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For years, the turnip of our plates was gone, but now she’s experiencing a culinary Comeback: With their spicy-sweet flavor of the beet is well suited as an accompaniment to meat dishes, but it can also be eaten in stew or as a puree.

Calories and ingredients

Turnips contain a lot of water and are therefore good for the line: 100 grams, it namely just 35 calories. The beets are not only healthy because they contain few calories, but also because they have many of the valuable ingredients In substances such as potassium and calcium, as well as larger amounts of Vitamin C and Provitamin A. stuck, among other things, mineral

Recipe: Rutabaga Hash Browns

Grate the beet 400 grams of turnips and an onion into fine pieces. Then add an Egg and season the shredded vegetables with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Enter the mass now in portions in a pan and fry the Rösti are Golden on both sides yellow.