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What is a knee inflammation?

Inflammation in the knee is an inflammatory disease of the joints, known as Arthritis. By Arthritis can lead to damage of the articular cartilage and thus to a permanent destruction of the joint structures. As a result, the functionality and movement of the knee joint can be limited in such a way that the Implantation of a knee prosthesis is indicated.

Causes of Arthritis

Inflammation in the knee can have different causes. So, among other things, inflammatory-rheumatic diseases tables joint injuries, wear and tear, or infection with bacteria related to Arthritis. Depending on the cause, usually between rheumatoid knee arthritis, the infection-induced knee inflammation, and post-trauma, a distinction is made tables of knee arthritis.

Rheumatoid Knee Arthritis

In the case of rheumatoid Arthritis in the knee is a chronic, inflammatory rheumatic disease of the joints, which is based on a lack of its own recognition in the immune system. The antibodies attack this auto-immune disease the body’s own substances and structures, and lead to a lasting inflammation. These harms, in turn, and gradually destroys the cartilage and the structures of the affected joint, in this case, the knee.

Infection-induced inflammation in the knee

The infection-related Arthritis in the knee can be caused by bacteria (bacterial knee arthritis), viruses (viral knee arthritis), or fungi (fungal arthritis), trafficked through the bloodstream, or during surgery in the knee joint. Possible bacterial causative agent of an infection-related inflammation in the knee, among other things, staphylo coccaceae and streptococci. A viral inflammation in the knee, for example, by specific Hepatitis virus or the rubella-Mumps Virus triggered. Among the fungi, which can cause inflammation in the knee, krusei, among other things, the yeast-like fungi Candida parapsilosis, and Candida. As the rheumatoid knee arthritis also, can the infection, and knee inflammation due to the inflammation-induced cartilage injury pathological and irreversible changes of the knee joint structures.

Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis

A knee arthritis as a result of an accident is referred to as post-traumatic Arthritis. These germs enter through injuries to the bones or Ligaments in the joint space of the knee and trigger an inflammation reaction.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Inflammation in the knee, no matter whether it is related to rheumatoid, infection, or post-traumatic knee arthritis is associated typically with pain, and Heat, swelling and redness of the knee joint. A morning stiffness of the knee joint, as well as General sickness feelings such as exhaustion, fatigue, and fever are possible symptoms of Arthritis.

Diagnosis of Arthritis

Knee inflammation can be evaluated to diagnose, the attending physician usually, in which he questioned the patient to his symptoms, the affected knee joint in the course of a physical examination and a blood sample. On physical examination, the physician notes in the rule that the affected knee überwärmt joint, swollen and reddened. In the blood examination, specific inflammation of the point values, such as an increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate and increased number of white blood cells to inflammation in the knee. In order to secure the diagnosis of knee arthritis can be removed also by using a puncture, joint liquid, which is then examined in the laboratory for signs of infection.

Treatment of Arthritis

See more about knee joint pain treatment. The resulting damage to the knee joint cartilage and the destruction of the knee joint structures is so far advanced that the discomfort with conservative and joint-preserving measures, such as, for example, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication as well as arthroscopic joint cleaning can not be sufficiently alleviated and treated, it can be concluded that the Implantation of a knee prosthesis in recital.