Programme of activities for Obese

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Programme of activities for Obese The Basis for increasingly more activity in Obesity: more General movement in everyday life. Shorter activities without Have throughout the day add up to a calorie effective stress. For example, you can incorporate a daily walk or increase the stairs instead of the escalator or Elevator to drive. Strength training Increase in muscle mass and strength. More muscles means a more efficient fat burning. Finding the maximum load that can be moved without shortness of breath and joint pain. All of the major muscle groups include; a set of 12-15 reps to fatigue of the claimed group of muscles. Training frequency at the beginning of 1 to 2, 2 to 3 Times per week. Endurance training Joints are preferable forms of Stress in overweight people…
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Sex education

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Sex education There is no on the heart and kidneys tested theory, with which the child can educational value of its security. There is also no ideal time for the infamous parent-child conversation: Because classical education, which covers conception, pregnancy and birth in a slip, it's not enough today for a long time. Why? The innocent Little come early with the topic of Sex in contact: Through television, magazines, Radio and advertising, you quickly get insight into the love life. The sooner this half-knowledge is put in perspective, the easier it will be for them later, of course, and self-consciously with sexuality and your body. Where are the small children? One day, the buds want to know, specifically, where babies come from. "The winged words on the pollination story no…
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Generation of Fat – the sick, early retired tomorrow?

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Generation of Fat - the sick, early retired tomorrow? Every fifth child and every third young person in Germany is too thick. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for type 2 Diabetes mellitus, and many children no longer get rid of the bacon later. Especially those with a sweet tooth, but also Fast Food Fans are running in case of excessive consumption and little exercise the risk of becoming chubby. Parents should not forbid their offspring the Snacking altogether, but you better calories offer poorer Alternatives. Because when the cravings for the Kids to build up, the risk of uncontrolled secret Naschens. Children and to allow sweets in a healthy measure, is better than that you ask this secretly from the grandparents in a double amount. More exercise…
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TRANS-fatty acids in foods

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TRANS-fatty acids in foods TRANS fatty acids – a term that sounds for most people, a little sympathetic. But what is really hidden behind the food part, know the least about: TRANS fatty acids are substances, which occur especially in industrially produced food, and in the case of hardened vegetable fats. You will find in almost all of the spreadable fats (especially Margarine) and Fritieröl as well as ready-made meals and fast food products, such as Bakery and confectionery products, dry soups, chips, frozen pizza, Breakfast cereal, spreads, sweet bread, whipped Cream, puff pastry and potato chips. Tips for shopping When shopping a look at the list of ingredients on the packaging suggests, where TRANS fats hide: you do not need to be declared in Germany under your name, or…
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Fruit rubber & co. – you make us really happy?

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Fruit rubber & co. - you make us really happy? It is well over 80 years old, only 2.2 inches tall, and is mainly made of glucose syrup, sugar, and gelatin. It is so popular that every German eats three kilos in a year – the speech is the bear from the rubber. The advertising promises: no more grease! Thick you make, nevertheless, the popular fruit gums. We reveal what's in them and why you should also enjoy fat-free sweets only in moderation. Fruit gum makes it thick Sweets are popular with children as well as adults and occasionally nibbled in quite large quantities. Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, or snacks, they all contain just a little fat and sugar (carbohydrates). Their consumption is often associated with an increased risk for…
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The myth of negative calories

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The myth of negative calories What promises to be a "Negative calorie"diet, sounds too good to be true: losing weight and the desired weight to achieve by doing this, what is regulated in other diets usually eat. So-called negative calories (sometimes misleading negative food) to leave by diet excess Kilos melt away, help you lose weight and dream figure. The Trick behind the diet with negative calories is said that certain foods is said to have so few calories that you burn through the digestive more calories than the body needs. Negative calorie: diet mistake But behind the diet "Negative calories“ is a thinking error. In fact, there are some foods that contain very few calories and at the same time by a high fiber content, the digestive activity boost.…
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Mildew – health hazard

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Mildew - health hazard Fungi occur throughout the world, are adaptable, and frugal. Most of them are harmless, but some can cause infections and allergies. Estimated that of every four Allergy sufferers are sensitive to molds. Moulds (filamentous fungi) feel everywhere at home, where it is moist and warm. They feed on dead organic matter, as for example in Leaves and plants, house dust and the ground occurs, but also in Wallpapers, fabrics and even bricks. Mould infestation on building materials is usually quite difficult to permanently eliminate. Wallpaper, plaster and grout must be professionally cleaned. How are fungi? You know mold in spoiled foodstuffs, however, may be lurking in the spores of the molds at other locations, such as garbage cans, flower pots, mattresses, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.…
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Really fast – so gehts!

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Really fast – so gehts! Fasting is far more than a religious Ritual – today is fasting, for example, many of their health's sake. More and more people have access to a purifying detox to cleanse the body permanently of pollutants. Fasting is supposed to give back the body's lost energy and heal him. By the way, you can lose salvation or fall and a few annoying extra pounds fast. Read here how to fast properly and what you should consider for a healthy diet. Why fasting is salutary When fasting is dispensed either solid food or the consumption of these limited. The fasting is drinking more than usual and leads to his body of nutrients by liquids such as juices or Broths. These are on the one hand, recycling…
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If Adam comes in the years

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If Adam comes in the years So far, the programmed hormonal descent to the 50-exclusively for women was a thing, but the ravages of time, even with the lords of creation to the body, Psyche and sexual. PADAM is one of the phrases with which the symptom complex is described for a decline in production of sex hormones responsible. Andropause, PADAM, or the climacteric virile? Feminists would consider the complaints of the older man as a climacteric virile. Linguists favour the Andropause in order to create a counterpart to Menopause - even if it is biological nonsense. And the term Midlife crisis only takes into account psycho-social aspects. Endocrinologists have found, however, Like PADAM, partial androgen deficit of the aging male, and describe the actual biological conditions. In contrast to…
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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy

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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy He is the "asparagus of the poor man" and a historical size: the Leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated to the Leek because of its mustard oils, which are intended to maintain the voice. His eating habits have brought him the name of Porrophagus, leek eater. From the Mediterranean sea, from the onion plant began its triumphal March to the North of Europe. Also, the Germans and the British appreciated the aromatic vegetable with the long, white shaft, and the juicy green leaves. Leek is available throughout the year The "illustrious" rulers used the vegetables even as a coat-of-arms ornament. The British part of the country Wales still has a…
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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises

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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises With this dumbbell workout targeted to your body! Through the Exercises with the Weights, the arms can be moved in the first place, especially biceps and triceps will strengthen. But also other parts of the body such as the shoulders, the back, the chest and the abdominal muscles can benefit. We have compiled for you the ten best dumbbell Exercises! Important tips for weight training Make sure when Exercising that you choose no to heavy Weights. For women dumbbells between one and three are, for men between the ages of three and seven kilograms suitable. Perform each Exercise 15-30 times. You have completed all the Exercises, you can have a second and a third round to follow. Insert between Exercises take a break of…
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Acid-Base Balance

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Acid-Base Balance Power mad is really funny? Not always the old well-known Proverbs in a literal sense, correct. Certainly a heart-tale bite into a lemon, our facial features as slip away, that at least is funny. Nevertheless, we must often experience the negative sides of an acid load, sometimes even painful. Acid load increases Nutritional and way of life result in our civilized world to a greater acid load. Of course, our body is Amazing, in order to maintain the balance between acids and bases upright: everywhere in your body buffers that neutralize Excess acids and are deposited or in the best case, eliminated. We do not feel the effects of the acid load initially usually even when these buffers are already overloaded and unnoticed from the acid Intermediate storage…
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Two phases of the method of Montignac

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Two phases of the method of Montignac The Montignac method is divided into two phases. In Phase one should first of all be reduced in weight. Only food allowed to be taken with a low Glycemic Index. Potatoes, rice and pasta are taboo. "Good" carbohydrates with a Glycemic Index between 35 and 50 should not be with fat, for fats and proteins alone, no restrictions. Fruit is allowed, only on strong coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Michel Montignac eat without the Stress and pressure of time on calls. Method Montignac: Slimming and relaxation In addition to the Decrease, a recovery of the Insulin-producing pancreas is to be achieved. This is overused, according to Michel Montignac, in the case of many people, especially in the industrialized countries. The length of…
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Back-Formation Of Gymnastic Exercises

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Back-Formation Of Gymnastic Exercises After birth, most women concentrate fully on your Baby. After a few weeks, when the body has recovered a bit, should be fresh start new mothers, however slowly, with the involution gymnastics. This often takes place in the course under the guidance of a midwife. Postnatal exercises-Exercises for home you can urns but also just very comfortable night here. You may at any time make a break, no child care, and some Exercises can help your Baby even. Important: All Exercises in which the rectus abdominis muscles are trained intensely (e.g. Sit-ups), shortly after the birth to be avoided. Depending on how strong your injury are pain, if your child was born naturally or by caesarean, and how much sports have you driven before the birth,…
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Systemic family constellations – how does it work?

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Systemic family constellations - how does it work? Aggressiveness, self-sacrifice, alcoholism, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, etc., can be the result of entanglements in the family system, of which the Affected have no idea. The Systemic family constellation is an amazingly simple and fascinating tool to avoid these issues and resolve them. What happens in a family constellation? 6 - 10 strangers and an accomplished leader meet in a protected space. The first stand explained his problem, he wants to take a closer look. This selects the participants, the representatives of his country of origin or the present family (parents, children, grandparents, husband/wife, etc.). This he then placed in the room. Thereafter, the "image". Who is who faces or turned away, who's in the corner or in the center.…
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Ovarian cysts – cysts on ovary

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Ovarian cysts - cysts on ovary About seven percent of women have discovered one or more cysts in the ovary, usually happen at the ultrasound. Fortunately, these liquid-filled cavities are rarely cause for concern, they often disappear even by itself. Ovarian age occur singly or in greater number, on one or both ovaries can cysts in every stage of life. They do not grow by growths of cells, but by the accumulation of tissue fluid. They are the most common benign tumors of the ovary. How are ovarian cysts? The vast majority of cysts develops from the normal hormonal function of the ovary. You are therefore known as functional cysts. They occur predominantly in women in a sexual maturity, and very often during puberty and the Menopause, so in times…
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Healthy Egg?

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Healthy Egg? Eggs and health Eggs are an important staple food. The protein is Special, you will realize the derived name to one of our three main nutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Egg-protein can use of the body to build proteins. Of all foods it has the highest biological value, namely 100 %. This means that from 100 grams egg white 100 grams of body Protein can be formed. The Egg contains approximately 7 grams of protein 6 grams of fat and traces of carbohydrates, in addition, all of the minerals and vitamins with exception of Vitamin C. The most important Vitamin in the egg, the Vitamin A (Retinol) and its precursor, the Pro-Vitamin A (carotene). Both provide the elasticity of the eye, the effect of a good Light-Dark adaptation…
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Physiotherapy makes the dog mobile again

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Physiotherapy makes the dog mobile again The dog is aging as well as the man. With the years, only "Mr Chen is not" climbing the stairs is harder, but also your four-legged friend. Unlike the person who complains like over tired bones and aching joints, do the dog, everything, to cover up his physical Suffering. Because originally he is a pack animal and in the wild the weak members of the pack are excluded. The innate instinct forbids it to show the four-legged animals, weakness, and pain. Only the attentive observers have noticed the hidden signals of the favorite and recognizes: It's not good for him. These can be signs that your dog is in pain: He shows less joy in Play and movement. He is lame and has problems,…
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Sea Buckthorn, A Vitamin-Rich All-Rounder

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Sea Buckthorn, A Vitamin-Rich All-Rounder As an alternative to hot lemon you can give it a try the next time a runny nose or a cough with sea buckthorn. The little yellow buckthorn berries are namely true vitamin bombs and contain up to ten times as much Vitamin C as lemons. Already three spoons of sea buckthorn juice should cover the complete daily requirement of an adult of Vitamin C. Also externally, the buckthorn can cause berry wonders: sea buckthorn oil helps to wundgelegener, inflamed skin, protects against harmful UV rays and is even used in chronic skin diseases such as eczema. Buckthorn: source and processing The bright yellow sea buckthorn berries grow on thorny bushes – preferably in the case of inclement climate, as well as loose calcareous sandy…
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Tips for the ideal ice cream

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Tips for the ideal ice cream Tips for the ideal ice cream Ice cream is not by the way of snacking, but also as a Dessert schedule. Otherwise, unnecessary calories to come together quickly. In the ice cream parlor, only two instead of three balls to order. On cream, Praline, chocolate sauce, nuts or chocolate pieces, sugar pearls, etc., prefer to do without these Extras provide additional calories. In Fertigeis the packaging or the announcements panel gives information about which ice cream Flavor is or how high the sugar, fat and energy content. Ice cream and Sorbet are lower in calories than cream or creamy ice cream. Water ice and Sorbets contain little or no fat and are naturally Light variants. A Sorbet can be produced at home easily: Pureed…
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Boreout Strategies

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Boreout Strategies Boreout costs money "If an employee suffers from monotony, he tries to hide this in front of his employer, Verde, or deflect it, then that is wasted money," says Renate Rau, Professor of work and organizational psychology in Marburg. And this costs money: The total economic damage in Germany is estimated to be over 250 billion Euro, an estimate of the Philippe Rothlin and Peter R. Werder from regular Gallup-studies infer that you quantify in diagnosis Boreout. For the two Swiss business consultants Boreout is found mainly in office jobs - a phenomenon of the entire services company. In many office jobs, you can control his workload, thanks to the digitalisation of offices. "We assume that at least 15 percent of workers in the service sector are affected…
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What to do in case of bone fractures?

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What to do in case of bone fractures? Children are very active, get hurt easily and break, sometimes even a bone. When it comes to fractions, have compared to adults but there is one advantage: Because in children, the fractures grow together, due to the still very active bone metabolism and better blood circulation more rapidly, and usually without complications. In addition, in the case of small children, the bone can break without the periosteum is destroyed. You call this violation of green wood fracture. Because green wood is juicy and pliable, not breaking apart when pressed Together. For the violation of the is advantageous, because the bone tissue surrounds the fracture, and the bone at the fracture site better can heal. How can you recognize a broken bone? It…
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Do you drink enough?

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Do you drink enough? Around 20,000 persons sought, within a year, the answer to this question and let the the Forum drinking water online advise. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants would like to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day, make it to drink of the day in the middle of almost a litre more than people who only drink once a day much. Interestingly, The situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behaviour. Who lives in a partnership or family, forget the Drink, rather than Singles. Setting realistic goals Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of the drinking behavior. With intentions such as "Starting tomorrow, I will drink…
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A healthy diet in different stages of life

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A healthy diet in different stages of life Every phase of life of the people is shaped by structural changes in the body and resulting different needs. This applies in particular also for the food. The On and in our body As long as we live On in the body and removal processes. Until about 35. Age outweigh the build-up processes. Bone mass, muscle and fat tissue. The Foundation stone is laid for the body substance, the composition of which will remain of importance. With increasing age, the removal processes occur more and more in the foreground. As a result, in the course of life to a wide range of changes in the body. As the water content decreases in the body by 60-70% in the infant age to 45-50%…
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Homeopathy for PMS and menstrual pain

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Homeopathy for PMS and menstrual pain Homeopathy and menstrual pain – right? Pain before and during period is known to almost every woman. However, while some merely a light in the abdomen feel, are the days for others, a veritable ordeal. Spasmodic abdominal pain, migraines, circulatory problems and mood swings accompany in many women the menstrual period. In order to alleviate these symptoms, swallowing Affected tablets often Pain or even hormones. But there is a gentler way to make the period more bearable: Properly used, can homeopathy PMS symptoms reduce significantly. It is merely to define the complaints and then the right Globules. Homeopathy: application and area of use Homeopathic remedies operate on the principle of Similarity. You treat the like with the Like and so in a Healthy the…
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Straight legs, beautiful feet – we can do this

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Straight legs, beautiful feet - we can do this Beautiful, straight legs and feet are for a good appearance is essential. But also for the health, it is important to give his feet and legs a good Eight. Parents can spare their children much, if at a young age on the proper footwear and a healthy diet. The development of healthy legs and starts in infancy As long as we struggle in our mother's belly, bent our legs and we come up with O-legs to the world. This is quite normal, and no mother should have to worry whether your Baby will be running later on like John Wayne. The correct posture for a newborn is reminiscent of a small frog. This is because the hip joints are not yet…
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Diabetes in animals – such As Diabetes makes the animal felt?

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Diabetes in animals - such As Diabetes makes the animal felt? How does Diabetes in animals? To be able to use the excess blood sugar withdrawal, you must drink a diabetic animal very large quantities and, accordingly, more eliminated. Although diabetic animals, many develop more to eat than usual - a veritable hot-hungry - often. Blame the lack of Insulin, which prevents proper utilization of food. Diabetic cats tend to fall due to the lack of appetite and vomiting. Some of the disease is also due to an altered gait, which is on a flatter Fußung to back of the hindquarters. Because the body's cells can only be leads to little or no energy is drawn from the entire body in the Philippines: A dull coat, but also damage to…
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Vitamin B2 – important for metabolism

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Vitamin B2 – important for metabolism Vitamin B2 – also Riboflavin or Lactoflavin called – plays in the body has an important role in the conversion of food into energy. The water-soluble Vitamin is included in foods of animal origin such as meat or fish, but also in plant products such as yellow bell peppers, or peas. While in developing countries, Vitamin B2 deficiency is more common, occurs in Germany only rarely. Typical symptoms which indicate such a defect, are torn corner of the mouth, inflammation of the gums, as well as a General feeling of fatigue. Effect of Riboflavin in the body Riboflavin is a yellow plant pigment that can be absorbed by humans and animals through the small intestine. Therefore, Vitamin B2 is not only in plant but…
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Simple and good home

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Simple and good home Simple and good home A Fete in the own four walls has its advantages: it is cheaper and it saves the organization to drive many children from point A to point B – of course, the ingenuity is allowed to go out and still over hit the pot. Very popular themed parties, where everything is in the characters of fairies, pirates or aliens. As well trim remove fixed with the flea market boxes from the attic, full of fantasy and made-up children's faces and handmade Hats from likes to play games. For soothing moments in between, the so-called Kim-games that train the senses. Guess who is blindfolded at the sound of someone biting into a carrot? Anyone who recognizes the soap smell? Barefoot paths are the…
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Sweet Not only are kids snacking like Sweet. Adults also love sweets. The Federal Association of the German confectionery industry reported that in 2009, on average, every German 30,12 kg of Sweet eaten. Especially popular are the ice and not just on hot days. But not only ice cream and chocolate is candy. Also liquorice and fruit gum are loved by sweet tooth. If you fancy something Sweet, doesn't have to sacrifice every Time, but there are a few tips for proper behavior in the cravings for Sweets, sweet treats remain a pleasure without remorse. What is the effect of a sweetener is a sweetener is really low calorie as sugar? Interesting facts on the topic of Sweets and ice cream. General information on the topic Water ice: a low-calorie…
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