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The Use-Value

The farmers are spraying nowadays, more than in the past?

If the food control of residues of several pesticides are found, one speaks in General of multiple residues. You hear this term, many people think that in agriculture, unreflective way of dealing with pesticides.

This is to say that the plant has changed the protection in the past decades. Used to be mainly used for broadband active substances which are effective against all organisms. Today, the pests to be combated in a targeted manner and selectively, wherein the means used are mostly beneficial gentle. Sometimes the use of multiple agents is required. By means of residue analysis residues of these substances can be detected. Improvements in the residue analysis allow the determination of a much larger number of substances in the smallest concentrations.

Judging by the results of National reporting residues of plant protection products for the year 2004, about sixty percent of the foods are loaded with residues of plant protection products. The statutory limit values were exceeded only at around seven percent of the samples.

The Use-Value

For the consumer the use-value of a food is expressed primarily in price, in durability and in the processing. The individual needs of the consumer are very different. Basically, the Trend for buying groceries, at the lowest possible cost, a long shelf life and easy processing.

On average, the German population is almost 14% of their disposable income for food and Drink. In the 1950s, it was still almost half. This is primarily attributable to the income increases due to the comparatively low increase in food prices.

A study of the “Institute of European Food Studies” (IEFS) of approximately 14,000 adults in Western Europe-showed that for the majority of first and foremost price-effective products are crucial for the purchase decision. In addition, many people want to lose of the food preparation in the home, no time.

This needs the so-called Convenience-Food. Out of the freezer or the canned ready meals, as the Name suggests, ready to put together, seasoned and in the shortest time on the table. In the last decades of ready meals have experienced a real Boom. They are from the German house is not longer indispensable.

Dishes are done unhealthy?

To generalize that these dishes are unhealthy and unbalanced, is inappropriate from a nutritional point of view, because the range is very wide, and the nutritional quality of the offers, therefore, very different. Ready meals are available in different compositions and processing steps. Processed, frozen food (e.g., vegetables, fruits, herbs), for example, food in terms of vitamin retention and quality of a good and time-saving Alternative to fresh.

Preservatives are to be preserved in the rule is not required. Strong courts processed, however, typically contain numerous additives. These are usually necessary in order to achieve certain product attributes (e.g. taste, durability, etc.). This does not mean, however, that it is per se unhealthy food, because the addition of additives is strictly regulated by law and may only be carried out in a controlled manner.

Much more important is the composition of the finished dishes. Take a look at the nutritional information per Serving: A full meal should be max. 600 to 800 kcal and the fat content of max. 40 % of the total energy. The main share in ready meals should be vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice or potatoes. Therefore, always check the ingredients list: the ingredients are listed in quantity, in descending order, i.e. the food, which accounts for the largest share, in the first place.

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