Trend 3: Black Rice

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Trend 3: Black Rice


Black rice compared to other varieties of rice is particularly nutritious. It contains many trace elements and minerals, especially iron and is also rich in protein. In addition, to be included in black rice especially rich in antioxidants, the free radicals harmless.

Black rice is the whole grain rice varieties, in shell cooked and has a slightly nutty taste. Is it is produced in Thailand, Japan and China. While black rice mainly as a garnish to savory dishes will be served, in some countries, also in sweet desserts, So this type of rice is used, for example, in Bali, for the preparation of the traditional Black Rice Pudding.

For a Black Rice Pudding black rice with a bit of peeled ginger in a lot of water to cook. Then with the palm sugar sweet and with a bit of coconut milk or coconut cream to decorate.