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The 13 best slimming tips!


You have decided the bacon to declare war? The goal should always be to change his lifestyle permanently to a healthy diet – combined with more movement. But once it is, hold on. Here you will find the best tips and Tricks that can help.

1. No Hunger – no food

The Hunger is a Signal of the body, which is effective for many. Food is often not controlled by the Hunger, but in the time of day. Who does not know this, just in time to 12.00 PM, whether hungry or not – to the table, where a sumptuous meal of fascia. Who wants to stay slim, you should listen to the signals of his body and only eat when really hungry.

2. Eat slowly

The Hunger has Packed a, it is very hard for many people, is the food for the first time in front of you to keep level. In breathtaking speed, an oversized Portion disappears from the plate in the mouth. The consequences can be – in the truest sense of the word – are weighty.

Eat about the saturation point not only leads to unpleasant bloating, a gigantic heights quickly at the end of display of the scale may occur. Eat slowly instead of nervously loops is therefore the motto. Every bite thoroughly chewed and take short breaks during the meal to remedy the situation. Even if sufficient food was supplied, it takes a little until the feeling of saturation occurs.

3. Drink, drink, drink

A growling stomach and a vast Emptiness in the belly, the are for the diet-stricken well-known situations. Tired of is anyone who drinks a lot. A glass of carbonic acid-rich water before eating saturates well. The water-bound carbon dioxide is released. Due to the increase in volume of the stomach walls are stretched, a feeling of saturation occurs, so that less food is no longer a Problem.

4. Calories save up for the Party

At the weekend, not in a bad mood and to party, Buffett only remotely said to spend it in the week, a few extra calories to save. The “Vorhungern” creates space for culinary delights, the promises, the invitation to the Saturday evening, and it prevents the Party mutated into a hungry run the gauntlet.

5. Exercise is the best fat burner

A regular fitness training is no way around it when Removing. A lot of physical exercise increases the energy consumption and makes the fat disappear. A further advantage is that the muscle mass is formed. A solid, muscular belly not only looks better than its wabbeliges counterpart.

An increase in muscle mass also means an increase in the basal metabolic rate. Muscles do not consume, in contrast to fat, energy and also, if you are currently using. Thus, the Wear of sports clothes is also worth a sports unit should last at least 30 minutes and preferably three times a week. You carry too many Kilos is the choice of the right sport is crucial. Walking or water aerobics are gentle spine and joints.

6. Drink, but do it right

And water and not wine or juice. Certain drinks are a burden on the energy balance. Who likes to eat, should be careful not to drink energy-free or-poor beverages. A glass of juice or lemonade, as far as the calories. Who drinks to normal meal half a Liter of juice, easily.

Also, alcoholic beverages should only be consumed in moderation. 1 gram of alcohol has an energy content of 7 calories. In comparison, 1 gram of fat 9 calories. Who does not want to do without his wine, and still more juice instead of soda to drink, should not eat less to become thicker.

7. Too little sleep makes you fat

Slim in his sleep: In sleep it goes in the body right around, and a lot of energy is consumed. For solid night’s rest periods are necessary, as well as a sufficient amount of sleep.

8. Bans are for Breaking da

Everything that is Forbidden has a special charm, especially for the food. Who will wipe chocolate and biscuits completely from the food plan that will develop after some time, a hot hunger that brings all the good intentions falter. Have the chocolate cravings once overwhelmed, there is no Stop, with the result that you eat a piece of chocolate, but a whole panel. To prevent this, you should prefer to, occasionally, with pleasure, a bar of chocolate to eat.

9. Vanilla fragrance against Hunger on Sweet

The sweet scent of vanilla helps with the temptation to stand in the confectionery Department. Vanilla fragrance oil or a candle with vanilla aroma can increase the stamina of a reduction in diet and the desire for sweet sins, help keep. A helpful spice is also cinnamon. This can lower blood sugar and blood fat levels.

10. Chili makes a sharp

Chili peppers contain Capsaicin which is the pungent taste. It increases the energy expenditure and can help you lose weight.

11. Vegetables and fruit are a Must on the dining plan

Those who want to lose weight and be cumbersome erhungertes weight wants to keep, for the vegetables and fruits must not be missing on the dining plan. The crunchy delights contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. Most vegetables and fruits consist mostly of water and therefore have only a low energy content. Fruits and vegetables you can eat while losing weight tired.

12. Dietary fiber will make you full

Dietary fibers saturate well and long lasting. You can bind large amounts of water, sources and saturate particularly well. A tablespoon of cereal bran and the yogurt mixed in, will help you to stay full longer. Important: anyone Who takes a lot of fiber, you should drink large quantities of fluid, since, otherwise, digestive complaints are inevitable.

13. Tired of go to the supermarket

Who goes hungry to shop, you can be sure that he can’t find things in his shopping cart, which are actually on the dining plan. So after the food shopping. With well-filled stomach, it can be easier for the numerous tastes.


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