Water ice: a low-calorie refreshment?

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Water ice: a low-calorie refreshment?


As the Name suggests, consists of water ice is mainly from the main component of the human body: water. Added ingredients such as sugar, color and flavorings. Due to the high percentage of Water and water ice has hardly any calories. Especially on a hot summer’s water ice is popular days as a pleasant refreshment. If you want a quick and easy cooling, but does not have to buy an ice cream. From the fruit of the season ice can be cost-effectively manufactured.

A lot of taste with little calories?

Among the industrially manufactured ice-creams, water ice is considered to be the calories poorest of the ice. In spite of its relatively high sugar content, the energy content of 100 grams of water ice at only 60 calories (kcal). For comparison: ice cream, Sorbet contains more than double, creamy ice cream even three times as many calories. Because even though milk ice cream is rich in protein and calcium, characterized mainly by a high fat content.

Anyway as a healthy calcium supplier sought-after milk is rich in ice cream, often by inferior vegetable oil or fat cream replaced. So cream and ice cream places on a milk-fat content of up to 18 percent. The consumption of such heavily fat-Laden ice cream can follow-up complaints such as heartburn and Obesity.

In spite of its high content of water and carbohydrate, low-fat Dessert is easier to digest than milk-based-made ice cream places. However, water ice has no vitamins, protein or fiber. Water ice is so fat, but also low in nutrients. Since water ice is only allowed to have a body fat percentage of a maximum of three per cent, turning out of it as the seemingly lower diet sin as milk ice cream.

Better only in moderation

The largest proportion of carbohydrates in the water ice occurs in the Form of sugar. A regular consumption of the sweet cooling can cause tooth decay and Obesity. Water ice is meant to be enjoyed, therefore, only in moderation, because it makes the blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. Thus, the risk of developing Diabetes is increased.

Whether ice cream or water ice, those who want to save on calories, you should both enjoy sweets only in moderation and move a lot. Then can also be used without a guilty Conscience and sinned.

Water ice do it yourself

Who wants to come in the enjoyment of homemade water ice, it can be easily and inexpensively at home. The great advantage of the hands-on preparation is, that there is no need for expensive ice-cream machine, or elaborate recipe. Because unlike ice cream, you must water ice will not be stirred on a regular basis.

Tips for preparation:

The preparation of the water ice is straightforward: commercially available ice moulds with stick, a freezer and a little patience are enough to conjure yourself a delicious Dessert.

Allowed is everything that tastes good. For the production of all milk are free or based on water-based beverages such as iced tea, tea or fruit juices. If you like healthy, organic, for example, juices or Smoothies filling. A fresh vitamin boost of the juice from pureed fruit. Depending on the season, freshly squeezed citrus, or forest, for example, berry Refine with a bit of honey, sugar or sweetener. The fruit cocktail then needs to be placed in the freezer.

For this purpose, there are commercially available ice moulds plastic in all sorts of shapes and colors. The mostly conical or tongue-shaped collection containers to be used for the bottling of fruit juice. After filling the ice mould is covered with a counter-piece. This lid is provided with a stem, on which the frozen Strawberry remains later. It will take about 24 hours is frozen until the self-made water ice.

If the ice is not the same on the stem from the Form of drag, just wait until the ice is slightly thawed. Then it can easily be removed and can immediately be consumed.

Water ice is for diabetics unsuitable

Low-fat and at the same time sugar-rich desserts, such as ice, can be hazardous for diabetics to a health Problem. The water ice of the high fat content is missing, as it is found in milk or ice Cream. He ensures that the sugar absorption in the intestine is delayed. This ensures that the blood sugar level rises very slowly.

In the case of water ice, the blood sugar levels can rise due to the lack of fat freely in the height. Diabetics should compensate for the consumption of water ice is therefore essential that sufficient sports. In the case of acute hypoglycaemia, can ice help, however, to bring the glucose content in the blood rapidly to the correct Level.