The infection with the scourge of animal cells “Trichomonas vaginalis” is a common sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. At the end of the last century, an estimated worldwide each year, and recorded 174 million new cases of Trichomoniasis, of which 11 million are in Western Europe. Even if the Trichomoniasis is one of the more harmless venereal diseases, and only about half of infected women and even fewer men is causing symptoms, it is taken seriously. In the case of Trichomoniasis-affected Pregnant women, the risk for preterm birth and low birth increases the child’s weight. In addition, the Transmission of the Aids seems to be a Virus in both directions is encouraged.

Of microbes and human

The Transmission of Trichomoniasis occurs by direct mucous membrane contact, so intercourse. In some reports there is talk of a 70% risk during sexual intercourse with an infected Person. Even if in various sources of other Transmission routes such as water in public swimming pools, hot tubs, wet toilet seats, or towels is spoken, this has not been proven well beyond doubt. The probability is very low, at least as the scourge of animal cells are very sensitive and outside of the people, their only host, and only a very short survival.

The germ is found in about one in ten women of childbearing age and 20-30% of women with inflammation in the genital area. This is the large spread of the pathogen, as well as the fact that the infection often goes unnoticed and untreated, and thus chronically runs proves. And so, the danger is that the parasite and the scourge of animal cells can be unknowingly transferred.

Symptoms and course

The complaints are due to Trichomoniasis in women mainly due to a Vaginal infection. This leads to redness of the Genitals, white-green, unpleasant-smelling discharge, marked itching, and, possibly, lower abdominal pain. Sexual intercourse and urination can be unpleasant.

Symptoms in men are very much rarer and less pronounced. It is an inflammation of the glans penis, urethra, prostate or bladder in the foreground, it is generally as a slight Burning after the water, or intercourse manifests. The from the urethra exiting the outflow is rather glazed.

Detection and therapy

The parasite is vagina using a swab from the urethra or the urine under the microscope, proved, in a man less than the woman. In cases of doubt, a culture can be created. The treatment is with metronidazole, a good, effective antibiotic. In General, a single tablet is enough taking.

The sexual partner should also be treated in the presence of Trichomoniasis. During therapy sexual abstinence is indicated. A once by made infection does not protect against a recurrence of the initially formed antibodies exist for only a few weeks.

To the point

  • The Trichomoniasis is the most common sexually transmitted disease.
  • The infection occurs mainly through sexual intercourse.
  • It is often asymptomatic.
  • A complete cure by means of antibiotics is possible.
  • The sexual partner should also be treated.
  • You can become infected again and again.
  • Condoms offer protection against infection.