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The Montignac Diet


Not eat less, but eat better, to make losing weight possible. With this principle, the diet expert Michel Montignac and represents his concept of the diet is to lose weight. As well as other forms of a Low-Carb diet, the method the Montignac diet is based on a strict separation of protein-containing and carbohydrate-rich food. The latter is divided, Michel Montignac in “good” and “bad” carbohydrates – depending on how quickly after the consumption of the blood sugar level rises.

Sugar is banned in the method of Montignac, largely from the diet. This Decrease is to be possible. Based on a Montignac diet, the consumption of such food, which the blood sugar level is not or only slightly increase. The reason for this is a lower blood sugar responsible for insulin secretion remains low. In addition, the food will build up and burned without fat.

Too much Insulin is in the blood, inhibits this removal of the fat. Quite the opposite: An excessive insulin release provides for rapid lowering of blood sugar levels and signals the body, a lack of food, so that it reacts with fat storage of consumed food.

Method Of Montignac: The Glycemic Index

The effect of a carbohydrate rich food on blood sugar levels can be specified with the help of the Glycemic Index (Glycemic Index). The Glycemic Index of a food is by means of low, are “good” carbs, because the blood sugar level rises only a little. “Bad” carbohydrates allow the blood sugar levels and therefore insulin to rise rapidly. The Glycemic Index of such a life is correspondingly high.

Not sugar are recommended in the sense of the Montignac diet that’s why, for example, white bread and potatoes, as these must be used for a rapid increase in blood sugar, and take a lot of Insulin for its removal. Fiber rich foods like oatmeal, whole-grain bread and fruit, however, have mostly “good” carbs as they are digested slowly and the converted Glucose goes into the blood. These foods, according to the method of Montignac is therefore ideal for a Montignac diet.

Montignac diet: carbohydrates and food

In Glycemic index tables, is shown by how fast a certain carbohydrate-rich foods increase the blood sugar level. These tables are important components of the Montignac method, because after that the food be “good” and “very good” carbohydrates selected, so that losing weight should be possible.

  1. “very good carbs” (Glycemic Index 35): With any amount of protein and fat, such products may be combined
  2. “good” carbohydrates (Glycemic Index of 35-50): No combination with fat, not more than with small amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (for example, salad Dressing
  3. “bad” carbs (Glycemic Index of 50-100) and should be omitted entirely, since they lead to weight gain.

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