Unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex education

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Unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex education

The number of births in the teenage age in Germany is low in international comparison. With a year 13 births per 1,000 girls between 15 and 19 years, we are among the number of the British of 31, and the United States of 52 births. Nevertheless, Every unwanted pregnancy is one too many. In General, the children are sexually Mature before they realize what happened. Between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age, 38 per cent of girls have their first Time already behind, with the boys at 29 per cent. Due to the early sexual maturity in girls may be earlier pregnant. As the reason of the earlier sexual maturity, a researcher at lead the good health of the population. For the last 150 years to the time of first Menstruation has dropped at least 6 years!

What do the Kids know?

The majority of young people are not completely educated right – thinking but to know much. Interviews with young people on the topic of Sex show time and again what misconceptions exist. Some think that the Coitus interruptus can prevent pregnancy, others know that it can also be used during period pregnant.

In General, girls are educated slightly better than boys, but in order to be safe and aware of first sexual experience, this is not enough. For this reason, children should know at the latest ten years, more than sex education to know.

And how’s the sexual customer?

Sex education is still a stepchild in the school. And even though sex education in all Federal States is recognised as part of the Educational mission in schools.

The enlightenment that flows only sporadically in the biology, social studies or religion classes; other subjects not involved in the sex education. It is often overlooked that the sex education means, in addition to the purely biological aspects such as reproduction, pregnancy and birth and especially social education, namely, how we treat each other. Issues that young people deal with really, like love, friendship, and individual approach to sexuality play a role.

Inadequate education in the school and the family is always over the years, a main reason for pregnancies at Least! By intensifying the sex education young people can not only learn a fear-free and pleasurable dealing with sexuality; the risk of unwanted pregnancies and dangerous infectious diseases can be reduced. The aim of the sex education in a self-determined and responsible treatment of sexuality.

Common causes of unwanted pregnancies

All available contraceptives, however, is Always unplanned, is still a big part of the pregnancies in Germany.

  • Pill bug: In many cases, the women forget their pill once or even several times.
  • Unwanted pregnancies can also be traced back to the faulty use of Condoms.
  • The contraceptive protection of the pill can no longer be guaranteed by diseases (diarrhoea and vomiting) or to the additional intake of other drugs e.g. some antibiotics.
  • Problems with the spiral may arise if you are sitting in a wrong Position. Therefore, it must also be checked twice a year, whether the spiral is right.
  • Often, young people also have interpersonal problems such as inhibitions in the use of contraceptives, or too little openness in discussions on the topic.
  • Unwanted pregnancies go back in addition to the complete abandonment of contraceptives.

Enlightenment concepts

The Federal centre for health education (BZgA) developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth approaches to sex education and family planning. Media, the BZgA for sex education in Kindergarten and primary school, for example, with the media package “life on track” for 8 – to 12-Year-old and the “kids gartenbox – look Discover, feel!” already.

Particularly popular is the specially designed for young people developed sex educational Internet offering loveline.de issued to all questions of physical development, of first love and the prevention and competently in youth-friendly language and presentation of information.

Additional and supplementary sex education

The “Medical society for the promotion of health of women e. V.” is to promote an Association of Doctors with the aim of promoting health of girls and young women in schools. They will answer questions and topics which are not or only insufficiently be treated in sex education. Here are the Doctors Supplement school-based sex education to the medical preventive aspect. Also, pro familia, participation in offers on sex education in schools and at parents ‘ evenings.


As a young mother, confronted a Teenager with a variety of problems. The fundamental question, what should now happen is first of all in the room. Then it comes to financial matters, the personal training as well as childcare. The young women must, therefore, be used with the various psychological pressures. The main thing is that you can talk about his Worries and Fears, with advice very can be helpful. There are counselling centres, for example, in the case of Pro Familia.