Teaching point off because of visual defects?

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Teaching point off because of visual defects?

After the annual Run on available apprenticeships can appreciate young people happy who already have a training place for sure. Before you start coming soon section with the new life, you still need to for a medical examination. But how great is the consternation, when all at once a health Problem is the dream job. For this disappointment of a defect is rarely the cause of an example: Eight percent of men and 0.8 percent of women transparency are suffering from a defective colour, usually you can’t distinguish Red and Green properly.

Earlier going to the eye doctor spared disappointments

For many professions this skill is a prerequisite. A car painter, for example, people, the production processes on the Monitor or the electronics technician, the need to distinguish colored wires, are not able to exercise their profession without an intact color vision.

But so far it has not come at all. Dr. Georg Eckert, a spokesman for the professional Association of ophthalmologists (BVA) advises avoid disappointment: “We recommend the parents for at least two years to go before graduating from school with their children to the eye doctor. One finds a defect, the power of certain professions impossible, it can be something done about it – or, if there is no treatment option, it will advise you which professions are not suitable. Otherwise, parents and young people still have enough time to Orient yourself to yet another dream job.”

For each profession the right vision

In addition to the color-sightedness of many other components that play a role when it comes to the vision: Twilight vision, visual acuity at all distances, and the Interaction of both eyes, for example. Who sits in his profession much in front of the screen, do not need to, although – as is often assumed, is to reckon with a deterioration in his eyesight. A defect can, however, cause other health problems: Who prevents you to constantly Monitor risk tension, headaches and poor posture.

That the eye doctor will adapt in the run-up to a pair of glasses can be crucial for the performance in the Job. But what can be for the a professional helpful, for others a hindrance: lifeguards or chefs fogs up the glasses like kindergarten teachers, you have to defend more often against violent movements of their wards.

Contact lenses can be the better Alternative. They can also be used under the goggles to wear, what is in many craft Occupations is crucial. Important with contact lenses is that they are customized by the eye doctor, the compatibility of the Linsenzu.

Statutory investigation says too little

Dream job, a COP, a roofer or a surveyor, – these and many more require a perfect peripheral vision. The field of vision must not be restricted, the view must work from the corners of his eyes. The youth work protection act the prescribed medical examination prior to the commencement of the teaching body carries out, as a rule, not the eye doctor, but a General practitioner. A Review of the field of view is not provided – it is only tested in the Central visual acuity for distance and color. Serious vision problems can be easily overlooked.

“If a young person only during his training that he has for his profession is not suitable, the damage and disappointment for him,” says Dr. Uwe Kraffel, first Chairman of the BVA. “Therefore, we advise parents and students to a early investigation with specialist competence for the eye. If it turns out that everything is in order, can look forward all the more.”

Source: professional Association of German ophthalmologists (BVA)