Chinese Cuisine – Healthy Food

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Chinese Cuisine - Healthy Food Healthy Food Many of the components of Chinese cuisine are very healthy. So soy contains all the essential amino acids needed by the human being, but can't connect. A Cup of soybeans contains hardly any fat, but about as much protein as a 150-gram Steak, and is, therefore, especially in vegetarians is very popular. Also rice is missing in any meal that contains no fat, but a lot of vitamins and minerals. Due to the high percentage of carbohydrates, a good tired of it is rice-maker, stimulates digestion and has a diuretic. Also, the tea that is part of almost every Asian meal is good for the body. The black and green tea occurring polyphenols reduce the risk of caries. In addition, tea, vitamins, trace…
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The own eating habits control

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The own eating habits control The eating habits of the people is a stable, many years of learned behavior. Just because it has established itself over the decades, due to experience and learning processes, it is not easy to change it again. But it is possible! The own nutrition behavior change means that new ways of behaviour in the context of eating are learned and the existing, "old" habits are replaced by others. This process requires a constant Practice of the new behavior, and thus, also time and patience with yourself. What influences the eating behavior? How and what food you eat, is affected by four different areas. These have all in different ways on the individual eating habits of the people. They influence the motives of the behavior and…
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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold

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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold Lemons are real multi-talents: So a hot lemon is supposed to help due to their high Vitamin C content for colds and sore throat. In addition, lemon juice is also good for the hair and help prevent pimples. But what is it about the all the claims? We'll tell you why lemons are so healthy and what ailments they actually have a positive effect. Healthy fruit with plenty of Vitamin C Lemons are extremely healthy. This is mainly due to the fact that they contain large amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, and can thus prevent the development of colds. In addition, the Vitamin acts in the body, but also as a radical scavenger: It intercepts free radicals…
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Soy in the diet

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Soy in the diet The soy plant has its origin in East Asia. It is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and is especially valued by the Chinese for several thousand years as an excellent protein and nutrient source. In the Western industrial countries, the soybean has gained in the last few years in popularity. Whether as a soy Drink, soy sausages or Tofu, the sleeve is fruit as a particularly healthy food. A drawback for the consumer is, however, beans, the fear of genetically modified soy. What's in the soybean? The soybean is one of fruits such as peas, beans and lentils to the sleeve and has in this group the highest protein content. It is a very high-quality vegetable protein. Soy also…
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Erectile Dysfunction: Therapy

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Erectile Dysfunction: Therapy Even if the temptation is great: the help from the Sex Shop, or drugs from the Internet are not a solution for a medical Problem, is often only the tip of the health iceberg. The successful therapy of erectile dysfunction can only be successful if the actual cause of the fault is known. Dubious drugs for potency problems The drug therapy must be accompanied by the doctor and controlled – even if the health insurance companies pay for the drug. On the other hand you should avoid illegal drugs, prescription drugs delivered without a prescription, from the Internet. In the case of side effects you don't have a liability claim against the manufacturer. In addition, the tablets could be a fake, or a total of improperly handled…
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Knee pain in children

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Knee pain in children Knee pain is relatively common in children. Mostly harmless a growth pain behind the discomfort, especially at night noticeable. During physical exertion, the pain does not occur often. However, knee problems are also other causes: severe pain that occur for example after a fall during sports, can indicate a knee injury. Also come in children and adolescents, diseases such as Osgood-Schlatter disease or Larsen-Johansson disease in question. Growing pains as a cause Almost 20 percent of all children suffering and growing pains. Are primarily affected children and young people between 4 and 6 as well as 10 and 16 years of age. The knee pain is mostly at night and especially at the front of the knee is noticeable. Often they radiate in the upper or…
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Vasectomy: sterilization of a man

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Vasectomy: sterilization of a man The family planning is completed, the partners are looking for a reliable method of contraception. As a, you must not think, while one is dedicated to the most beautiful thing in the world. Time for sterilization? The perfect method of contraception does not exist, therefore the individual's needs and life circumstances must be taken into account. For couples older than 30, have already had children, or safe, to want no more, is a surgical procedure for sterilization is an effective and very safe Alternative to all other methods. However, this step to permanent infertility is almost always irreversible - not to regret it later, should be the Partner, ensure that your setting get not change. In Germany, subjected to currently, approximately 1.5 million women a…
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Fever in children: What’s behind it? What can parents do?

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Fever in children: What's behind it? What can parents do? The child acts grumpy, tired, and dull, could have been the precursor of a febrile infection. Some of the children Express abdominal pain and Nausea, sometimes associated with vomiting. In the case of other head and pain in the limbs in the foreground. The next time you fall cough and runny nose on, or the child is simply unhappy, freezes and has no appetite. Is then measured the temperature, it is often a fever. Children are more likely to be affected by a fever as an adult Children suffer significantly more likely to have a fever than adults. Usually it is an epiphenomenon, a Symptom of a disease, and a protective reaction of the body against the infection. Often you…
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Selenium: Health Significance

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Selenium: Health Significance Health significance of selenium Selenium is a component of important enzymes and helps (in the Form of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase), the cells of the body in the defense of aggressive metabolic products, the so-called free Radicals. In this function, it belongs to – such as vitamins A, C and E – to the so-called anti-oxidants. Free oxygen radicals arise in nearly all metabolic processes, can damage the body cells and the genetic material (DNA) and cause cancer. Cancer It has been observed that in areas where selenium-rich diet prevails, cancer and heart attacks are rare. Therefore, a certain degree of protective effect against cancer and Atherosclerosis will be discussed. In experimental studies have shown that selenium may help prevent cancer. In addition, selenium protects the body…
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For getting slim and healthy?!

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For getting slim and healthy?! Eat healthier, sleeker, and sportier are drinking less alcohol - the good resolutions for the new year differ little from those of recent years. But this time it's Serious! But the Popping of champagne corks is processed, the herring salad, eaten by the iron will to Change usually only with a bad Conscience left. The society for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen gives you the best tips, good resolutions - and the best reasons! Better than resolutions: the small fact! Because the most common vices, the eradication of which begins each year anew, have fatal consequences: Every year 290,000 people in Germany suffer a heart attack, approximately 180,000 die from it. The main cause is atherosclerosis, caused by high blood fat and too little…
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Mineral water types

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Mineral water types The Mineral Water Types The nerves of type All whose daily life brings a lot of Stress - whether managers, teachers, Housewives, students - to grab a magnesium-rich mineral water. Magnesium promotes concentration, strengthens the nerves and gives Power for everyday life. If you have to stay in the everyday life is powerful, should pay attention to the mineral water on a magnesium content of at least 50 milligrams per Liter.The perennial type exercises Who is driving a welding professional, a lot of sports or like to turn night into day, you must make sure to replace the fluid and sodium that the body loses through sweating. Sodium plays an important role in the acid-base balance of the body and keeps the physical strain the water budget…
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Development of the baby in the first three months of life

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Development of the baby in the first three months of life A Baby comes into the world. For the parents, a new life begins now section that brings a lot of joy and at the same time with a lot of effort is connected. In particular, the first child, many parents are very uncertain about whether or not you do everything correctly, and whether your child is developing normally. An important point of reference for the healthy growth and development of the baby the weight. On average babies weigh after the birth of between 2,800 and 4,200 grams. Many parents are alarmed if your Baby loses in his first two to three weeks of life weight instead of gaining weight. However, this is no cause for alarm, but completely normal.…
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Tips for the Naschverhalten

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Tips for the Naschverhalten As the saying goes: The dose makes the poison. Who likes to eat chocolate, it must not require necessarily to gummy bears, only because they provide no fat. Although it should always be borne in mind that fat has more calories than sugar. But sugar can make in larger quantities thick. In a 100-g bar of chocolate is around 550 calories and a 175-g plug-bag of gummi bears for about 595 calories. Actually, the colorful bear to deliver on a weight significantly less energy. Who chocolate but with a piece of his Sweet tooth better can breast-feed as with gummy, it does not need to renounce this pleasure. Regularly, but in moderation snacking It is a great way to treat yourself moderately, but regularly a small…
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Noise protection for children: effects of noise

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Noise protection for children: effects of noise The hearing is to be Heard in addition to the eyes our most important sense organ and the basis for interpersonal communication. For the development of the sense of hearing is a complex interconnection of the brain is necessary. This process is completed with the fourth to fifth year of life as far as possible. Especially in the toddler age, it is important, therefore, that the environment offers good conditions for optimum Hearing. Children react during their development is very sensitive to external influences, your hearing can be irritated by a variety of influences from the environment. Charges for hearing The biggest Handicap in the hearing development and for the preservation of a good hearing is a high level of noise pollution. With…
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Children’s illnesses and doctor’s visit

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Children's illnesses and doctor's visit Children's diseases are not particularly when kindergarten children are not rare, which is why a visit to the doctor is often treatable. Typical children's diseases are measles, chicken pox, or rubella. But also diseases such as Mumps, Poliomyelitis or whooping cough in childhood, most frequently. Teething symptoms from illness to disease differently. The cause of the virus infections are in the rule, so that a visit to the doctor usually is more than appropriate. Also about possible abuse should inform parents of children diseases optimally. General information on the topic Mumps: it is Not only a children's disease In the case of Mumps as a goat Peter referred to, is a viral disease that primarily affected children. However, it can also infect adults with Mumps....…
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Muscle training with and without Thera-Band

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Muscle training with and without Thera-Band Strengthening exercises for Arm and back muscles with and without Thera-Band. All of the Exercises 8 times in a row run. Before each Exercise: basic voltage build up! Exercise 1 Basic tension: the Thera-Band in the middle, under the feet of the margins of the arms at a 90° angle, hold and slowly to the body drag. 5 sec. .   Exercise 2 The Thera-Band behind the buttocks to pull them apart. The arms stretched to hold and shoulders to the spine towards the middle of tense. Voltage 5 Sec. hold - release.   Exercise 3 The Thera-Band behind your neck and slowly pull outwards. 5 sec. hold - release.   Exercise 4 The torso slightly, chin lifting (on the sternum) at the same…
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Run for beginners – part 2

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Run for beginners - part 2 Day 8: Three times ten minutes between three minutes walking break Barefoot we run nowadays, perhaps and in the garden, at the beach, on holiday or at home. Otherwise, our natural drive is attenuated style of shoes and suppressed. Also, running shoes often have a strong insulation and support elements that have a completely unnatural running style, relying completely on artificial support. Only recently, the manufacturer of running shoes, reflect back to the human anatomy. In order to have your running style, so not completely destroy, should you follow a few basic rules. While Jogging, the foot is not too extreme on the heel, but rather flat. Press the Run, dynamically from the ground. Hips and torso should remain stable, the arms locker resonate.…
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Back in the spring cycle

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Back in the spring cycle Cycling is healthy, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and also fun. For this reason, millions of people swing in the spring on your bike. But what many people don't know: Cycling on an improperly adjusted bike can damage your spine permanently. Because Cycling is only really healthy when man and machine are optimally coordinated with each other. And since you can't change the anatomy of the human being, must, of course, the Bicycle way, be adapted to the individual needs - not Vice versa. What to look for when buying a new Bicycle, need to pay attention to What special features must you look for when buying a new Bicycle, tells you the Aktion Gesunder rücken e. V. The EGR checked and everyday objects, such as bicycles…
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Do you drink enough?

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Do you drink enough? Around 20,000 persons sought, within a year, the answer to this question and let the the Forum drinking water online advise. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants would like to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day, make it to drink of the day in the middle of almost a litre more than people who only drink once a day much. Interestingly, The situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behaviour. Who lives in a partnership or family, forget the Drink, rather than Singles. Setting realistic goals Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of the drinking behavior. With intentions such as "Starting tomorrow, I will drink…
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Diabetes in animals – such As Diabetes makes the animal felt?

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Diabetes in animals - such As Diabetes makes the animal felt? How does Diabetes in animals? To be able to use the excess blood sugar withdrawal, you must drink a diabetic animal very large quantities and, accordingly, more eliminated. Although diabetic animals, many develop more to eat than usual - a veritable hot-hungry - often. Blame the lack of Insulin, which prevents proper utilization of food. Diabetic cats tend to fall due to the lack of appetite and vomiting. Some of the disease is also due to an altered gait, which is on a flatter Fußung to back of the hindquarters. Because the body's cells can only be leads to little or no energy is drawn from the entire body in the Philippines: A dull coat, but also damage to…
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Uterine fibroids: diagnosis and therapy

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Uterine fibroids: diagnosis and therapy First, the doctor will collect medical history and accurately according to the complaints, questions. At the time of gynaecological palpation examination, he may, possibly, a uniform enlargement or bulbous changes of the buttons. The diagnosis can almost always be made by ultrasound examination through the vagina. Rarely, a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy (laparoscopy) is needed to bring clarity. What kind of therapy are there? Small fibroids that do no or only minor complaints, the only regularly monitored every 6 to 12 months with the help of ultrasound. Treatment is required only if complaints occur, or a fibroid is very large. The type of therapy is determined not only according to the complaints, but also to the age of the patient, possibly existing desire to have children…
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Coffee and Running: 7 tips for joggers

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Coffee and Running: 7 tips for joggers Energy kick or nutrient robbers? The opinions on the effect of coffee, opinions are divided: While some athletes swear by a Cup of coffee before Jogging to increase performance, have to take care of other runners, that possible side effects are available to the training success. Caffeine and Jogging: Is that good? It is a fact that caffeine wakes us up and stimulates the circulation. However, rumours of a negative impact on the fluid and Mineral balance, persist. We have selected for you seven tips on how you can increase the coffee your performance when Running. 1. At the time, it is Caffeine takes about 30 minutes to achieve its effect in the organism: Temporarily pulse and blood pressure to increase and the…
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Donovanosis The "Granuloma inguinal" (GI) is a world-wide, in certain areas, occurring in venereal disease, which is associated with extensive ulcers of mutilation. It is caused by humans occurring bacteria and is curable with antibiotics. Of microbes and human Long the pathogen wore the ineffable name Calymmatobacterium granulomatis. After the detection methods have become more sophisticated, it was discovered his kinship with the Klebsiella a bacteria genus of the species Klebsiella pneumoniae normally lives peacefully in the human gastro-intestinal tract, and only in immunocompromised infections of the urinary and respiratory tract. He was allowed to join the Clan as a violent member of the "Klebsiella granulomatis". The pathogens to be worn by contact with the ulcers, particularly in the case of unprotected Vaginal and anal sex, and more rarely by…
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The 9 biggest diet mistakes

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The 9 biggest diet mistakes Around the subject of nutrition, a lot of myths and misconceptions surround: Is Margarine healthier than Butter? And a brandy after a sumptuous meal actually, the digestion in swing? What is it about these widely held beliefs? We have compiled the 9 biggest diet mistakes for you. 1. Pasta and potatoes make you fat Wrong! Potatoes are, per 100 grams of just 70 calories – so that the vegetables are fairly low in calories and guaranteed not to thick. Important is the preparation: While salt is, however, Pell or baked potatoes are extremely healthy, fries and co. is a little different: the fat preparation rich in the calorie content rises to about 350 calories. Also noodles are similar to potatoes, is often in suspicion, to…
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Mutism: treatment and follow

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Mutism: treatment and follow The whole of the linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional development is affected by the mutistic behavior. This has consequences for the development of personality, the I and the self-consciousness. The Affected person has trouble in school, training or work and is shunned by other people. Therapy mutism The mutism is a need for multi-factorial therapy that takes into account several aspects. Experts in this field, there are hardly any. The therapy is usually linguistic, psycho - and family therapist and/or psychiatric. In mutistic young people and adults, an additional pharmacological treatment with antidepressants may be indicated. Experts say that the chances of success are greater the earlier it is treated. Otherwise, the disorder can manifest image stronger over the years and into adulthood. Parents who notice…
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Fast – and-effect, and side effects

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Fast - and-effect, and side effects Effect of fasting at all? Many of the positive effects of therapeutic fasting are scientifically proven hardly or only insufficiently. The weight reduction is at least in the foreground, but only positive side is appearance. Contraindicated fasting, e.g., in cachexia, Anorexia nervosa, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, increased uric acid. A therapeutic fasting is not a substitute for a medically necessary therapy. Dr. Helmut top knight: "fasting alone for weight loss, especially in low-and moderate Overweight is not recommended. However, it may be in the case of medical indication part of a therapy. Diet programs and behavior therapeutic approaches must accompany the fasting, however, in the long term, a lower body weight can be maintained." Adverse effects in therapeutic fasting The fasting is usually carried…
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Proper nutrition in migraine

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Proper nutrition in migraine Migraines can be influenced by a proper diet – in addition, the experts agree. But what role food plays as a trigger of migraine? Can help a diet, the headache attacks to prevent? While the actual causes of migraine are not yet explored, is regarded as certain that the pain attacks are caused by an Interaction of the individual triggers. Such so-called trigger factors may be different environmental influences, for example Stress, weather changes, noise, or hormonal changes. Diet also plays an important role. Diet as a migraine trigger? Often, Sufferers observe an influence of the diet on your migraine. Many reports of migraine attacks after eating certain foods: often called red wine, cheese, citrus fruits, and sweets. Also, the flavor enhancer glutamate, preservatives, such as…
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With the movement against the love handles

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With the movement against the love handles Sport and Obesity: what appears on first glance to be inconsistent, upon closer inspection, one of the most important measures for weight reduction and control. Only it is to take into account special circumstances of the Overweight. In many industrial Nations, the average body weight is as a result of increased caloric intake and reduced physical activity continuously on the Rise (about 2 kg per decade) according to the number of Overweight and the severity of Overweight is increasing constantly. On average, about 20 percent of the European population is overweight. Weight and fat distribution As a measure of the body weight of the so-called body mass index (or Body Mass Index, BMI) is used: The standard values are for both women and…
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Strawberry: Healthy Ingredients

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Strawberry: Healthy Ingredients Strawberry time! The red delicacy laughs resistors from the market and plantations, and offers one of the healthiest pleasures of the summer. Strawberries most can not get enough of that, this is also not necessary: strawberries are 90 percent water and provide your amazing low nutritional value of 32 kilo-calories per 100 grams of vitamins and minerals tired. Are strawberries healthy? Strawberries taste delicious and are an ideal "slim fruit". The same is not true of course only as long as dipped in whipped cream or sugar. It is best to enjoy strawberries pure or with a sauce of yogurt, sweetened with a little honey. Then strawberries are not only full of enjoyment but also a valuable contribution to a healthy diet. Here are 6 reasons why…
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Food labels: No Chance for cheating!

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Food labels: No Chance for cheating! What is on the package, also have to put in there: Since July 2007, food manufacturers have to certain advertising prove effective labels scientifically. A big advantage for the consumer, especially as the EU Directive should be expanded. What lies behind the formulations? Energy content Low in energy: a maximum of 40 kcal per 100 g of solid food, to a maximum of 20 kcal per 100 ml of liquid food. Energy: a maximum of 4 kcal per 100 ml drink. Energy-reduced/light: The calorific value is reduced by at least 30%. In the case of "easily" must be specified in addition to the characteristics that make the food "light". Fat Low fat: less than 3 g fat per 100 g of solid food, less…
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