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Sure grilling with children

With the first warm spring weekend has started in Germany this year, the barbecue season. The enjoyment can quickly end in disaster, always show serious barbecue accidents in which children live are dangerous injured. In Germany annually to about 4000 grill accidents by the use of Fire accelerants. More than 400 of these accidents with the most severe burns. Among the injured children playing in the vicinity of the grill often.

Finger away from the fire accelerators

The risk of Fire accelerants is often underestimated: Who pours, but methylated spirits or other accelerants on the grill, coal, fires, dangerous explosions and back-firings. A huge wall of fire, and the flames can spread up to 10 meters – with disastrous consequences for all that are in the vicinity. “As soon as the weather is nice, be reported to the first grill accidents. We are seeing this as an accident of experts each year,” says Martina Abel, managing Director of the Federal working group (BAG) Mehr Sicherheit für kinder e. V. in Bonn. “Grilling with alcohol is not only reckless, but also grossly negligent. This accident is one hundred percent preventable!” Her advice: “children should not stand near the grill. They ensure that children are employed in grilling by other interesting game offers in a safe distance from the Grill.”

“Paulinchen” warns

Paulinchen e. V., the Initiative for burn injured children, warns for the past two years, with the campaign “Safe barbecues without meths” from this danger. “Every summer kids suffer through the use of Fire accelerants for grilling most severe burn injuries,” says Adelheid Gottwald, Chairperson of Paulinchen – Initiative for burn injured children e. V. “A burn injury is the most painful injury there is. These kids have years of therapy ahead of you and it will remain life-long scars.” Despite the high level of dangerousness is unfortunately placed in many shops and petrol fuel make alcohol right next to the charcoal. “We are asking that no alcohol is sold in addition to food. The enticing adults to grab hold of a brand accelerators,” says Adelheid Gottwald of Paulinchen e. V. “Use solid grill lighters or cartons of eggs.”

  • Grill tip over in the wind and at a safe distance from other combustible materials.
  • Only fixed grill lighter out of the trade use!
  • Never use methylated spirits or other Accelerants to light or to get you some place to light the fire faster.
  • The Grill do not leave unattended.
  • In any case, children in the barbecue or light.
  • Children are not allowed to play in the reach of the grill; therefore, a safety distance of at least 2 to 3 meters to comply with.
  • The fire and the coals to the grill delete and let it cool down, keep the Grill well while its always in the eye.
  • A bucket with Sand, fire extinguisher or fire blanket and hold to Delete the Grills ready.
  • Burning fat, not with water, but by Covering delete.

Most important First aid measure for burns, The burnt immediately for 10 minutes with water (not colder than 15°C) and cool the same, call the emergency doctor or the doctor.