Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs

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Strawberries: Delicious Vitamin C-Bombs Strawberries are high in Vitamin C content of 65 milligrams per 100 grams of important part of a healthy diet. With only 32 calories per 100 grams, they provide the body with little energy and get the slim line. In addition, they contain with Ferula and ellagic acid secondary plant substances for their cancer-preventive effects are known. The ancestors of our cultivated large-fruited strawberries strawberries are small, juicy and more aromatic woods. Already in the year 1714, beer varieties originated in France by crossing two Forest, the first large fleshy strawberries. In the meantime, there are over 600 different varieties, which differ in size, structure, color, and taste of each other. Vitamins in strawberries Strawberries are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C in large quantities in…
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Nuts – tips for shopping and storage

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Nuts - tips for shopping and storage Do not swallow, but spit! Nuts must be eaten with all the senses, because a mold infestation is shown by a bitter taste. In the case of rancid nuts, the fat content is not spoiled, what you can taste, but also can see the smell, because the nut meat is not white but is yellowish in color. The degradation products of rancid fats can cause gastrointestinal upsets. Mold toxins are a result of the formation of Aflatoxins, which can cause especially liver and kidney cancer, and over-heating are stable. Especially pistachio nuts are often infested by mold, but also peanuts, almonds and Brazil nuts. Therefore, one should spit out the nuts, if it tastes even bitter or spoiled. Tips for shopping and storage…
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Lose weight with Sport and exercise

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Lose weight with Sport and exercise I can't get rid of my bacon at all – I eat so little! To whom this sentence sounds familiar, was it from your own mouth, or as a Outcry of the afflicted friend, you should befriend with the thought: Without the physical movement and regular exercise, no Slimming. The Problem of the matter is that our body is programmed to "stone age". At that time, the human body had to be able to stay in hungry phases. And if we were eating less to lose weight, our body thinks: Oh, I have to save calories, I get no more supplies. And reduces its power consumption. But the solution to the problem is not so difficult: if you move, you screwed its energy consumption…
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Healthy eating – what?

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Healthy eating - what? Clear answer: gains in life years and quality of life! Although "healthy" in the food industry is a Trend. A healthy diet – a healthy lifestyle in General – but many people are too time-consuming. To do this, you can say clear: all sick time to be consuming and also painful and expensive; it lowers the quality of life and shortens life! Nutrition plays in two of the three deaths, the German society for nutrition in your nutrition report 2004. In Germany, cardiovascular years diseases and malignant tumors by far the most common causes of death. By a change of diet in the Occurrence and development of these diseases can be positively influenced. Overweight A calculation for the European Union has shown that at least one…
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Vitamin E – Good for the skin

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Vitamin E – Good for the skin Vitamin E is a collective term for fat-soluble substances that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore, you need to be on foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and Margarine. Is taken over a prolonged period of Vitamin E, there is a deficiency. Typical symptoms for such a Vitamin E deficiency are disorders of digestion, lack of concentration, increased susceptibility to infection, as well as the degradation of muscles. Effect of Vitamin E Vitamin E as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the antioxidants, and therefore represents in our body is a major free radical scavenger. Free radicals are aggressive Compounds, the rays through chemical reactions, Smoking, Stress, or by the action of high energy, such as sunlight or x -…
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An Overview of some of the best tea

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An Overview of some of the best tea Already in the middle ages, tea was not only a popular drink, but was due to its curative effect in the medicine. Traditional teas like black, green or white tea is always in addition to coffee, the preferred beverage of mankind. But also new Teetrends, for example, Matcha or Yerba Mate tea, your way, in the domestic cups and enjoying ever-increasing popularity. We provide you with the best teas and their health Benefits. Classic and traditional teas There are numerous types and varieties of tea, and accordingly, many different methods for making. The extraction from the original Tea plant (for the first time in China, and later in India) is the oldest Form. The four classic types of tea depending on the…
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Rice – low-calorie snacks

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Rice – low-calorie snacks "May burn your rice!" is a Chinese new year wish. He shows that, especially in the Asian region, the grain of rice, an enormous importance. In Asia around 80 per cent of the total food rice, therefore, the words for food and rice in many Asian languages, even identical. However, while China each year about 90 kg of rice per capita are consumed in Germany is only a little over three kilograms. Here, rice is an extremely healthy food, Since it contains many complex carbohydrates, making rice for a long tired of, but still has only a few calories. Rice: carbohydrates saturated Together with wheat, rye, oats, barley, Maize and sorghum, rice is one of the seven most important cereals. Rice is harvested from the rice…
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Cancer – vegetables and fruit protect it best

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Cancer - vegetables and fruit protect it best The diet influenced the development of cancer - this is today undisputed. Approximately one-third of all cancer cases are related to eating habits. Of course, other factors such as cancer-causing substances from the environment (for example, Smoking), heredity, or infection play a role. Scientists could now clearly make cancer-causing food ingredients (Carcinogens) such as Benzpyrene in Grilled or black-smoked, as well as aflatoxins in moldy food. In addition, cancer-promoting factors (promoters) were determined, for example, alcohol and cancer protective factors (anti-promoters) such as, for example, Vitamin C. However, no person eats alone of Grilled or Vitamin C. The DGE has therefore examined the question of whether there is a food or diet that can protect disease before the most cancer. These include…
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Fat burner diet: legends and truths

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Fat burner diet: legends and truths Just continue on as before and still lose weight? The promise of the so-called "fat burners" that are supposed to bring fat without a diet and exercise program to melt. Fat burners are all the rage in the diet market. With them and other slimming products are annually made billions in sales worldwide. It gives you the slimming pill no side effect? But the truth is: Without a balanced diet and a sensible exercise program a permanent, healthy way to lose weight is not possible. Due to fat burners burn more energy Obesity has only one cause: the body is constantly more energy than it consumes, stores this Excess as fat reserve (so-called positive energy balance). To get rid of this, only one thing…
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Nutrition in Multiple sclerosis (MS)

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Nutrition in Multiple sclerosis (MS) Multiple sclerosis, briefly MS, is a neurological auto-immune diseases of the Central nervous system. It is also called the disease with a thousand faces, since the Multiple sclerosis symptoms and course of MS are very different and individual. The exact triggers of MS are, so far, as well as the MS causes are not known. MS occurs most frequently in industrially developed countries with more temperate climates. In these countries, the foods are fatty and oily, such as meat, sausage, cheese, and Butter an integral part of the daily diet. Climate, diet and living habits seem to dominate, therefore, the disease is Multiple sclerosis. Wholesome and healthy In order to influence the course of MS is positive, the nutrition should be as wholesome and well…
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Barbecue – bread and finger food

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Barbecue - bread and finger food Unusual and quite easy to handle on the Grill all sorts of finger food-creations such as Mini pizzas, tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta, and Tex-Mex-Burger or Mexican Tortilla. Not only as a garnish, but also as an Appetizer and Snack, you help to bridge the waiting time on the sausages sent. For beginners Bruschetta is recommended in many variants. For the uncomplicated flash recipe you need only a few ingredients, such as, for example, a couple of slices of white bread, ripe cocktail tomatoes, small, chopped Basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and a little Mozzarella. The bread slices are toasted on each side with Oil and coated on the Grill. The fresh toasted bread, then toes with the peeled garlic vigorously rubbed, and again,…
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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue)

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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue) Celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine. By an intolerance to Gluten, a grain contained in the adhesive protein, shrink the small intestine protrusions. Thus, fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and even water can not be absorbed properly in the body. So far the only treatment is the complete, lifelong renunciation of gluten-containing food. The only way to recover the intestinal mucosa and their function. Even at the smallest amounts of Gluten damage and disease, however, occur again. Gluten is found mainly in the cereals wheat, spelt, rye, barley, unripe spelt, and oats. Concerned must refrain from all food and drugs containing these grains in any Form. For this purpose, conventional Baking mainly, and pasta, such as bread, rolls, cakes, pasta and…
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Selenium: deficiency and Excess

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Selenium: deficiency and Excess Selenium: Deficiency Symptoms Because of the large differences in the selenium content of the soil, the selenium content varies in crops is very strong. In many regions of Europe, including in Germany, contain the soil, only a little selenium, among other things, due to the sulphur dioxide polluted acid rain and sulfur-containing fertilizer (sulfur is then absorbed by the plants instead of selenium). The trace element is added, therefore, often cattle feed, since the animals are thus less prone to disease. Animal proteins are usually much better sources of Selenium because the selenium-poor soils as plant food. Some scientists classify Germany as selenium deficiency area, because often, the actual selenium intake – an average of 30-60 µg /day – behind the recommendation of the German nutrition…
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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold

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Healthy lemon: First aid for the common cold Lemons are real multi-talents: So a hot lemon is supposed to help due to their high Vitamin C content for colds and sore throat. In addition, lemon juice is also good for the hair and help prevent pimples. But what is it about the all the claims? We'll tell you why lemons are so healthy and what ailments they actually have a positive effect. Healthy fruit with plenty of Vitamin C Lemons are extremely healthy. This is mainly due to the fact that they contain large amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, and can thus prevent the development of colds. In addition, the Vitamin acts in the body, but also as a radical scavenger: It intercepts free radicals…
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Beer’s contribution to health?

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Beer's contribution to health? "Beer is among the beverages the most useful, among medicines the tastiest and among food the most pleasant." The Greek philosopher Plutarch knew to appreciate the juice of the Barley. Whether the beer is actually healthy and what is in the drink, we tell here. What's in the beer? That beer is healthy, is not a new finding. From only four ingredients it is written: Hops Malt Water Yeast These four ingredients to form the composition of German beer that is still brewed today with the same ingredients as in front of almost 500 years, (purity law of 1516). Hops as a Medicinal Perhaps the most important component of hops. Hops belong to the hemp plants, and came about in the 8. Century to Central Europe.…
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Hormone deficiency – What happens?

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Hormone deficiency - What happens? It provides for the growth of a beard, a deep voice, bulging muscles, and the reproductive drive – the hormone testosterone. A lack of testosterone leads to muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and weight gain. As the German Green cross reported testosterone is also for the well-being significant. It promotes assertiveness and makes men more aggressive than women. And it is an essential factor for the reproduction, because it is the seed threads of the tire and is thus a prerequisite for ensuring that children can be begotten. In women, the ovaries produce, and the adrenal cortex small amounts of testosterone. Even men are getting in the menopause The male sex hormone testosterone is produced in the testicles, six daily milligrams of. The hormone is broken down…
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Food Additives: E-Numbers

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Food Additives: E-Numbers When you look at the packaging, you are usually to: E-numbers, together with their areas of use. Their use is not limited to poison, green candies and pink marzipan pigs. But what exactly is behind these food additives? The yogurt should be aromatic, fluffy and creamy, the fruit in the jam is to to Try to seduce. And who would bear a pale grey rubber a pleasure to eat? The soups and the salt does not clump, spreads, biscuits, or sausages look appetizing and the marzipan pig is not dry, the food industry uses a seemingly confusing amount of food additives with E-numbers (the "E" stands for Europe). This can be distinguished depending on effect/area of use, especially the following groups: Anti-oxidant Baking powders Emulsifiers Dyes Fastening…
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So Halloween is a healthy fun

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So Halloween is a healthy fun On Halloween, it is time for a pumpkin hollow out a stock of sweets to create, design costumes, and to enrich the house with skeletons, black cats, and all sorts of creepy decoration. But why do you celebrated Halloween? About the origins of Halloween to argue today. History of Halloween The Name is a short form of All Hallows Even, the evening before all saints ' day, the Halloween Festival is committed to traditional. According to the legend, celebrated Celtic druids in the night from 31. October 1. November is a Festival to say goodbye to summer and welcome the Winter, the time of the dead God Samhein. That night, you believed you could make contact with the dead contact and the other way…
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Fit in the office – what everyone can do?

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Fit in the office - what everyone can do? Tired from the long Sitting in the office? Tensions as a result of unilateral load? In order to avoid it so far - just four short Exercises. Health and well-being in the workplace are important conditions for our performance. To do a really good job, you have to feel it in his body completely at ease. A significant contribution you can make by yourself. Job So he should be: functional and ergonomic, clean and friendly - protects the health and raises Motivation and performance. The fact is that Sitting for an extended period of time, often with head and back pain, or neck tension associated, especially in the case of people, the need to professionally sit for many hours. Around 85%…
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Pack Donkey School Child? The load with the satchel

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Pack Donkey School Child? The load with the satchel Who wants to be cool, you have to suffer... especially if the satchel is adapted to heavy or incorrectly. Three-quarters of all elementary school students have to lug your school stuff harder than it would be for your age and weight is advisable. What parents and students should be aware of, you can find here. Lisa does not like to go to school anymore. Only in the last few weeks, the little girl visited the second primary school class. And although Lisa had in the last school year, great fun in the lessons, cry and find fault with you now, almost every Morning. Long Lisa's mother did not know the Council, spoke with the teachers and Lisa's doctor, but none had…
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Vitamin D protects against cancer

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Vitamin D protects against cancer Vitamin D protects against cancer, not only rickets and osteoporosis, as many recent research works show. Could the new findings about the so far completely underestimated the importance of Vitamin D scientists Dr. Jörg Reichrath (skin clinic), and Dr. Michael Friedrich (women's clinic) of the University clinics of the Saarland in Homburg contribute significantly. Vitamin D: impact and importance for health prevention Vitamin D, commonly known as the "sunshine Vitamin", is not a Vitamin in the strict sense, but a hormone. The term Vitamin was assigned to him mistakenly, having noted very early on that this in the cod liver oil contained a substance can prevent rickets in children, or cure. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread and in its frequency, but also in its consequences…
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Men’s health – health education for men

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Men's health - health education for men Health education for men If it is assumed that the above formulated question of whether men can change your health behavior at all, can be answered with "Yes", the next question is: "How can we raise awareness among men for health-related topics?" The fact that the health insurance offered free of charge checkups of men are used only to a very small extent – only half as many men as women between the ages of 45 and 49 to take preventive health check-UPS – is not an indication that "gender-neutral" prevention arrive offers in men and the development of gender-needs to play specific offers, especially in the case of prevention and health promotion a fundamental role in health education. Who can afford this…
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Tips around the mattress

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Tips around the mattress A good night's sleep on a suitable mattress for many people is just a dream. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not uncommon. In addition to the Stress or worries can also be mattresses the trigger for poor sleep. Mattresses are ideal if you can adapt to the body, as well as the shape of the body. Sleep is important for people, even life-sustaining. Because during sleep, the body can recover from the rigors of everyday life, recharge your batteries. A bad sun position can, however, lead to insomnia, as well as to physical pain, such as back pain. Also, problems with the intervertebral discs (herniated disc), muscle tension, or painful pressure points by Sleeping can possibly be by choosing the right mattress is avoided. Which mattress…
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Peas: Healthy Pleasure

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Peas: Healthy Pleasure Peas enrich the dining plan as a Pea stew, in soups, as a puree or as a delicious sugar bean. The ball-and-round vegetables is small, but, because in terms of proteins and other healthy ingredients peas hold some surprises. We will tell you what all is in peas and what to consider in terms of its durability. Peas – vegetable protein bomb Fresh green peas are about 70 percent water. The protein content is approximately 7 percent. Dried peas have a protein content of 20 percent. This proportion in vegetable protein makes the peas to the top of the legumes, and an ideal protein suppliers – and not just for vegetarians and Vegans. Pea proteins are due to their special combination of amino acids, especially valuable for…
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Why drinking is so important

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Why drinking is so important Many of us worry about the food, but rarely their drinking habits under the magnifying glass. Wrong: most adults drink too little per day. Who is waiting for the feeling of thirst until he drinks something, often a fluid deficit. Humans can survive a month without food, but no more than five to seven days without drinking. Therefore, For our health is the proper and sufficient Drink of the day is at least as important as the right diet. Thirst arises when the body has lost more than 0.5% of its weight in the Form of water. Drink 2 liters of water per day Water is a tasteless and odourless, transparent, clear and colorless liquid, which consists of two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen…
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Butterflies in the stomach – How emotions mix into our food

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Butterflies in the stomach - How emotions mix into our food Love goes through the stomach. Love live from air and love. Yes, and also the grief bacon's (unfortunately) not only literally. There is no denying that Our state of mind clearly influences our feeling of Hunger. But what exactly is behind it: Why do Lovers so little appetite - and why is frustration so often promotes "binge Eating"? Is unjust: he Who is in love and happy, and might get the dream figure. And who is sad? To eat to in addition, still the same grief bacon. There are very solid hormonal reasons. Positive Feelings Because falling in love is not just a feeling - it releases a very powerful hormone cocktail that swirls all the physiological processes in…
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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy

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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy He is the "asparagus of the poor man" and a historical size: the Leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated to the Leek because of its mustard oils, which are intended to maintain the voice. His eating habits have brought him the name of Porrophagus, leek eater. From the Mediterranean sea, from the onion plant began its triumphal March to the North of Europe. Also, the Germans and the British appreciated the aromatic vegetable with the long, white shaft, and the juicy green leaves. Leek is available throughout the year The "illustrious" rulers used the vegetables even as a coat-of-arms ornament. The British part of the country Wales still has a…
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Do you drink enough?

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Do you drink enough? Around 20,000 persons sought, within a year, the answer to this question and let the the Forum drinking water online advise. Now the data has been evaluated. The results: 80 percent of all participants would like to drink more. People who regularly drink small amounts throughout the day, make it to drink of the day in the middle of almost a litre more than people who only drink once a day much. Interestingly, The situation seems to have an influence on the drinking behaviour. Who lives in a partnership or family, forget the Drink, rather than Singles. Setting realistic goals Strict resolutions rarely lead to success. This also applies to the improvement of the drinking behavior. With intentions such as "Starting tomorrow, I will drink…
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Diet for pregnancy diabetes

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Diet for pregnancy diabetes Pregnancy diabetes, gestational diabetes, is how it says the name already, Diabetes that occurs only in pregnancy. He usually disappears with the birth of the child. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account and can be managed by conscious and healthy diet. Often a change of diet is even sufficient to fix Diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes prevention For every expectant mother and, above all, every child a healthy balanced diet is the basic requirement. Obesity and an unhealthy unbalanced diet are the most common causes for gestational diabetes. Therefore, these factors should be excluded, if possible, in advance. As movement, sporting activities, and the healthy, well-balanced and tailored diet play the crucial role. In pregnancy sporting activities are sometimes only possible to a limited extent.…
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Smoothies – health-self-made

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Smoothies – health-self-made Five servings of fruit and vegetables – this is the recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet. At the same time, but it is also a challenge. Smoothies offer a healthy Alternative. They can be bought either in the supermarket or prepared but simple and healthy home. All you need is fresh fruit and vegetables, to taste yogurt or buttermilk, olive oil, sugar, and a blender. Every fruit and vegetable that you can eat it raw. Their creamy consistency to get the Smoothies with ice cubes, yogurt or buttermilk. Power and vitamins Ginger is known for its invigorating and digestion-promoting effect and exceptional taste experiences. To do this, press a small piece of peeled ginger through a garlic press and mash this together with the juice of three…
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