The 20 biggest Fitness lies

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The 20 biggest Fitness lies

Jogging is bad for the joints, Cycling makes you impotent and strength training provides bodybuilders-muscles? All Nonsense! We reveal the 20 most popular Fitness mistakes, and so your inner pig dog, the last excuse to get out of Sport or regular exercise.

1. Fat burning during sports only after 30 minutes

Wrong! Already from the first Minute movement of the body stimulates the burning of fat. However, this has reached only after 30 minutes your maximum performance. So if you want to get them out of his fat, should train longer than half an hour. In endurance sports, you should not do it in addition to calm. The most efficient fat-burning work, if you work out at 70 to 80 percent of his Maximum heart rate.

2. If you sweat a lot, is not fit

On the contrary, athletes have a better Thermoregulation. Because your muscles and cells are more powerful, you can load more welding than unfit people.

3. Strength training makes big muscles

Straight women are often afraid of weight training a Bodybuilder’s figure. This fear is however unfounded. The muscle building is determined by the male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced by the female organism only in small quantities. Strength training causes in women, therefore, tend to a firmer and slimmer Silhouette.

4. Stretching brings nothing

The effects of Stretching before Sport, the experts argue. In case of doubt, loose warm-up is preferred. After the Training, you should not do without stretching: Stretched muscles are better supplied with blood, to stay supple and regenerate better. While Stretching you should not dynamically – and herfedern, but prefer the stretch for 20 seconds.

5. Athletes need a special diet

Even if some recreational athletes think that after a half-hour continuous run of the same isotonic miracle drinks, vitamin pills, power shakes and energy bars – these products are only intended for athletes. Dietary supplements alone will not make people feel tired muscles awake. In part, prohibited substances are even found in the food. Instead of grabbing a power bar, and athletes drink better banana and Juice.

6. Device training does not take

Anyone who regularly makes equipment strength training, should not be surprised, if he brings even more pounds on the scale, as to be unsporting times. However, this should not be a reason for concern, because the muscles are heavier than fat. Due to a higher muscle mass is by the way also increases the basal metabolic rate of calories. The result: Even in sleep, muscular people burn more fat than sports.

7. Only exercise once per week brings nothing

Once is definitely better than Nothing. Especially beginners can boost your Fitness with a one-hour Training per week is enormous. Through a combination of strength and endurance training the efficiency will be increased, the blood pressure drops, cholesterol levels improve and the General well-being increases.

8. During strength training muscles pain must

On The Contrary. Who hangs up too many Weights, you can hurt yourself quickly to strain and even. Much more effective the body can be streamlined, if the Weights are relatively easy, and the Exercises are even repeated more often.

9. Sauna slim

Sweating has nothing to do with fat burning. The body loses in the Sauna, water and minerals, but no fat. The pounds, you sweat in the Sauna, you should immediately refill with water again.

10. Jogging is bad for the joints

While Jogging, the two – to three-times your body weight on the joints. However, Jogging will increase your ability to function, because the movement more synovial fluid is produced. As a result, the cartilage can be optimally supplied with fluid and remain longer healthy and in shape. Severely obese, non-athletic people should start with Walking to get used to the joints slowly to the movement.

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