Food labels: No Chance for cheating!

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Food labels: No Chance for cheating! What is on the package, also have to put in there: Since July 2007, food manufacturers have to certain advertising prove effective labels scientifically. A big advantage for the consumer, especially as the EU Directive should be expanded. What lies behind the formulations? Energy content Low in energy: a maximum of 40 kcal per 100 g of solid food, to a maximum of 20 kcal per 100 ml of liquid food. Energy: a maximum of 4 kcal per 100 ml drink. Energy-reduced/light: The calorific value is reduced by at least 30%. In the case of "easily" must be specified in addition to the characteristics that make the food "light". Fat Low fat: less than 3 g fat per 100 g of solid food, less…
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Men are otherwise healthy

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Men are otherwise healthy In men, the male hormone takes testosterone between the age of 25. 75. The age of by 50 percent. Thus, the hormonal change that plays not only the aging of the woman, but the man is a role. Bone density, immune system and General well-being of a man closely tied to his sex hormones. In the "menopause" men tend to depression, irritability, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. "Men are different. You are otherwise healthy, you are ill in a different way, and live differently than women," says Duisburg-based urologist Professor Dr. med. Günther Jacobi. The editor of the book "the practice of men's health" (Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart. 2002), thus emphasizing his view of the health of the husband to pay more attention to. Men…
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Osteoporosis in men

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Osteoporosis in men Those who thought that osteoporosis is just a woman's disease, will be disabused. 20 to 30 percent of patients with osteoporotic fractures are in men. Scientists assume: The number of affected men is expected to increase in the future due to the increasing life expectancy and the changed way of life. For men, there is still no clearly-documented risk characteristics. But it is likely that the factors that can lead to osteoporosis, differ very little from those that can also trigger in women osteoporosis. Strong risk factors are: Frequent Fall or Falls (within 6 months two or more times). Past or current history of bone fractures, which occurred from slight occasion Suspected vertebral fracture, for example, due to acute encountered persistent severe back pain or body height…
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Healthy grilling

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Healthy grilling Hardly an invitation to eat in the summer can be tempting to formulate than with the note "We're having a barbecue". To what since the discovery of fire to the culinary delights of humanity, pleasure without remorse is, however, only if you follow some important rules, above all, not let fat drip onto the coals. Concern Smoke Let's start with the bad news: The Steak is on the Grill, hot, fat drips onto the glowing charcoal. It hisses, the smoke rises and reaches the surface of the meat. Chemicals, and dangerous, such as benzopyrene, are included in the smoke. 5.8 to 8 micro grams per Kilo of meat. So, the Bonn-based consumer service aid, warns corresponds to the Smoke of 600 cigarettes. Carcinogenic substances avoid Many a self-proclaimed…
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Sexuality in menopause

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Sexuality in menopause For Most, it begins slowly: the love nights of early nights are in the middle age and woke up with screaming children and times with too little sleep after too much work. Who's looking from there to the front, it looks hair loss, hormonal disorders and decline in passion before his mind's eye. Not a nice idea - and also not necessary. However, sexuality in the menopause is for men and women is often still a taboo subject. Since in the sixties, the menopause of the women were considered to be a rather pathological to Happen, the search began for an appropriate therapy. Find, the researchers were should be compensated in the case of hormone replacement therapy, with the help of the natural estrogen deficiency. The goal…
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The mother’s day comes to Europe

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The mother's day comes to Europe The jump to Europe The idea was quickly - especially in the case of the manufacturers and distributors of flowers, chocolates and greeting cards. At the beginning of the 20s, the salvation army brought the idea across the pond to Europe. Also in Germany the commercial potential was quickly recognized: the flower industry distributed free bouquets and charged a short time later, the "Association for people's health" with the Marketing. In the journal of the Federation of German florist in 1926, the read this: "This working group will manage, hopefully, to interest wide circles of this is to gain the Church and the school, and to bring the government to do so, the mother's day on the second Sunday in may as the official…
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Diabetes in animals – sugar disease strikes of four-legged friends

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Diabetes in animals - sugar disease strikes of four-legged friends With increasing age, the risk of developing Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) is increasing in dogs and cats. In addition to Overweight, a number of different factors can trigger the life-threatening disease. Important early detection is Dogs are diagnosed usually in middle age, between seven and nine years, with females developing much more likely to have Diabetes mellitus than males. In cats, male and female animals suffer alike; there is an increased risk have, however, castrated, obese cat. If your pet is drinking more and more often "brook" need to, can be the first sign of diabetes. Nothing will be done, incurable damage to internal organs, which can lead to death. Even if there is, as yet, no cure, can diabetes be…
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Uterine fibroids – often annoying, almost always harmless

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Uterine fibroids - often annoying, almost always harmless Growths of smooth muscle cells in the uterus are the most common benign swelling of the female genital organs tumours. Still, we know very little about why fibroids arise – probably female sex hormones play a role in your growth. Fibroids in the uterus (uterine fibroids or uterine fibroids) are common benign growths – about 15-20 % of women have one or more of these tumors. About half of the patients develop complaints. Depending on where the fibroids are located, can be distinguished: intramural fibroids in the uterine wall, subserosal fibroids under the peritoneum plating (they grow so cave in the direction of the belly), submucosal fibroids directly under the uterine mucosa (they grow in the direction of the uterine cavity), cervical…
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Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po)

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Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash, miracle Po) Most parents know it: the delicate baby's bottom is red and sore, the Wrap hurt the little darling, and you barely dare to clean the bottom. Fortunately, the Situation can be with the right care, quickly change for the better. Baby's bottom not is almost always in a diaper is always dry. The warm humidity "chamber" softens the skin and makes it susceptible to external influences. Urine and stool irritate the delicate skin in addition. The chair – for example, by feeding a new baby foods (especially citrus fruits), infection, diarrhea, or medication changes, then this can lead to redness and inflammation. The damaged skin has only a limited protective function – an easy game for fungi and bacteria. Sometimes, the child reacts also…
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Yoga Exercises for beginners

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Yoga Exercises for beginners Yoga means relaxation and Sport, inner peace and sweaty Fitness. It doesn't fit? You can think again! Yoga Exercises to tighten and strengthen not only the body but also include meditative elements that lead to Serenity and balance. There is a need for Yoga is neither a particular place nor special equipment for the respective Exercises. With a simple Mat and comfortable clothing you can do all the Yoga Exercises at home. We will show you six Basic positions, the success of even beginners in Yoga. Of the sun salutation on Cobra, warrior and dog to the triangle and the tree, we cover the basic Yoga Exercises. As an Extra we betray each Yoga Practice, what is the effect of this on the body and the…
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Spring cleaning – Fall through the spring cleaning

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Spring cleaning - Fall through the spring cleaning When the spring sun is shining through the dirty window panes on dusty bookshelves, can interfere with the positive feelings of spring. The remedy: scrub brush, MOP, window, leather & co. and a song on the lips. Before you rush whistling into the hustle of the woolen mice, you should heed the following tips. So you avoid to be one of the 5.4 million Germans every year, is in the own four walls crash. You wear appropriate clothing: long Sleeves, loose Apron strings, ties to hoods, etc. To you it remains easy to hang. Pay attention to good footwear is The ideal house Shoe has a sole with a good profile, is flat and surrounds the foot. By ran, Slippers or high-heeled…
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Erectile dysfunction – symptoms and diagnosis

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Erectile dysfunction - symptoms and diagnosis Indicator of erectile dysfunction is that the Penis is not sufficient or not long enough to be stiff so that sexual intercourse can not or only incompletely be performed. However, the Transition from a normal ability to have an erection to erectile dysfunction is not clearly defined. Just with age many men need more and longer stimuli, so that it comes to an erection. No longer will erectile dysfunction is the Situation, then, if the sexual activity for the Participants is satisfactory. It is important to know that erectile dysfunction may be first sign of a serious disorder such as diabetes or atherosclerosis with risk for heart and brain. Therefore, Even if it is difficult, should be consulted for erectile disorders, the family physician…
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Spring cleaning – Sure on the head

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Spring cleaning - Sure on the head Per year around 500,000 German citizens to have an accident, and with household heads. Bruises, sprained toes dipped, bone fractures or a concussion are often the painful consequences felt by the Affected, even after weeks. However, only about 5 % of all falls from ladders are due to defects in the device, mostly wrong behavior is the cause. Particularly treacherous time pressure and hectic hang up "Quickly on to the curtains, before the children come home from school and lunch must be on the table". Add to this the physical and mental factors, for example lack of concentration or carelessness. The German curatorship for safety in home and leisure e. V. (DSH) therefore recommends that, for all of the house work enough to…
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Hirsutism measures and treatment

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Hirsutism measures and treatment Measures against the impact – physical and emotional! Since the external masculinization often has serious psychological consequences, is a serious disease that must be treated. The scars, the constant rejection by the environment, should be underestimated in any case. So, particularly mothers, who discover their daughters a Hirsutimus to draw as early as possible to a physician to allow your child to have a normal physical and social development. First of all, the most sustainable removal of unwanted body hair. For which method the individual patient chooses depends on the type of skin, existing acne, and - unfortunately - the purse. Advice and help to find Concerned in the case of trained beauticians and skin doctor. Waxing is somewhat painful, but lasts longer than simple Shaving.…
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Obesity Fat parents, fat children – Doctors are sounding the Alarm. The number of people with Obesity continues to rise. Tips for diet and weight loss seem to have little effect. What can you do? Obesity (obesity, Obesity, obesity), the higher a mass phenomenon especially in the developed countries, The number of people with Obesity to many Kilos on the Dare, particularly in the child age at an alarming speed. Obesity limits the quality of life and shortened life expectancy. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, for example, for high blood pressure (hypertension). From Overweight to obesity According to the world health organization (WHO), the number of people with Obesity in the past 20 years, tripled. Slightly Overweight, has little negative impact on health. However, it is already…
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Diseases of the prostate

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Diseases of the prostate Beyond the 50. Year of life occur in men, the prostate and disorders more and more frequently. To name the primary benign prostate hyperplasia, prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. Prostatitis, i.e. inflammation of the prostate gland, is today in Germany only rarely. In particular, patients with weakened affected immune system, that is to say, in particular, the Sick and the Old. In the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia it is literally translated to a benign enlargement of the prostate. Due to the anatomical proximity of the life-long, ever-growing prostate to the urethra, it comes at some point to a Urinary obstruction and discomfort associated with it. In direct contrast to the "benign" enlargement of the prostate, malignant prostate cancer. This cancer is after the age of…
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Fremdel phase On the safe side

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Fremdel phase On the safe side Well-known suddenly, with suspicion, or rejected, can comfort only mom and dad. What is the role of the fear of strangers, and how best to deal with it. Sabine's grandmother leans over her grandchild, the peacefully on the carpet playing. But as soon as she comes closer, the rest over. Sabine's eyes look frightened, the face contorts, the mouth of a shame penetrates full of screaming. Only the hurrying mother can reassure the child again, as Sabine on her Arm. Conscious Perception Sabine is now 8 months old and has referred to their fremdel phase, also as an eight-month anxiety, expressive started. From now on, you will be on a lot of things, which is not to say mom or dad, with reluctance and…
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Depression also meet children and young people

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Depression also meet children and young people Even if there is no sole explanation for all behavior disorders in children and adolescents: Behind aggression, as well as behind other abnormalities or physical symptoms, you can plug in a Depression. The "Berlin Alliance against Depression", especially in view of the sometimes simplified discussion of violence in schools. Depression in children is often detected late Overall, the topic of depression in children and youth is a neglected old part criminally. This also has to do with the appearances differ from those in depressed adults usually and that both parents and Doctors come to rarely on the idea that the child could be suffering from Depression. "The result is a lot of late specialized treatment is often," explained Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, head of…
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Brewer’s yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance

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Brewer's yeast as an Anti-Aging and healing substance Beer yeast, the dried and powdered Form of yeast fungal cells, brings fully applied externally as internally, since at least 5,000 years, its remarkable effects as a remedy, a vital fuel supplier, beauty elixir and fountain of youth at the same time. Today, in the Form of capsules, tablets, flakes, powders and many cosmetics offered natural healing product and beauty is not recommended, it is only since the modern era of physicians, nutritionists and herbalists learning, white diploma nutritionist Bettina Geier of the society for nutritional medicine from Aachen. Given their versatility and the year-to-thousands of well-known Phenomena, does not carry the brewer's yeast a long time the popularity status that would have the multi-talented charges. Brewer's yeast is positive for skin…
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Sporty to be active without injury – a good preparation is the A and O is

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Sporty to be active without injury – a good preparation is the A and O is Sport is good for the body and Psyche, and fun. But quickly the personal ambition is to put an end to, when there is an injury forces us to Pause. Well prepared, the risk can be much reduced. The first rays of the sun attract the recreational athlete again. Some uses of the spring, and finally his good intent to implement and with the Sport to begin with. However, for some of them to the first training session to the orthopedist, sports physician, house physician or in the emergency care ends. Sports accidents throughout the year The list of possible injuries in sports is long. In the last three years, every fifth German has…
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Ectopic pregnancy – causes and symptoms

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Ectopic pregnancy - causes and symptoms How is it an ectopic pregnancy? Numerous pre-existing conditions and other factors increase the risk of GC. The inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis), for example, by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, hairs may cause damage to the delicate flicker (which comes in the fallopian tube the Egg will "drive“) or for the bonding of the fallopian tubes. As a result, the Egg in the folds of the "catch can“ or remains – by a narrowing – in. Sometimes the fallopian tubes are too long, have a congenital malformation, or your muscles do not work properly, so that the fertilised Egg also has difficulty to reach in time the uterus. Also, previous miscarriage, abortion, or surgery on the uterus or in…
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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV

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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV Due to the increasing number of children with Obesity, poor concentration, Hyper activity and attention disorders is the question of the influence of the parents is becoming more and more in the foreground. It's about how parents an age-appropriate and psycho-social development of their children. Clear rules and times In addition to regular, shared meals and regular sleep times, daily physical activity belongs to the healthy development of a child. Because of excessive television and computer use has a negative influence on the behavior of children, they need from their parents a clear set of rules in dealing with TV and PC. There is scientific evidence that early and frequent television and computer consumption and negative impact on the mental abilities…
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Acid-base balance – What is happening in the body?

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Acid-base balance - What is happening in the body? The human organism requires energy The body's own cells can gain energy from food. This energy is necessary to run, speak, think, grow, regenerate, digest or excrete. Ultimately, all organs and muscles must be supplied with energy so that you can work the way they should. Energy is produced in the cellular metabolism of the food we eat. In particular, fats, carbohydrates and proteins play a role. The oxygen we breathe, is in the production of energy is also of crucial importance. Oxygen is sufficiently present, can be obtained from the same amount of food that is 18 times more energy than in the case of lack of oxygen. Metabolic waste products are acidic Metabolic end products are substances which cannot…
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Spiral: contraception without hormones

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Spiral: contraception without hormones The spiral, also intrauterine device, is in addition to pill and condom is one of the world's most commonly used contraceptives. The 2.5 to 3.5 cm spiral is inserted into the uterus of the woman. While the first models of the intrauterine device had the Form of a spiral and, thus, the name-giving role, today's copper spiral, mostly t-shaped, is made of plastic and has a copper wire wrapped shank. Sometimes gold is incorporated in the platelet, the spiral is better on the ultrasound detect it. The prevention of the spiral is considered to be very safe and can remain in good tolerability of five years in the body. Spiral: effect and function Exactly how the spiral works, it is not until the Detail is known,…
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Tips for more variety in the break

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Tips for more variety in the break Smoke heads in the math classroom, stale air after 45 minutes in full class room and then finally a break! Typical school yard games are a great way to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, a lot of classics are forgotten. A lot of Kids whip out in the big break instead of a skipping rope rather your cell phone is on and in the next hour, unfocused and fidgety. Trendy, Packed, parents can make their offspring old break hits, however, tasty. Because they promote movement, coordination and team spirit and also make the cool Kids fun. From rope Rope Skipping is jump Rope coordination and stamina to jump. What many people don't know Who vibrates at a young age regularly the rope, helps to…
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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space!

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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space! The concept of Flow comes from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes the feeling of total Absorption in an activity. The Flow experience is the experience of absolute well-being, resulting in a challenging activity, similar to that in children, the forgotten in the Play of time and space. What is a Flow? Flow, therefore, is something of the ideal state of action. Usually people do something and think of other things. When you Act in the Flow, all energy is focused on the activity at that Moment. In this sense refer to people who experience it as a Float or to Flow (Flow), than you would from an energy flows through. We humans do a lot of things that causes us to subjectively nothing. This…
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Between advertising and health

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Between advertising and health Special offers and new products to entice you out of the packs, the various promises lights. But what is the deal with the food? Usually do not get stuck behind expensive advertising, and the arts name for more than well-known products. Because it says, look closely, advises the DAK. Behind sound full terms on the ingredient lists of sugar is hiding mostly plain. Sucrose, Fructose, Maltodextrin or corn syrup are types of sugar. Even the supposedly healthy granola bars can turn out to be as fast as the candy. Foods that have no information about their composition, should remain the same on the shelf. "The greatest danger for the consumer is that in most of the products is not easy to understand what they consist of,"…
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To fat too much, too slow?

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To fat too much, too slow? To fat and too much - so the main are still errors in the German eating habits. Problematic is especially that more calories are consumed than the today's common sedentary everyday life would be necessary. A sluggish way of life is now for most people, a reality. Computer jobs with sedentary activities, facilitate not only in offices, but in the warehouse working and in production on many machines work. This has consequences: Numerous walking paths, stairs, or heavy physical Work. Who spends his leisure time in addition, inert on the Sofa and all the errands with the car is done, runs the risk to become thick. Risk Factor Overweight In Germany, over 65% of men and about 55% of women are Overweight (BMI >25…
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Eroticism of the woman – Lust is a tramp

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Eroticism of the woman - Lust is a tramp The nature has gifted "the fair sex": The woman not only has a G-spot, but also a K-point, and even a U-point. From head to toe, the female body is an erogenous Zone and able to experience three forms of climaxes: vaginal, clitoral, or - "two in one" - both of them together! Multiple Orgasms? Are also possible! Speaking of which, the clitoris is a small version of the male Penis, as high-erogenous and ejaculation! Did you know? Female sexuality leaves many issues open Unfortunately, only the men of the world do not know rather little about the "unknown creature: woman." The women themselves are often a mystery when it comes to the secret of their sexuality. About love, Lust, and…
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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes

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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes With a good two-thirds a majority of the erectile dysfunction is due to physical causes. Nevertheless, the Psyche almost always plays an important role as one of the causes: Even if it is not the primary trigger, it can be a vicious circle in which the fear of failure impotence and, in turn, the Fears of the next failure fed strengthen. Common causes of impotence In the first place, of the causes of erectile dysfunction blood circulation disorders in the context of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, followed by the sugar disease. Splicing factors for these causes of lipid metabolism disorders, Smoking, Obesity and lack of exercise. Other physical causes of impotence operations, especially in the case of prostate cancer and bladder cancer, injury,…
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