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Spring cleaning – Fall through the spring cleaning

When the spring sun is shining through the dirty window panes on dusty bookshelves, can interfere with the positive feelings of spring. The remedy: scrub brush, MOP, window, leather & co. and a song on the lips. Before you rush whistling into the hustle of the woolen mice, you should heed the following tips. So you avoid to be one of the 5.4 million Germans every year, is in the own four walls crash.

  • You wear appropriate clothing: long Sleeves, loose Apron strings, ties to hoods, etc. To you it remains easy to hang.
  • Pay attention to good footwear is The ideal house Shoe has a sole with a good profile, is flat and surrounds the foot. By ran, Slippers or high-heeled Pumps are unsuitable for Balancing on ladders or walking on damp floors.
  • Do not climb on window sills!
  • You can clean the Windows only from the inside, so from the room out. The outer side of the window that is difficult to achieve, and help device a long stick or a special. The outer side of the window sill is as a platform taboo!
  • You have to clear the window sill in front of the Brush blank.
  • Chairs and stools are for Sitting, not to put on It! Booth kicks the safe, ladders and household ladders, if you realise a GS-seal of approval (stands for “Tested safety”).
  • Banish the bucket, the MOP and detergent to the edge of the plaster scene – in the middle of the path you will fall to dangerous stumbling. This is especially true if the staircase has to be cleaned.
  • Pick up everything that is dropped, immediately. Wipe up grease, and water: danger of Slipping!
  • You have installed enough electrical outlets? Across the flat end of the extension cable are not covered to-be-underestimated hazard. Turn several extension cables in a row, which can lead you to the room along the edge. And just change more frequently the outlet.
  • Keep cleaning agents, sanitary cleaners and other household chemicals by small children. Risk of poisoning!
  • You don’t do ten things at once but rather one after the other. You have plenty of time for the spring cleaning. It is a good idea to make a schedule that provides for sufficient breaks.

If you make room for the room (rather than action for action such as window cleaning or shelf-Dusting), you have the advantage of having something visible done, even if she leaves first, despite the mood music in the short term, the desire for spring cleaning.

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