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Spring cleaning – Sure on the head

Per year around 500,000 German citizens to have an accident, and with household heads. Bruises, sprained toes dipped, bone fractures or a concussion are often the painful consequences felt by the Affected, even after weeks. However, only about 5 % of all falls from ladders are due to defects in the device, mostly wrong behavior is the cause. Particularly treacherous time pressure and hectic hang up “Quickly on to the curtains, before the children come home from school and lunch must be on the table”. Add to this the physical and mental factors, for example lack of concentration or carelessness. The German curatorship for safety in home and leisure e. V. (DSH) therefore recommends that, for all of the house work enough to schedule the time and prefer to work to interrupt, to bring you under pressure.

More tips for the safe handling of ladders:

  • Check home and garden ladders regularly for security flaws, just to the hinges and spreader mounts.
  • Rubber or plastic feet of aluminum ladders in place on the spar, because the ladder may slip. To Check the head from time to time, turn around: Often, the foot looks from above and from the side well, while it is damaged at the bottom.
  • Ladders with signs of wear and tear, or wood ladders with rotten immediately mustered out, and new models replace.
  • You choose the head to suit the work height. Normally, a circuit of three to four steps for the house work.
  • Do not place ladders only where there are no unpleasant Surprises can happen, for example, directly behind unobstructed doors, or on the much trodden Paths.
  • Make sure the ladder is secure on a flat surface. Before climbing a stepladder should be locked into place with the Spreader.
  • Avoid dangerous balancing acts on ladders. You prefer to rise once more from the head to the back of a piece to continue, as that you are leaning too far to the left or to the right.
  • Remove paint and Wallpaper paste running boards, rungs, and rails with warm water and a stiff brush.
  • Wear sole, solid, closed-toe shoes with a tread.
  • Keep all ladders and steps so that you can reach them at any time convenient.

And finally, the reward: After a busy spring-cleaning, you have a minimum of a bouquet of flowers or a relaxing movie night deserves.

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