a hot lemon is supposed to help due to their high Vitamin C content for colds and sore throat. In addition, lemon juice is also good for the hair and help prevent pimples. But what is it about the all the claims? We'll tell you why lemons are so healthy and what ailments they actually have a positive effect. Healthy fruit with plenty of Vitamin C Lemons are extremely healthy. This is mainly due to the fact that they contain large amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, and can thus prevent the development of colds. In addition, the Vitamin acts in the body, but also as a radical scavenger: It intercepts free radicals…
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Beer’s contribution to health?

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Beer's contribution to health? "Beer is among the beverages the most useful, among medicines the tastiest and among food the most pleasant." The Greek philosopher Plutarch knew to appreciate the juice of the Barley. Whether the beer is actually healthy and what is in the drink, we tell here. What's in the beer? That beer is healthy, is not a new finding. From only four ingredients it is written: Hops Malt Water Yeast These four ingredients to form the composition of German beer that is still brewed today with the same ingredients as in front of almost 500 years, (purity law of 1516). Hops as a Medicinal Perhaps the most important component of hops. Hops belong to the hemp plants, and came about in the 8. Century to Central Europe.…
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Protein powder to build muscle

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Protein powder to build muscle Protein powder as a protein powder commonly is a dietary Supplement which has a very high protein content. The powder is, in particular, taken by athletes who hope to gain a faster muscle building. If you have a particular whey protein powder, better known as Whey Protein is popular. However, it should be noted when taking some of the rules. Because if too much protein powder is consumed, it can cause side effects – such as damage to the kidney. Protein powder to build muscle Protein powders are primarily used by strength athletes. You are trying to achieve through the additional protein intake for faster and greater gains in muscle mass. In addition to strength athletes, older people can benefit from taking a protein powder.…
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Soy in the diet

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Soy in the diet The soy plant has its origin in East Asia. It is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and is especially valued by the Chinese for several thousand years as an excellent protein and nutrient source. In the Western industrial countries, the soybean has gained in the last few years in popularity. Whether as a soy Drink, soy sausages or Tofu, the sleeve is fruit as a particularly healthy food. A drawback for the consumer is, however, beans, the fear of genetically modified soy. What's in the soybean? The soybean is one of fruits such as peas, beans and lentils to the sleeve and has in this group the highest protein content. It is a very high-quality vegetable protein. Soy also…
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Ice-Cold Temptation

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Ice-Cold Temptation Summer, sun, sunshine – what tastes better than a delicious cool ice cream! Every German treat themselves to an average of 8 liters of ice cream a year. Although there are more and more outlandish ice cream flavors such as Chili, cheese or Cookies are classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry as a topper. Becoming more and more popular Sorbets and Sherbet. This year, varieties of fruit, such as melon, Mango, currant, and apricot are high in the course. Energy content of ice cream Due to the increasing number of nutrition-conscious consumers increasingly end up at the ice, sugar - and fat-reduced products in the freezers. Low-calorie ice cream must contain 30% less energy than a comparable product. Low-fat ice cream, if the fat content is a maximum of 3…
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Cabbage and diseases

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Cabbage and diseases Cabbage and diseases Through the consumption of cruciferous vegetables can protect against cancer. This lead the scientists to the 49 different phytochemicals. One of these substances to the dye lycopene, which protects against stomach and colon cancer. Carotenoids such as Beta-carotene, are also included in large quantities. They supply the plants with the colors of yellow, orange or red. In the human organism, they act as antioxidants are called radical scavengers. Free radicals are produced in every cell of the human body, they destroy, for example of chromosomes with genetic material, tissues and organs. The human organism protects itself from the Radicals with a so-called anti-oxidative protection system. This System is sufficient in our environmental toxins, polluted world. Antioxidants from the diet trap free radicals, reduce the…
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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Man is dependent on the daily intake of Vitamin C from food. The Vitamin over a longer period of time is missing, the deficiency disease scurvy. These sailors ' disease is extinct with us for a long time, because our food is the reason supply is covered. In certain times or situations, however, it is advisable to increase his Vitamin C intake. What are vitamins? Vitamins are vital substances, which are not or only in insufficient amount even produced by the human body. You will need to be supplied to the body through the food from the outside. Due to a wrong or one-sided diet, the vitamin a supply in large Parts of the population is not assured, however. Many people have an increased need for…
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Obesity Causes

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Obesity Causes In principle, it comes to Obesity, if the food energy is higher than the required or consumed as energy. The individual causes are diverse, often several causes together to play a role: Improper diet as one of the causes: excess of fat (especially saturated fat), many short-chain carbohydrates, for example, in sugar-containing soft drinks, alcohol, Fast Food, snacks Cause lack of exercise: no sports, no regular exercise, sedentary activities, car instead of bike Genes Psychological causes (Stress, "stress eating", food as a love substitute) Metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism and Diabetes, hormonal Changes (pregnancy, menopause) Drugs as causes (corticosteroids, antidepressants, diabetes pills, beta-blockers, birth control pills) Maternal factors during pregnancy affecting the Unborn as causes (chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, medication, diabetes) Causes: obesity and genes Genetic factors…
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The best diaper for the Baby

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The best diaper for the Baby Some parents swear by cloth diapers, others on their disposable variants. But what is the best diaper for a baby bum? Around three years children wear diapers, in the last few years, even more longer. In the newborn, you need to be up to eight times of the day changed, and later about five times. On "the winding years" to come together as easily between 6,000 and 8,000 diaper changes. And weigh a lot: Every Baby produces an average of about one ton of disposable diaper waste, noted Stiftung Warentest. That is reason enough to make the packaging of his offspring, extensively thought. Disposable diaper or reusable diaper? A diaper should keep one thing above all: The baby's bottom as dry as possible. In…
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Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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Erectile Dysfunction Therapy For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are several possibilities. In addition to the therapy, it is extremely important to treat underlying diseases. Psychological counselling can also have a purely physical cause of erectile dysfunction supportive treatment and relief. Medications to Take (all prescription): The most common Phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors are used, which strength extend, provided there is a basic arousal and erection ability (and no cardiovascular disease!). Preparations of Sildenafil (Viagra®), Tadalafil (Cialis®) and Vardenafil (Levitra®). The active ingredient apomorphine (e.g., Uprima®, Ixense®) is a dopamine receptor agonist, which reinforces in the brain the natural signals that trigger an erection. Phentolamine (Vasomax®) is a non-selective Alpha-receptor blocker that can support an erection on the penis muscles. A deficiency of testosterone is based on the Erectile dysfunction can of…
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