Under the weight of risk and therapy

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Under the weight of risk and therapy

Health risk of weight

Anyone who is underweight, not just thin, but also for developing Diabetes (sugar disease) such as Normal -, or Overweight. Underweight are significantly more prone to osteoporosis and infections than people with normal weight.

One reason for the increased susceptibility to infection, the decreased levels of the protein “Leptin” in the body cells in the case of underweight. This “satiety hormone”, is not only lessens the appetite and provides the energy balance. Leptin is a messenger and informed the body about the currently available energy in the cells of the body. The more fat is stored in fat cells, the more Leptin will be released.

The energy, however, are consumed by a lack of food or absorption disorder, decreases the Leptin levels. In consequence of all vital body to be driven functions. For the immune system, this means: the immune cells are less active, heavier, can be activated, and their maturation is slower.

Therapy in weight

Only with whipped cream is not helped underweight. So, you must first be the cause for the weight to be clarified, a diet initiated. The goal of the nutrition-based therapy, it must always be, any deficiency balance, without new health problems. Whipped cream is not pure, so the duration will be good to promote the level of cholesterol in the amount, but to weigh healthy in the long term.

Under weight can be treated by means of a diet therapy as in the case of anorexia, not all of which need to be looked underweight automatically and psychologically. If high-calorie therapies are not effective, must be resorted to, under certain circumstances, to astronauts ‘ diet or even a feeding tube.

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