Stomach-Friendly Christmas

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Stomach-Friendly Christmas

In the advent and Christmas season – especially the holidays – expect we our stomach a lot. The amounts of cookies, mulled wine, Stollen, Domino stones and roast Goose that we back each and every year in December, it’s no wonder that our stomach uses at some point for the military: bloating, flatulence, and heartburn are some of the typical consequences of a sumptuous Banquet, it is said. We will reveal as they come without stomach problems through the Christmas season and what helps, if you have overdone it.

No Christmas without feast

A sumptuous feast is one of many at Christmas as well as the gifts under the Christmas Tree. There is, for example, roast Goose with potato dumplings and red Cabbage and for dessert a large Portion of Tiramisu. After the actual food, dominoes and all sorts of other sweet will be followed by cookies, Treats. And it’s all in rough quantities.

In short: The food at Christmas is usually too greasy, too sweet, and especially too much. No wonder, that the stomach rebels. With a few simple Tricks, you can come without stomach problems due to the holidays – it is quite simple:


  • Light soups and salads as an Appetizer
  • Low-fat meat or fish use
  • Aware of food – so you can enjoy smaller portions

In moderation allowed:

  • Fatty foods like roast Goose
  • Very sweet foods such as cookies or Stollen

Temptations at the Christmas market

Not only at Christmas, but also in the weeks before our stomach has to participate a lot. Because on the Christmas market you quickly in to the temptation: the delicious delights waiting at every corner to us, but unfortunately, these are mostly not well tolerated.

Taste is of course allowed, but if you load your stomach with Sausage, French fries, roasted almonds and crepes at the same time, this regurgitation of the food is already acidic. They overdo it so your stomach’s sake! Or you fall back, at least, between something stomach-friendly Alternatives such as hot Chestnuts, baked apples, or fried mushrooms (without the cream sauce).

Create a balance,

In General, speaking of the advent and Christmas season, don’t mind to treat yourself to a larger feast. But often it is not a feast, but it is a true food Marathon, which brings the stomach to its limits. So that your stomach is not flabby, you should him and take a break.

If you have overdone it about the lunch, the dinner a little smaller, or not at all. Alternatively, you can also rely on the next day, only on food, the burden on the stomach: Make a soup, a salad, or eat a light fish dish with rice.

It is also important that you drink enough – at best between two and three liters per day. Fall back on mineral water or unsweetened herbal teas. In addition, movement helps to relax the stomach in the Christmas season: take to the Christmas market a little walk through the city or go on the weekend a little longer in front of the door.

When the stomach grumbles

Despite all the good intentions, it can happen to the Christmas holidays, quickly, that makes the stomach problems. And heartburn, bloating & co. can spoil the joy of Christmas quickly. Don’t worry: With a few simple home remedies the discomfort can usually quickly get to grips with. Click here to read what helps pain for heartburn, flatulence, bloating and stomach.

Tips to prevent heartburn

  • Avoid spicy and very oily dishes. Also, alcoholic drinks should enjoy only in moderation.
  • It is better to use several small, rather than three large meals. The stomach is filled to the brim, you will increase the pressure and the emergence of heartburn favored.
  • You eat three hours before you go to bed. Then the stomach is going to sleep are largely empty and during the night, no heartburn occurs.

Tips to prevent bloating

  • Flatulence, particularly caused by foods such as cabbage or onions – avoid in case of doubt on this food.
  • Teas in the flavors of fennel, anise or cumin seeds can prevent bloating.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, so less air gets into the intestine. Also, make sure to eat in silence and chew the food thoroughly.

Tips to prevent bloating

  • Bloating can be prevented by mixing a little cumin into the food. The spice ensures that the food is more easily digestible.
  • A Cup of Espresso can boost after a rich meal, the digestion. From the ever popular digestive liquor, you should leave better the Finger: this is Because alcohol inhibits fat-burning – thus, the food is still longer hard in the stomach.
  • Artichokes (also available as a juice or capsule) are rich in bitter, the liver, and bile stimulate and thus help the body to faster elimination of toxins.

Tips for stomach pain

  • Place a warm hot water bottle or a warm cherry stone pillow on the Sofa and rest.
  • A warm peppermint or chamomile tea helps to calm the roiling stomach.
  • You waive all thick, fat, food, but access to soups, salads or vegetables, which protects the stomach.

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