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Water melons


Due to its refreshing taste, watermelon on hot summer days, is extremely popular. Through the thick, green peel, it is not however always easy to whether the melon is ripe or not. That’s why a small tip: it rings when you Tap on the shell a dull, the sound full of sound, the watermelon is ripe. The flesh of the fruit has a juicy, pink-red tone. In the fridge, cut the water melons have a couple of days – they are best with a cling film covered.

Calories and ingredients

Watermelons consist of about 95 percent water and are, therefore, a particularly low-calorie fruit: 100 grams to only 24 calories. Nevertheless, the water-melon of many valuable ingredients, it is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. In the cores of proteins and fats, as well as other vitamins and minerals stuck.

Recipe: Watermelon Sorbet

½ Half a Cup of water and 1 Cup sugar in a saucepan and boil until the mass is viscous. Subsequently, the mixture puree together with a little lemon juice and 5 cups of watermelon flesh in a blender. Thereafter, the mass in the freezer and six hours, allow to cool.