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Successfully lose weight – without the yo-Yo effect


On the way to the perfect figure for the summer, some of the pitfalls lurking. So, too, the well-known yo-Yo effect. Just then, if you could reduce the following a diet to be successful weight and now his old eating habits again lay down, comes one of the yo-Yo effect on the ropes and strikes with a new weight gain. However, there are ways the yo-Yo to prevent effect from the beginning.

What is the yo-Yo effect?

In children times a Jo-Jo was connected with positive experiences when Playing. But who comes as an adult with the yo-Yo effect, is about constant up and down, mostly unhappy, because this time it relates to the own weight of the device from time to time to Vary. And this imbalance can be quickly frustrating. But why is the so-called yo-Yo effect comes into being at all?

To accumulate reserves for times of Famine

You start a diet, reducing his daily calories. The body gets so suddenly, less energy than usual, so it switches directly in the saving mode and the house hold with the amount of energy it receives. After a diet, the body requires much less energy than before, because he has, so to speak, to get along learned with a lower intake.

We eat according to a diet more than before, the body suddenly more energy. And now the devil is in the Detail: in Order to strengthen us against times of Famine, converts the body excess energy into fat and store it for lean times in the body. Actually a very smart move, has shaped the evolutionary history of us humans.

Gradually lose weight for the long-term success

Just radical diets the pounds come off and bring us more quickly to the desired weight. However, this kind of speed up of diet the yo-Yo effect and can bring many negative consequences for the body and health. From a quick Slimming is not recommended, therefore, urgent. In order to promote their own health, should be reduced the weight slowly.

To avoid the yo-Yo effect sent, and to bring permanently the desired weight on the scale, it is important that the diet consistently. A well-balanced diet in combination with daily exercise and sports is the key to success.

Eat smart

Not only the number of calories is crucial, but also the composition of the calories. Ideal is a mixture of 12-15 percent protein, 55-60 percent carbohydrates, and 25 to 50 percent of the total amount of calories of fat a day. The amount of calories is dependent on age, sex, body size and activity. Here, you can best consult your physician.

Whole-grain products, fresh fruit and vegetables taste delicious and can be enjoyed without remorse. And beware of hidden fats! They are not only contained in various foods, such as sweets, but sneak in the preparation of the food. Coated pans, a roasting bag, or the method of Cooking can prevent excess fat during preparation.

By the way: Very important for long-term success is to be aware of their own eating habits. Chips for the television crime show, on Sunday evening, or chocolate for afternoon tea – usually not hungry, but over the years, anchored habit is behind it. From Childhood, we know that bans are especially tempting. Instead of banning Alternatives are appropriate. Grapes instead of chocolate, to read, and cucumbers to the crime instead of Chips. And also Snacking is allowed, but not on a regular basis. Should this exception to also include alcohol.

Regular exercise prevents the yo-Yo effect

In addition to a balanced diet, daily exercise is the best weapon against the Jo-Jo effect. Which Sport is the most appropriate, you are allowed to decide for themselves. Whether it’s walking, swimming, dancing or bike drivers, select the Sport that you like best.

Particularly tricky is the movement in the rest of my day to accommodate. Walking up stairs instead of using the Lift and the bike trade-in against the car – that will not only bring variety to the everyday life but also the own body in motion. And the beauty of it: Not only is the yo-Yo effect is avoided through Sport, but through the conversion of fat into muscles, the body is shaped by the way and tight.