Hirsutism measures and treatment

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Hirsutism measures and treatment Measures against the impact – physical and emotional! Since the external masculinization often has serious psychological consequences, is a serious disease that must be treated. The scars, the constant rejection by the environment, should be underestimated in any case. So, particularly mothers, who discover their daughters a Hirsutimus to draw as early as possible to a physician to allow your child to have a normal physical and social development. First of all, the most sustainable removal of unwanted body hair. For which method the individual patient chooses depends on the type of skin, existing acne, and - unfortunately - the purse. Advice and help to find Concerned in the case of trained beauticians and skin doctor. Waxing is somewhat painful, but lasts longer than simple Shaving.…
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Obesity Fat parents, fat children – Doctors are sounding the Alarm. The number of people with Obesity continues to rise. Tips for diet and weight loss seem to have little effect. What can you do? Obesity (obesity, Obesity, obesity), the higher a mass phenomenon especially in the developed countries, The number of people with Obesity to many Kilos on the Dare, particularly in the child age at an alarming speed. Obesity limits the quality of life and shortened life expectancy. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, for example, for high blood pressure (hypertension). From Overweight to obesity According to the world health organization (WHO), the number of people with Obesity in the past 20 years, tripled. Slightly Overweight, has little negative impact on health. However, it is already…
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Ectopic pregnancy – causes and symptoms

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Ectopic pregnancy - causes and symptoms How is it an ectopic pregnancy? Numerous pre-existing conditions and other factors increase the risk of GC. The inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis), for example, by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, hairs may cause damage to the delicate flicker (which comes in the fallopian tube the Egg will "drive“) or for the bonding of the fallopian tubes. As a result, the Egg in the folds of the "catch can“ or remains – by a narrowing – in. Sometimes the fallopian tubes are too long, have a congenital malformation, or your muscles do not work properly, so that the fertilised Egg also has difficulty to reach in time the uterus. Also, previous miscarriage, abortion, or surgery on the uterus or in…
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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV

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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV Due to the increasing number of children with Obesity, poor concentration, Hyper activity and attention disorders is the question of the influence of the parents is becoming more and more in the foreground. It's about how parents an age-appropriate and psycho-social development of their children. Clear rules and times In addition to regular, shared meals and regular sleep times, daily physical activity belongs to the healthy development of a child. Because of excessive television and computer use has a negative influence on the behavior of children, they need from their parents a clear set of rules in dealing with TV and PC. There is scientific evidence that early and frequent television and computer consumption and negative impact on the mental abilities…
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Tips for more variety in the break

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Tips for more variety in the break Smoke heads in the math classroom, stale air after 45 minutes in full class room and then finally a break! Typical school yard games are a great way to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, a lot of classics are forgotten. A lot of Kids whip out in the big break instead of a skipping rope rather your cell phone is on and in the next hour, unfocused and fidgety. Trendy, Packed, parents can make their offspring old break hits, however, tasty. Because they promote movement, coordination and team spirit and also make the cool Kids fun. From rope Rope Skipping is jump Rope coordination and stamina to jump. What many people don't know Who vibrates at a young age regularly the rope, helps to…
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Mastopathy – a harmless change in the breast

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Mastopathy - a harmless change in the breast Pain and swelling of the breast, strong pressure sensitivity, and small nodules are the typical signs of a mastopathy, the most common benign changes in the breast glandular tissue. Approximately every second woman between 35 and 55 years of age is affected by more or less strong, benign changes in the breast tissue. Here are the changes to have no disease value – not every woman with a mastopathy has complaints. Hormones out of balance The exact cause of a mastopathy. But we do know that Estrogen plays an important role. Probably a disturbed relationship to the body's own sex is a progestin hormone and an Estrogen based, making Estrogen outweighs the progestin in the end. This happens when too much Estrogen…
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Drinking water in schools, no normality

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Drinking water in schools, no normality Children are only allowed to breast-feed rarely while teaching your thirst. This is allowed only at 16 percent of the schools. Even in the sports teaching, it does not look much better: Only every fifth school to Drink during sports is a matter of course. Striking is the ignorance of the parents is 39 percent do not know whether their children are allowed to drink in the sports lessons. These are the results of a representative survey among parents, which has given the Forum of drinking water e. V. in order. Also with regard to the selection of drinks and the joy of movement, the Six - to eighteen-year-olds give the results of the survey are a cause for concern. According to the parents…
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Creativity needs space

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Creativity needs space In the bathroom, bed, or Bus, not infrequently, these are the places from which it is claimed that creative people get the ideas that the world could you later be famous. Archimedes rushed, for example, from the bath out into the streets of Syracuse, shouting: "Eureka!" He had solved the Problem that had kept him busy for days: How to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped body, for example, a Golden crown,. Friedrich von Kekule had, sleeping by the fire sitting, a dream that gave him the idea, the structure of the benzene molecule, which appeared so difficult to explain, could be annular. The result was the birth of a new branch of the science, the chemistry of aromatic Compounds. As Henri Poincare ascended for a…
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Diet and lifestyle

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Diet and lifestyle In the Western industrial countries, more than 70% depend on all the diseases of life and nutrition. On the subject of Obesity, the Germans to lead to new investigations, the top. There is the question of how it could come to such a development. One explanation is the change of lifestyle in the last 5 decades. Food is a fundamental part of our lives. Food not only ensures the supply of energy and nutrients, but is also part of our life, culture and habits. Our society and way of life and the food culture have changed in the last decades. Of the Balance to the Surplus Until the first half of the 20th century. Century was made by the majority of the population heavy physical work, for…
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Goose digested well

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Goose digested well Do You Love Goose? Or are you more of a Turkey guy? You may prefer to work with Lobster, salmon & co.? Or you are more like meringues, almond pudding and Sorbets seduce? As well as always. The days of true battle days before your digestion. But you can do a whole lot, without heartburn, flatulence and discomfort about the come upcoming Schlemmer time. How does the digestive? Under digestion, we understand the transformation of the food with the help of enzymes, into substances that can be degraded by the body. This already starts in the mouth during chewing, saliva, enzymes, this conversion can be initiated. In the stomach hydrochloric acid and the main digestive enzyme Pepsin. The liver contributes bile to the digestion of fat, and…
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Fast Food

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Fast Food Fast Food and the "American Way of Life" are linked in the imaginations of many people. It has found the first forerunner of the modern fast-food restaurant at the excavations in Pompeii: Hot food for rapid consumption, you could buy already in the ancient world, at many street corners. Its further development in the Fast-Food shops in the course of the 19th century. Century in Russia and the United States, to the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, surrounded the end of the 1940s, their Restaurant, self-service, and the Burger-making to a large extent rationalized. Fast Food recipes to come triumph Bigger, faster, better: the Motto of the modern American society, not only in the Western world. Fast Food, so fast food - on the Hand or…
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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies – Apple-Pear-Studs

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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookies - Apple-Pear-Studs Apple-Pear-Studs Baking cookies is part of the advent and Christmas season as well as visits to the Christmas market, or Decorating a Christmas tree. After Christmas, eating the many cookies, however, mostly ugly noticeable when the pants pinches or the shell no longer fits properly. Because in many of the Christmas too much Butter or sugar cookies. Here are some recipes for cookies that you can enjoy without a guilty Conscience. Ingredients for 20 slices: 125 g of dried pears 4 TBSP Apple syrup (health food store) 1/2 bottle of Rum flavour, 500 g of flour 1 Pinch Of Salt 2 TSP. of Christian great spice 30 g fresh yeast 50 g sugar 150 ml low-fat milk 1 Egg 250 g low-fat quark 100…
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Detrimental to the health of natural plant materials

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Detrimental to the health of natural plant materials Many plants naturally contain substances, which may exert in humans and animals with a toxic (poisonous) effect. The Plant toxins (poisons) are used in different function. You can prevent the Fraßschutz or in the defense against microorganisms support. For the human organism, these substances may have a more or less adverse effect on health. With knowledge of the potentially dangerous substances and avoidance of possible sources of a health risk is very low. Haemagglutinins in legumes The Haemagglutinins are proteins which cause in the organism, a Clumping of red blood cells. As a result, it can cause inflammation to severe intestinal and bleeding. It is assumed that the consumption of five to six raw green beans can cause these effects. Lighter poisoning…
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Nutrition in AIDS

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Nutrition in AIDS The nutritional status can influence the course of the AIDS disease are essential. HIV should Infected be advised as early as possible dietary, so it comes as no decrease in the body weight, the experts of the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen (D. I. E. T.) challenge. The final stage of the immune deficiency disease AIDS goes hand in hand with the so-called Wasting syndrome, which is characterized by weight loss of more than 10 percent of the original weight, diarrhoea and/or fever. Because of the prevalence of malnutrition in HIV-Infected or AIDS-sick diet medical measures are of Central importance. Due to the frequently reduced food intake caused by loss of appetite, vomiting, swallowing disorders, physical weakness, depression, medication side effects, and infections…
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Amenorrhea – diagnosis and treatment

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Amenorrhea - diagnosis and treatment How is the diagnosis? Often no other symptoms besides amenorrhea. Nevertheless, the woman's doctor will collect a detailed medical history, to see if life circumstances play a role, whether other diseases are present, operations in the abdominal cavity were made or medicines are taken. Also, he will ask for exactly the previous cycle. Then a woman is carried out medical inspection and palpation of the vagina, uterus, and ovaries, usually supplemented by an ultrasound examination. In some cases, a laparoscopy, in particular, in the case of primary amenorrhea. For the diagnosis blood tests with hormone disturbances and other disorders notice. If necessary, a pregnancy test is made. The suspicion of a brain tumor, is a computer tomography of the skull. What kind of therapy are…
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A lot of women with love-life unhappy

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A lot of women with love-life unhappy Many women wish for a better love relationship. This is the evaluation of an Internet survey conducted by the information centre for sexuality and health (ISG). Accordingly, only every fourth woman (25.9%) is your sex life satisfactory. Around 70 percent of the respondents, the desire for sexual activity does not meet your expectations. Internet survey of women Two-thirds of the women (67.7 percent) indicate that they did not know whether her Partner is with her erotic behavior, satisfied. About 82 per cent would like to change something in your sex life. In the survey, which extended over a period of one and a half years, have been involved 2.215 women in the age from 15 till 90 years. The average age was 35.5…
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Biotin Biotin was originally referred to as Vitamin H, because it was recognized early on, its importance for skin and hair. Such as folic acid, Biotin belongs to the Vitamin B complex and is when Vitamin B7 is known. Biotin is water soluble and can be bound by the proteins Streptavidin and Avidin. Both the fat metabolism and the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as in the nucleus Biotin plays an important role. It is also involved in the regulation of blood sugar levels. As a dietary Supplement Biotin has experienced in the last few years a real Boom: Biotin capsules and Biotin tablets to provide you beautiful hair, the finger nails to strengthen and against inflammatory skin reactions, such as acne. Biotin deficiency is rare Biotin is…
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Menopause (Climacteric): Hormone Therapy

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Menopause (Climacteric): Hormone Therapy The need for professional help in case of menopausal complaints is large. Almost three-quarters of affected women seek out a woman doctor. The number of visits increases with both the diversity as well as with the intensity of the discomfort continuously. An integral part of the treatment of complaints, the so-called non-drug measures are: Switching to a healthy diet with little caffeine, alcohol and nicotine Avoiding stress and more exercise Conscious to Relax for example Yoga, acupuncture, etc. These measures also serve the preservation of health and well-being for a long time. Hormone therapy If in the first line, the discount is the end of hormone production in menopause for physical and psychological complaints are responsible, it seems sensible and logical to replace these missing hormones…
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Espresso, filter coffee or instant coffee?

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Espresso, filter coffee or instant coffee? Whether filter coffee, Espresso or soluble coffee, there is no evidence to suggest that coffee consumption is associated in the usual, consumed quantities, a risk to health, reports nutrition scientist Anja Baustian of the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics e. V. in Aachen. An American group of researchers investigated in 2005, the impact of caffeine-containing and decaffeinated coffee on heart, blood circulation and metabolism. Caffeine-containing coffee had fat no negative effect on the measured parameters blood pressure, pulse rate, Body Mass Index, blood sugar levels, amount of Insulin or various blood values (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL) (1). Anyone who has problems with cholesterol levels, should prefer to a coffee filter as this filters out the Coffee to a large extent. Influence of caffeine…
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Vitamin and mineral supplements: Useful or a waste of money?

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Vitamin and mineral supplements: Useful or a waste of money? Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended in many cases. Iodized salt and Omega-3 fatty acids for several times a week, eat fish, iron and folate in pregnancy, Vitamin C and zinc as cold prevention zinc for seniors, as well as multi-vitamin supplements in the case of a generally unfavourable food composition: In all these cases, the supplementation of nutrients via the daily diet is also useful, Birgit Junghans, diploma in nutritional science expert at the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics (D. I. E. T.) in Bad Aachen. Often a lack of supply of certain mineral substances The debate about the sense and necessity of food supplements, such as Vitamin and mineral supplements leads to an uncertainty of the…
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Memory training

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Memory training Happens to you again and again that you want to retrieve Information from their memory, and ... there is nothing in the memory? You know that there once was something, but, as in a messy room the searched article is just not finding? Your eyes glide with a searching glance in the supermarket, on the shelves, not because they are Certain in search of something, but just because you know There is something I wanted to buy was still? If you such things very often cause grief, you don't need a serious brain disease that she is looking for a home: Perhaps the right approach, the right Exercise with your memory is missing. The brain needs Exercise The right way to deal with the nerve-cell clusters in our…
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Water melons

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Water melons Due to its refreshing taste, watermelon on hot summer days, is extremely popular. Through the thick, green peel, it is not however always easy to whether the melon is ripe or not. That's why a small tip: it rings when you Tap on the shell a dull, the sound full of sound, the watermelon is ripe. The flesh of the fruit has a juicy, pink-red tone. In the fridge, cut the water melons have a couple of days – they are best with a cling film covered. Calories and ingredients Watermelons consist of about 95 percent water and are, therefore, a particularly low-calorie fruit: 100 grams to only 24 calories. Nevertheless, the water-melon of many valuable ingredients, it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. In…
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Caffeine: interactions and use

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Caffeine: interactions and use Caffeine: interactions and contra-indicators The consumption of caffeine, it may come up with different medications to interactions. Drugs such as sympathomimetic be taken that increase the heart rate, caffeine can enhance the effect. Soothing active ingredients will counteract caffeine. Also important to note is that the caffeine speeds up degradation in the body by Smoking, by the active ingredients cimetidine and Disulfiram, however, is hampered. To continue to strengthen caffeine the effectiveness of pain medications with the active ingredients acetylsalicylic acid or Paracetamol. Pain relievers be taken together with caffeine, can reduce the dose of analgesic usually. More detailed information on the interaction of caffeine and painkillers you should ask your doctor. Mix with alcohol Recent studies suggest that it can also come with the simultaneous…
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Moldy bread and now?

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Moldy bread and now? Mouldy fruit mouldy yogurt for these products, the decision to Throw away has fallen quickly. But this is also true for moldy bread? The a hesitate or two of bread at the first sign of mold, throw away, and cut out the affected part of the body generously. Others take the smallest of the green-bluish tinge to the occasion to throw the entire bread in the garbage bin. Throw away or cut – that is the question. In addition, there is also the possibility to buy bread, which was made by various methods, more durable. Preservation and pasteurization of bread Certain breads (e.g., rye breads, sliced breads, pre-packaged pre-baked loaves of bread) must be preserved to protect against mold, with sorbic acid, propionic acid or salts…
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Grilling vegetables and fruit

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Grilling vegetables and fruit Not only meat makes a good figure on the Grill. Also, potatoes and vegetables are great as side dishes or vegetarian appetizers for the Grill menu. What you should specifically look for when making grilled vegetables, you will learn our basics. Many vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, Zucchini or eggplant for the grill. Colorful BBQ ideas, such as the Mediterranean vegetables on a skewer, or stuffed peppers can also the eye eat with. Depending on your taste, the vegetables can be cut as a whole or in pieces, skewered with herbs or other ingredients such as cheese, stuffed or marinated. The imagination has no limits. The Marinade should only be applied shortly before the end of the grill time with a brush. As with the…
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Peaches Peaches because of their sweet and fruity taste especially popular during the summer. Due to their hairy skin, they differ significantly from the nectarines have a smooth skin. Peaches can be bought, if the flesh is still hard, because the fruits ripen at home. The flesh of the fruit gives to pressure easily, can be eaten the peach. Calories and ingredients Peaches have few calories, as they consist of about 85 percent water. So bring it 100 grams to just 40 calories. In addition to their high water content important mineral put in peaches, substances such as calcium, Magnesium and potassium. In addition, the sweet fruits contain a lot of vitamins, namely Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. Recipe: rice pudding with peaches 1.5 liters of milk with…
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the pH value of sugar and Sweets, fats and Oils

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the pH value of sugar and Sweets, fats and Oils Sugar, Preserves and Sweet Fats and Oils pH table: Estimated potential renal acid load (PRAL in mEq/100g) of 114 frequently consumed foods and beverages (related to 100 g). Modified according to Remer and Manz, Journal of the american dietetic association 1995; 95:791-797. back to article contents Food tables with a pH the pH value of cereal products the pH value of fish, meat and sausage products pH-value - vegetables and legumes the pH value of fruit, nuts, and fruit juices the pH value of milk, milk products and eggs the pH value of sugar and Sweets, fats and Oils
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Corn: Healthy Pleasure

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Corn: Healthy Pleasure Corn has a firm place in our diet: begins in the homes of many of the day to keep in the morning with a Serving of Cornflakes. The grain can be boiled or fried as a side dish, corn porridge instead of rice, or in the Form of Popcorn will be eaten as a Snack. In contrast to other cereals, Corn has the advantage that it contains no Gluten and therefore also for people with celiac disease. But Corn is, therefore, equal healthy? Here you can find out how many calories are in Corn and what are the ingredients in the yellow grain plug. Corn: With Valuable Ingredients Maize is for the most part – namely, to around 72 percent out of the water. Except water are…
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Circular saws – for sure!

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Circular saws - for sure! Working with circular saws, especially with the popular and widely used hand-held circular saw, the most dangerous and most accident-prone DIY. Especially common are sectional, injuries to the arms and hands. For Your Safety: Read the instruction manual thoroughly and clarify all the open questions in peace and as long as with an expert, until you master the device safely. You can practice using the device a number of times until you can safely handle with the saw. The riving knife and the protective hood are important protective devices. You don't mount them and check them regularly on their ability to function. Replace cracked or buckled blades immediately against intact specimens. Use a hand broom or Similar to Remove the chips; do not wipe with…
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Sandwich guide – Healthy food in school and office

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Sandwich guide - Healthy food in school and office At noon she has her big appearance: The Sandwich! Almost half of professionals (45 percent) engages in the lunch break to bread, buns or Sandwich. This was confirmed by a survey conducted by the DAK. In addition, folding play sandwiches-classics such as cheese or sausage sandwiches in the Breakfast of many school children's boxes have an important role. But a Sandwich is the same Sandwich – the DAK-guide shows why. From simple cuts to a luxury sandwich Simple cuts with little effort and a little imagination easily into a "Snack de luxe". First stage - the bread is the basis of every Sandwich, and more important carbohydrate source. Disc for disc, it supplies fibres and minerals. How healthy the Bread is…
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