With cabbage and pumpkin for a cold

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With cabbage and pumpkin for a cold


Shorter, cooler and darker – this is the Trend these days. However, not in fashion but in the daily routine. In Bus and train will be sneezed and coughed, and the handkerchiefs are out all over the places. Well, who is now armed against the virus onslaught. Anyone who wants to upgrade his immune system: nutrition scientist Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek gives tips on what vegetables you now.

What fall vegetables you should eat in order to bring its defenses once again in full swing?

Kraaibeek: Autumn cabbage of the time. No matter what variety on the table: cauliflower, broccoli, Kale, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage … cabbage is ideal for the prevention against the common cold, but even then, if the nose is already running. It provides the body with vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system and the body against infections arm.

Almost all varieties of Cabbage are rich in the cold blocker Vitamin C. Cooked Brussels sprouts, for example, contains more Vitamin C than the same amount of oranges. And fresh steamed broccoli is almost twice as much as lemons. In addition, the Vitamin E is also common in the cabbage. Both are important antioxidants bind to free radicals. They help to protect the cells and get the immune system.

Cabbage seems to be a wonder weapon. What is still in him?

Kraaibeek: cabbage linings not only against colds fit, but also strengthens from head to foot. It contains in addition to vitamins and minerals and ballast substances abundant and is excellent for tired of food without a guilty Conscience. Because it consists largely of water.

Cabbage is supplier for calcium, potassium, and iron. While calcium provides for strong bones, strong nerves and muscles, regulates potassium in the blood pressure. The trace element iron is needed for the formation of the Blood pigment haemoglobin. For the cell structure are important folic acid is, for example, in Cabbage, Chinese or green cabbage.

Pumpkin has now also season. What is it with these orange-coloured heads?

Kraaibeek: pumpkins are ideal for soups, stews or Gratins. Who freezes easily, should spoons of pumpkin soup, because the pumpkin warms from the inside. The flesh is full of minerals and vitamins.

Before all the seeds have it all: you are not in between, are a delicious Snack, but supply the body simultaneously with the trace elements selenium, copper and zinc. The latter supports the immune system and fights off viruses. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil are also in the bladder and to recommend to prostate problems.

There are other vegetables, which do you recommend now in the fall?

Kraaibeek: mushrooms are very healthy and shoot anywhere from the floor. Domestic mushrooms, such as chanterelles, Chestnuts, Butter, or porcini mushrooms are 90 percent water and are extremely low in calories, but rich in minerals and trace elements.

Mushroom eaters are supplied with the nerves and muscles of the important B-vitamins and with Vitamin D, which is good for bone formation. The dietary fibres regulate the digestion. At protein for muscle building, there is a lack of meadows in the “sheltered“ and forest inhabitants.

To Collect should bustle but only a connoisseur in the forest. Who has no idea which mushrooms are edible, and rather enjoys the fresh forest air on a walk.