Sunglasses: protection for children’s eyes

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Sunglasses: protection for children’s eyes

Whether Sand – or stone-paved beach, green plant or in a mountain meadow: Outside the Largest is a play for children. Sun cream and a hat get the Little ones usually missed out on the sunglasses, only a few parents think about it. Wrongly, because the children’s eyes are especially sensitive and in need of protection. The children’s eyes are clear, and light to develop more permeable than that of adults: pigments, which give the eye a natural self-protection against light and UV radiation, only with the years. Therefore, the eyes of a child can put the dangerous short-wave radiation only.

Also, children should wear sunglasses

Kerstin Kruschinski from the Board of Trustees of the Good: “exposed to the eyes of the Small durable of extreme exposure to the sun, there is the risk of permanent damage due to the UV rays.” What many parents know: children can and sun should wear glasses – not constantly, but whenever there is even a sun hat and sun cream applied. Kruschinski: “No child should have to play without sufficient protection any longer in the blazing sun and “protection” refers to the eyes as well as on the skin or the head. Hat, glasses, and cream are the perfect Trio.”

Children’s sunglasses are not a toy

Sun glasses, nose and Children, and in children’s hands a lot. You can’t be sloppy made, no sharp edges and no break – here is a danger of injury! A lower quality version can often be seen as an indication of bad glasses. And bad glasses are dangerous: Behind a pair of sunglasses, the pupils get dilated – when the UV protection is not correct, enter the dangerous rays unhindered through it, and the children eye damage.

However, even the best children’s sunglasses offers no protection when not worn. The difficulty was that the children do not speak, if the glasses or uncomfortable, but in Terms of convenience, no compromises. An uncomfortable pair of glasses, pushes, or slides or Playing retarded, then it will not be worn simply, or somewhere to “forget”.

Therefore: Buy children’s sunglasses are not in the game business, but at the optician. There you can not only be sure that the quality is right, but he can shape the glasses also are ideal at the head of the Small adjust. Also the appearance should not be neglected, says Kerstin Kruschinski: “My advice as a mother: Take your child to the optometrist, if you choose a children’s sunglasses. If it is allowed to have a say in wearing his glasses and often.”

The most Important thing in soon

  • Children’s eyes are more sensitive to UV light than the eyes of adults.
  • Sun protection for children sunglasses, as well as a headdress and cream.
  • Children’s sunglasses should be good and stable to be processed, no sharp edges and no break.
  • Good wearing comfort is especially important in children: What to press, slip, or interfere with, will not be worn by children also.