The myth of negative calories

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The myth of negative calories

What promises to be a “Negative calorie”diet, sounds too good to be true: losing weight and the desired weight to achieve by doing this, what is regulated in other diets usually eat. So-called negative calories (sometimes misleading negative food) to leave by diet excess Kilos melt away, help you lose weight and dream figure. The Trick behind the diet with negative calories is said that certain foods is said to have so few calories that you burn through the digestive more calories than the body needs.

Negative calorie: diet mistake

But behind the diet “Negative calories“ is a thinking error. In fact, there are some foods that contain very few calories and at the same time by a high fiber content, the digestive activity boost. This includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, for example celery. Celery has almost no calories, but is rich in fiber, are digested under high energy expenditure by the body.

Nevertheless, the energy can not be balance is negative. The digestion of the necessary energy demand is taken into account in food and in the specified number of Calories included in the calculation. A stick of celery, for example, has ten calories, and it requires digestive energy is consumed by two calories. Is specified, the number of Calories with eight calories, because eight calories remain in the body after digestion left.

Food and negative calories

On average, about ten to twenty percent of the calories of a food are spent on digestion. A residual energy for the body so in each and every case. Foods such as cucumbers, spinach, mushrooms or salad as an energy supplier, but anyway, is negligible.

Diet experts recommend the consumption of vegetables (for example, in the case of diets), a hunger bind feeling, and the absorption of important vitamins. To not contribute to additional loss of weight through their consumption.

The diet effect of the excessive consumption of fruit and vegetables and the waiver of any other food is an other: The body is only leads to a little energy. In order to maintain its functions still maintained, he is forced on its reserves and convert it into energy, which reduces weight effect it can have.

A balanced diet is important

On the duration of the waiver solely of fruits and vegetables is not healthy. That’s why diets should be based on a healthy and balanced diet, what is without question the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Above all, this food should not be reduced to their low number of Calories. This is because these foods contain a variety of vital vitamins and fibre and are a delicious side dish or Appetizer, which is far from being a negative calories.