The 9 biggest diet mistakes

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The 9 biggest diet mistakes


Around the subject of nutrition, a lot of myths and misconceptions surround: Is Margarine healthier than Butter? And a brandy after a sumptuous meal actually, the digestion in swing? What is it about these widely held beliefs? We have compiled the 9 biggest diet mistakes for you.

1. Pasta and potatoes make you fat

Wrong! Potatoes are, per 100 grams of just 70 calories – so that the vegetables are fairly low in calories and guaranteed not to thick. Important is the preparation: While salt is, however, Pell or baked potatoes are extremely healthy, fries and co. is a little different: the fat preparation rich in the calorie content rises to about 350 calories.

Also noodles are similar to potatoes, is often in suspicion, to make thick. But this is also wrong. Noodles are approximately 150 calories per 100 grams, a little calorie-rich, but also make them long enough. In General, carbohydrate-rich foods are always recommended, as carbs have only half as many calories as fat.

2. Margarine is a lot healthier than Butter

Wrong! Margarine was considered healthier because it contains, due to their plant-based fats and less cholesterol. Also a bit less calories are in Margarine as in Butter. However, it is not Margarine as opposed to Butter, is a pure natural product. How healthy is the string is fat, depends on the used Oil, as well as the proportion of TRANS-fatty acids.

In the case of Butter, often of high cholesterol is being criticized content. Today, scientists suspect, however, that cholesterol from milk fat is for healthy people. The positive is that Butter provides, in addition to saturated fatty acids also a lot of healthy fatty acids. As a General rule, anyone who pays attention in the case of Butter and Margarine on high quality products and spreadable fat consumed only in moderation, nothing wrong.

3. Light products have no calories

Wrong! In the case of Light products are usually calorie-reduced products, not calorie-free food. In principle, Light-products are recommended, as they can save you quite a bit of fat and calories. You throw to safety however, always take a look at the nutritional information!

It is also important that you take Light products as an excuse to have food to eat that you wouldn’t have indulged in otherwise. Some of the products included in the Light version is still relatively a lot of fat and calories.

4. Stone fruit is not compatible with water

Wrong! Even after the cherries, apricots, plums & co., you can drink without worry, a glass of water – provided that the fruit is washed carefully. This way, you make sure that you take the fruit, no bacteria. These are, in fact, for the stomach discomfort, the some after the consumption of stone fruit pests that are responsible. Normally, the captured bacteria from the stomach acid can be combated. Arrived at the same time with the fruit and the bacteria, however, a lot of water in the stomach, dilute the acid so strong that the bacteria can survive.

5. Fat is unhealthy

Wrong! Fat, with nine calories per gram, while the energy-rich food ingredient, but how often quantity and quality are also crucial. Fat is, in principle, namely, an important substance, without which we cannot live. Therefore, about 30 per cent of the daily calorie intake should be fats. However, every day large amounts of fat-rich foods, will necessarily gain weight. You don’t, so be careful to eat fat rich, and they rely mainly on high-quality fats.

6. Spinach is particularly iron-containing

Wrong! The claim that spinach contains much iron, is probably one of errors of the biggest Diet. Although dried spinach with 35 milligrams per 100 grams, particularly ferrous – in the cooked condition of the iron content of 100 grams is reduced to one-tenth. In addition, iron from plant foods can be worse exploited than from animal products. Spinach should not be considered as a main source of iron – even if he is in comparison to other vegetables relatively iron-rich.

7. Coffee is a liquid robber

Wrong! Coffee works by the caffeine is a diuretic, so that we have to go to a Cup of coffee more often on the toilet. He is beyond the body, but no water. According to the pleasure of coffee is not so excreted more fluid than the beverage was taken. This is why coffee is expected, in contrast to earlier, now also included in the daily fluid quota.

8. Brandy is good for digestion

Wrong! Although popularly claimed that a liquor boosts after a sumptuous meal, the digestive system, in fact, the opposite is the case. Because alcohol the fat is inhibited combustion, the food is important to us so even longer hard in the stomach as before. Nevertheless, the feeling of fullness leaving the liquor for a short time. This is because the alcohol relaxes the stomach muscles and thus temporary relief.

9. An Apple covers the vitamin needs

Wrong! Apples are healthy – the vitamin requires a whole day, not able to cover an Apple. Apples contain, among other things, Pro-vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and the B vitamins B1, B2 and B6. However, the amount of the contained vitamins is not large enough to cover the entire demand of the day.

You take in every day five servings of fruits and vegetables, and you can select from different varieties. So you can be sure that your vitamin needs perfectly.