Work in the Flow? Forget time and space!

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Work in the Flow? Forget time and space!


The concept of Flow comes from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes the feeling of total Absorption in an activity. The Flow experience is the experience of absolute well-being, resulting in a challenging activity, similar to that in children, the forgotten in the Play of time and space.

What is a Flow?

Flow, therefore, is something of the ideal state of action. Usually people do something and think of other things. When you Act in the Flow, all energy is focused on the activity at that Moment. In this sense refer to people who experience it as a Float or to Flow (Flow), than you would from an energy flows through.

We humans do a lot of things that causes us to subjectively nothing. This includes Playing with children, Hiking, Crafting and all the other creative activities. All of these pursuits offer us no material reward, the motive is grounded in the activity itself or in the way of implementation. The activity also has certain qualities, it can lead to a Flow experience.

Time is unimportant

If we engage then in activities, play for us, neither the time, nor do we even have a role, and the Act is done effortlessly. When we are in Flow, our feelings, our will and our Thinking in those moments in a Match.

Flow is the desirable state of consciousness, therefore, is in a activity and get a sense of satisfaction, pleasure, joy and happiness.

Many activities can produce Flow

Flow is often experienced through movement in dance or Sport experience but also a mental effort such as playing chess or Writing a letter.

Flow is hostile against, for example, television as a passive activity. Better Hobbies and friends are there to spend their leisure time actively or in exchange with others. The following components flow stuff activities together, not all the components need to be present at the same time:

  • Safe indicator of Flow Merging of action and awareness. The undivided attention is the activity. Distracting thoughts do not occur. We act in harmony and connectedness with the world and are totally engrossed in the activity – to go all the way in. Our sense of time is altered: man has completely forgotten himself, hides perceptions, which are not related to the activity, – to hear, for example, noise or passes signals within the Body. There is no time for self-exploration – we are simply.
  • If you switch off and at the same time want to relax, you have to deal with the action intense. In order to experience Flow, one must invest a certain amount of energy. Intensive engagement means making an effort.
  • The task of the challenge meets our skills – it is neither too easy, nor too difficult. Thus, the task is attractive for us, has usually a personal connection that motivates us to Act.
  • The feeling in the Situation, everything is under control, is one of the important characteristics of the Flow experience. It is not important whether we actually have control – our sense of control is crucial. You just know what to do. The goal is clearly in front of our “Inner eye” and we know intuitively what we need to do to achieve the goal.
  • Another important characteristic of Flow is that you get a rapid feedback, both in positive and negative ways. So it is possible to correct its course again and again.

Kurzfromel for Flow

In a short formula, this can be the Situation of a Flow feeling to describe: It is lose absorbed in a challenging activity so that everything around you – the everyday concerns – importance. You will be in a kind of self-oblivion and lose all sense of time. It is the familiar feeling that time goes by in a blink of an eye.