What is the treatment for knee join pain?

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Therapy for knee joint pain

drugs usually prescribed with pain-relieving effect). But cortisone is used, which also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Knee arthroscopy) and also in surgery. In the case of an osteotomy, which can come in the presence of osteoarthritis, bone tissue is severed and removed, in order to correct this, the existing Joint deformity. In worse cases, especially if all treatments are unsuccessful, and the complaints affect the life of solid, the use of an artificial knee joint, into consideration.

and ultrasound therapy.

Avoid of pain in everyday life

The exchange between a Desk and a standing Desk would be for the prevention of knee joint pain beneficial. Trained, especially the leg muscles, which is not Sitting in the case. In everyday life, stretching exercises should be integrated, especially to stretch the muscles of the legs. The staircase should replace the Elevator, so in the simplest way, the leg muscles activated and by the way, the circuit can be trained. Knees and Squat stretched the knee joints. Standing Up from a kneeling position should not be done abruptly, but gently. Jogging on hard surfaces charged to the knee joint, especially if the wrong shoes.

Treatment in naturopathy

In the case of existing of knee joint pain in connection with osteoarthritis, can come in the most natural healing practices Ausleitverfahren. Baunscheid animals and cupping have a positive impact on the complaints. But also the self-blood therapy has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, yet at the same time, the defense will be strengthened. Wheal treatments around the knee joint, performed, by appropriate means, from Anthroposophical medicine can also provide Relief.

All in all, a healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and a low proportion of animal products, important to the over-Acidification of the organism to counteract. In the case of existing obesity is a weight management should be sought. Herbal medicine has in its Portfolio of pain-relieving and stimulating metabolism of the plants. The devil’s claw, horsetail, and nettle are used in conjunction with the knee joint pain. Frankincense, known to the Church, was already used in ancient times for the treatment of diseases. So he should distribute in the middle ages, the plague. This ancient remedy has now found its way in many naturopathic practices. The dry extract of the frankincense resin can be found in Oils, Patches and powders, so that it can be easily taken in the Form of a capsule, but also in homeopathic Form. In case of complaints in the musculoskeletal system, both acute and degenerative, incense contribute to the relief.

In the case of acute inflammation-heat create envelopes with curd or healing earth relief . Here, too, in the acute stage, the baunscheid animals and hives is indicated to relieve the knee joint pain. In the case of purulent inflammation of the Silicea and the Schüssler salt therapy no 1 Calcium fluoratum, no 3, Ferrum phosphoricum and no 11 Silicea coming out of the homeopathy.

Also enzyme preparations have an anti-inflammatory effect and help the swelling to reduce. The exotic fruits of pineapple, Papaya and Mango are very enzyme rich. Their consumption helps the body to more quickly against the inflammation of the procedure. So is recommended, especially if a chronic inflammation of the disease is present, the dining plan to enrich every day with the mentioned fruits.