Vitamin deficiencies – when threatened with danger?

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Vitamin deficiencies – when threatened with danger?


Almost all processes in the body are not removal run without vitamins, unregulated, or too slow. Without a sufficient supply with all essential vitamins our body therefore, fast life unable. Vitamins are vital substances, which are not or only in insufficient amount even produced by the human body. You will need to be supplied to the body through the food from the outside. In the case of a balanced, varied diet of a metabolism of healthy people can be included in the rule, plenty of vitamins and minerals, so that the demand can be met. The most important Directive is the recommended intake, as defined by the German nutrition society (DGE), different for the different ages of life, from infants through children up to adolescents and adults, Pregnant and lactating.

Risk factors for a Vitamin deficiency

Our need for vitamins is increased under certain circumstances. These circumstances include natural, such as the age, other circumstances, such as pregnancy and lactation, or non-physiological influences, through drugs, pleasure poisons and pollutants. But also a wrong or one-sided nutrition as well as physical stress such as stress or performance sports can be risk factors for an under supply of vitamins.

As a classical vitamin robbers to a lot of alcohol, common colds, weight loss diets and some medications Smoking. Many people have an increased need for vitamins – without knowing it!


With every train Smoking large amounts of carcinogenic inhale particles, which are in addition loaded with oodles of free Radicals. Free radicals are produced during metabolic processes in the body, but also by environmental toxins, nicotine, or Stress. A “too Much” of these aggressive particles can destroy critical functions and structures in the body and diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer or rheumatism.

Smokers are not smokers, therefore – in contrast to an increased demand for antioxidants. These are substances, the free radicals bind to and harmless. Of the vitamins, the vitamins A, C and E protect against free Radicals offer.


The higher the daily alcohol consumption, the less vitamins are fed. When the liver is damaged by excessive amounts of alcohol, to be recycled, the nutrients (and vitamins) is bad. Chronic Drinking leads to vitamin deficiency, particularly of vitamins A, B1, B6, Niacin, Vitamin C and folic acid.

Long-term stress

Anyone who is exposed to heavy Stress, also often have a vitamin deficit. Prolonged stress saps namely, the vitamin a reserves of Vitamin C Status is often low, as is Vitamin B1, B6 and B12.

Vitamin deficiency in women

Women eat on average healthier than men – at least as measured by their vitamin supply. However, vitamin deficiencies are also among women.

  • Hormone preparations: For many women, B-vitamins and folic acid lack of candidates with intake of hormone preparations. This can be the pill or a hormone compound for the treatment of osteoporosis. Against control, with the corresponding finished products or selected foods. Rich in B vitamins are liver, yeast, whole-grain products, dry milk, and whey powder, chanterelles are; folic acid rich vegetables, yeast, and leafy green.
  • Slimming diets: The vitamin level is losing weight in General, also with the menu, namely in the case of a reduced diet in the context of slimming diets. Those who keep various diets, should pay particular attention to an adequate intake of the vitamins E and B.

Vitamin deficiency can creep in, according to experience with age. The many causes. Older people often have less of an appetite and drink too little, in addition, the entire metabolic activity. Sometimes there are also difficulties with the food Preparation, the taste, the sense, so that much of it tastes bland. The bottom line is that this leads to a reduced supply of nutrients. Often, the vitamins A and C, and B vitamins, especially B12, absent in the elderly. In people over 75 years of age, vitamin deficiency is the rule rather than the exception.

Vitamin deficiencies due to disease

There are health disorders that reduce the food and vitamin intake, and others that increase the consumption. Reduced food intake the absorption of nutrients and, thus, of vitamins is Reduced

  • The lack of appetite
  • Eating, chewing and swallowing disorders (for example, if the Denture is not sitting correctly)
  • Gastro-Intestinal Operations
  • unilateral slimming diets.

Decreased vitamin absorption, the absorption from the intestine is Decreased in the

  • Under the function of the pancreas (pancreatic insufficiency) (digestive enzymes are missing, it comes to the Maldigestion)
  • Disturbed flow of Bile in liver disease
  • Intestinal infections and inflammation
  • Regression of the stomach mucosa Lack of Intrinsic Factor and stomach acid, which results about Vitamin B12 deficiency to anemia.

In the case of a cirrhosis of the liver, the liver loses its ability to store vitamins. Increased vitamin losses increased vitamin losses when it comes

  • chronic cases
  • chronic renal failure
  • Hemodialysis

Increased vitamin consumption and increase in basal metabolic rate due to fever, burns, major wounds, or infections of the vitamin is increased demand.

Conclusion: vitamins are…

  • necessary for life: they prevent the typical “deficiency diseases” of the people
  • effectively: In small quantities, highly effective
  • Specialists: Not interchangeable with each other
  • indispensable: The human body cannot manufacture all of them.