Thick or slim by predisposition?

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Thick or slim by predisposition?

“I can’t help it that I’m so thick. The predisposition.” This or something similar many Obese excuse your excess weight and drag from the responsibility. They are thus but not so wrong. In fact, some people have a genetic substance, the pre-programmed obesity. However, this predisposition can be counteracted with a little discipline, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Obesity in Germany is no longer a peripheral phenomenon. Already one third of all German citizens, according to the German obesity society significantly overweight.

Obesity as a predisposition?

It is no coincidence that the thickness of couples have also more often obese children. Various studies have produced evidence that not only the education and the nutrition, but also genetic predispositions have an impact on the body circumference of a human being.

To do this, scientists investigated, for example, adopted children who were separated very young from their parents, and compared the weight of biological parents with the adoptive parents. There was a significant influence of the genes of the biological parents was found. Also, studies with identical twins who grew up separated from each other, confirmed this. Researchers have come to appreciate the influence of genetic predisposition on the body mass of a human, up to 60 percent.

Genetic material is not all his fault

Already if one of the parents is thick, there is an increased risk for children to become overweight. If both parents are obese, it rises more. However, the child does not have to be necessarily thick. It will, however, have enjoyed more difficulties to stay slim, as some age. Because the genetic material does not automatically ensures that the Concerned thick, but you only paves the way for it.

While some people can seemingly eat as much as you want without gaining weight, it lands in thick Assessed mostly every little sin, immediately on the hips. They are often faster and more hungry and consume less energy than other people. You have to take lighter weight and have greater difficulty to lose it again. Some researchers also suspect that the taste buds on the tongue in some people are genetically very sensitive to bitter substances, and to promote the slope, Sweet and fat, while vegetables is an abomination.

Education and dietary pattern

Thickness parents should therefore pay special attention to a healthy, balanced diet of their children so that they learn the wrong eating habits. When parents demonstrate to their children that chocolate comforts, television, and Chips are used as a reward and all the Serving needs to be eaten, take the children of these behaviors, and run great danger to become overweight.

By such measures the natural feeling for food is lost, namely, which leads in adulthood to not only Hunger triggers the Signal to eat, but also Anger, Stress, or boredom. He who learns but little, to eat a balanced diet and a healthy attitude towards food does not have to be afraid of, to be thick.

If you are Overweight: exercise promote

Also Sport and exercise is not only good for the children, therefore, shared bike rides or hikes on the weekend, and Playground visits or walks should be during the week, no exceptions. Fat kids often have difficulty playing sports, you come quickly out of breath and rather a red head, than by their athletic abilities.

Parents should therefore make sure from the beginning to a lot of physical activity and the natural movement of children’s urge to promote and brakes. Later, a sign in a sports club makes sense, because anyone who drives as a child and a teenager, a lot of sports, is to drop this habit as an adult is rare.

In principle, all people have the Chance to be fit and slim. Some of this is relatively easy, while others restrain, because of their predisposition to life-long eating and disciplined exercise and enjoyment of waiver. This often costs a lot of energy and a piece of joy of life. In the extreme case, this kind of restrained eating can lead to an eating disorder.