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Various Esstypen – I eat right?

Actually, it would be very simple: We eat when we’re hungry and stop when we are full. Unfortunately, this is not always so. Often the time for a real food is missing, or we feel with our weight and want to lose weight. However, diets can end up with eating disorders. And hectic to eat is often associated with an unhealthy diet. In this context, it is interesting to learn, whether the own eating behavior is the right one. Questions such as “Why I eat?“ or “when and how much I eat?” should ask the custom Esstyp find out, because it is not only the growling stomach to eat the us for a reason.

Social and cultural norms determine the eating habits

In the toddler age Essriten determine our everyday life. Fixed meals, but also rules our parents such as “Eat everything on your plate“ or “If you’re good, you get something Sweet” trigger in us feelings we associate with food. This can be positive, for example, at a luncheon in the family, but it is also unfavorable eating habits.

The eating behavior is determined by the attainment of puberty, more and more of such external Stimuli. Hunger, Lust, and frustration are not to delineate the reasons to eat clearly, if you eat for example, out of Anger or boredom. Numerous studies show that people who are Overweight to be strong of these, or similar external Stimuli influence.

The conscious control can change eating habits

Through the conscious cognitive control of adults or young people can change their eating habits suddenly, and the year-long eating habits. Here decisions are out of a particularly severe when dietary changes are made without regard to the actual physical needs and signals. The importance of a correct knowledge, for example, by a previous visit to the doctor is, therefore, strong changes in the Eating habits.

Every person carries a lot of Esstypen. Usually, a main and one or two in addition to types. So, for example, the mood-dependent eaters, prone to human food and the eating behavior is strongly determined by his personal feelings may be, to the restrained eater, if he complies with the long diets. Or the frantic eaters from Monday to Friday can turn the weekend into a Gourmet.

Exercise and a healthy diet are important

Take the time to eat, consume, preferably, fiber – and vitamin-rich food and sufficient physical activity. The pleasure in eating should not however lost. You don’t always need to eat only salad when all the other indulging in a rich meal with a delicious Dessert as the dessert, because small eating sins and to forgive the figure of us, if we pay attention otherwise, when and what we eat.

You do the eating Test! With the small Test to know more about your own eating habits and to get an indication of whether or not you eat right!

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