Without a hangover on the slopes

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Without a hangover on the slopes

In addition to the active Actuation in the winter skiing, long evenings, loud music, Dancing as well as alcohol consumption when it comes to Après Ski for many winter sports enthusiasts are a special Highlight, in huts, cafes or night clubs to round off the daily skiing in a cheerful round.

Mulled wine, Jagertee and hot cocoa with a shot of, as well as beer and various spirits welcome Heater in the immediate connection to the sports of Ski and fun at the Alpine sports in the mountains.

The “hangover” prevention

What helps to get fit through the day and to avoid an undesirable “hangover” on the following day of skiing, or to relieve? Thus, the skiing remains a pleasure, we have compiled some tips.

  • The Breakfast is the best and, above all, the necessary basis for a sporty day. Ideally, a oatmeal-cereal with fruit and milk. Depending on your taste, took cold meats and cheeses, rolls/breads and vegetables are recommended as well. The Drink, we must not forget also: Here are fruit juices, in moderation, coffee and tea.
  • Rather than grabbing a snack at the chocolate bar, satisfy the small Hunger prefer with fruit, muesli bars and wholemeal biscuits.
  • At noon to the hut of the energy storage must be replenished. You can opt for light meals that contain a lot of carbohydrates instead of the greasy fries. Optimal Pasta with tomato sauce or stews, such as pea/potato soup.
  • This is also true for the evening, when all the energy must be used up reserves and re-filled. The Variation of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice or pasta, meat, fish, fresh salad, fruits and vegetables offer the best conditions for a sporting challenge on the next day.
  • Even if it is cold outside, you sweat still in the winter sports. And this fluid loss must be compensated accordingly. Be sure to take plenty of liquids. Best mineral water, clear soup or fruit juice are spritzers.
  • The lure in the cold after Jagertee and Glühwein is great, but not recommended. Alcohol contains many useless calories and inhibits the ability to respond, which is not necessarily conducive to the Sport:
Beverages per Serving Energy in kcal Amount of alcohol in the g
Mulled wine (0,2 l)* 210 12,4
Jagertee (0.2 l)* 135 15,5
Beer (0.5 l) 210 19,8
Brandy (2 cl) 52 7,6
Egg liqueur (2 cl) 57 2,7

(Average data, because there is no uniform recipe)

The greatest risk: alcohol

It is so tempting and can be so much fun – the Apres-Ski Party. But beware: after a day of skiing, the body is exhausted and drained. The better the alcohol then acts, and you will feel with the first mulled wine suddenly fit again and wide awake. But appearances are deceptive. On duration of alcohol tended to increase the fatigue, weakens the concentration, and reduces coordination.

Not a good prerequisite for the downhill run. Most of the accidents on the slopes, you will pass by the way, under the influence of alcohol. A risk what to avoid, at best, protection from themselves, but also especially in front of the other. In addition, the alcohol makes the next day is noticeable, and not necessarily positive.

Nutrition tips to fight the hangover

  • A reason for the unpleasant feeling of the cat, the large fluid deficit, since alcohol drains the body of fluid. However, with non-alcoholic beverages, such as water and juice spritzers. It is best to begin with the right in the evening.
  • Drinking alcohol is not against thirst, but out of enjoyment.
  • No alcohol on an empty stomach. High-fat meals may delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  • If you drink alcohol, stay at a variety. This is better tolerated.
  • Sweet and warm alcoholic drinks, such as mulled wine, champagne or Jagatee get faster access to the blood. Since the gastric mucosa is better perfused, which accelerates, in turn, the recording.
  • A proven Anti-hangover recipe for the Morning after: The chicken soup. It protects the attacked the stomach and gives the body with minerals and electrolytes, and compensates for the fluid deficit.
  • The best recipe for the hangover is fresh air. You have to overcome the inner pig dog and you clench the teeth. Get out of bed, onto the ski slopes – after a short time the world looks better.