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Under vitamins is commonly understood to be a heterogeneous group of substances having similar effect in the human body. For many chemical reactions in our body, for growth and development and for a healthy, defensive strong body of vitamins are essential. In contrast to animals man is dependent on the regular intake of vitamins – such as Vitamin C.

Daily Dose Of Vitamins

The recommendations regarding the daily requirement of vitamins are to be understood as guidelines. They vary, depending on the Institution, which submits the recommendations. The differences arise from the fact that it is extremely difficult to measure the actual needs of the organism. Complex mechanisms that make many of the vitamins salvageable, some vitamins are produced by the body or by intestinal bacteria. Complex absorption mechanisms that complicate this assessment.

Vitamins: High Doses

While there is a sensible minimum amount of needed vitamins agree, diverge at the upper limit of the opinions. Particularly in the United States, there are more and more scientists, the intake of different vitamins in mega doses (the more times the recommended daily dose).

This approach, however, is seen as critical. To be excreted from a certain dose of the vitamins unchanged, on the other, certain vitamins can increase in big amounts of the consumption of other excessively, whereby even a shortage situation may occur. If high-dose vitamin substitution, then you should be very carefully conducted in accordance with the prior diagnosis, and only with individual vitamins.

Synthetically produced vitamins

When taking nutrients, the Option to consume this in “artificial” Form for a long time. Chemically, synthetically have produced the same structure as the naturally occurring vitamins. In fruits, vegetables and animal products and the vitamins, however, occurs in combination with numerous other important nutrients, their function in the human body we know today. Also, the danger of a wrong dosage is the same for natural sources of low.

For these and other reasons, the “natural” way is preferable to come to his daily vitamin ration, especially since a healthy body diet with balanced and varied, no additional supply of nutrients. Vitamin supplements cannot compensate for an inadequate and unbalanced diet.

Vitamins: Deficiency Symptoms

In Europe, severe deficiency with characteristic signs of the disease, as they are often found in developing countries are rare. However, many nonspecific symptoms are the result of a vitamin deficiency are widespread, even in the us. Increased fatigue, lack of motivation, signs of Depression, digestive disorders, and disorders of the nervous system can be a sign of a defective pump. Dry, cracked skin corner of mouth fissures, brittle nails and hair growth problems will also need to let a lack of supply of thinking.

In a healthy balanced nourished body low risk is in a shortage situation. The human body has sophisticated mechanisms to store vitamins, to re-use, and economical to use, which is why he gets by with very small amounts.

However, special circumstances under which there may be a lack of supply exist:

  • Decreased intake due to an unbalanced diet with a large proportion of “empty calories”.
  • Impaired absorption (absorption), due to poor digestion (bile production or absorption disorder, after surgery in the stomach intestinal area, in the case of infectious or chronic intestinal inflammation, congenital defects and impairment of the intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy).
  • Increased demand, for example, in the context of stressful situations (infections, traumas, operations, chronic diseases), pregnancy or heavy physical work (endurance sports, heavy labor).
  • Disruption of vitamin a storage in liver function disorders.
  • Increased excretion in kidney and liver function disorders or in the case of heavy sweating.

Especially vulnerable to getting in a shortage situation, are:

  • Infants, in exclusive, long-term (longer than until the fourth month of life) nutrition with mother’s milk.
  • Children and young people with an unbalanced diet (too many sweets) and growth-related increased demand.
  • Pregnant women, since, in particular, from the fourth month of increased vitamin needs.
  • Older people: nutrition is often deficient, absorption and absorption capacity is reduced in addition in the age.
  • People that cover their own energy needs, mainly with alcohol. Alcohol means that the body is pure energy and contains no nutrients. In the case of longer, more regular intake in greater amounts of deficiency can occur symptoms (especially lack of Vitamin B1).


There is a Surplus of water soluble vitamins is excreted largely by the kidney, or the liver and, therefore, has a maximum short-term consequences. Fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) accumulate, however, in the body and can have consequences of excessive consumption. Especially with young children is to be observed in the administration of the “synthetic” vitamins not necessarily by the doctor prescribed dose.