Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can melt pounds

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can melt pounds

With the healing methods of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can reduce excess weight. This has been established by the physicians of the German centre for Traditional Chinese medicine in the lower Bavarian town of Bad Füssing. Patients can leave with a special combination therapy for Total healing fast, and ancient Chinese methods of treatment in Germany’s largest TCM clinic excess pounds “melt away”.

Chinese Therapeutic Fasting

Two weeks of the treatment, which does not reduce only excess body weight but also as a preventive measure for the reduction of hypertension or existing coronary heart disease may seem to take. Chinese therapeutic fasting goes beyond the usual reduction in calories.

The Oriental therapy is to bring body and mind into harmony. The weight is during the two-week therapy only slowly, but in the long term, reduced. Regular Qi Gong exercises movement and special acupuncture treatments to Appetite suppression accompany the therapy and are an important key for the long-term success of the treatment.

Diet without the “yo-yo effect”

Other slimming diets are often detectable yo-yo effect that leads to the cure to weight gain, with the appropriate patient behavior. More than 100 patients have completed the Chinese almost therapy in the German centre for Traditional Chinese medicine in Bad Füssing.

“In the Chinese diet, the balance of the body and the soul will be restored,” says Dr. Weizhong Sun, chief physician of the TCM clinic. “Therefore, reductions in Weight of 20 pounds and more are according to our experience, is quite possible.”

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