Yoga Exercises for beginners

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Yoga Exercises for beginners

Yoga means relaxation and Sport, inner peace and sweaty Fitness. It doesn’t fit? You can think again! Yoga Exercises to tighten and strengthen not only the body but also include meditative elements that lead to Serenity and balance.

There is a need for Yoga is neither a particular place nor special equipment for the respective Exercises. With a simple Mat and comfortable clothing you can do all the Yoga Exercises at home.

We will show you six Basic positions, the success of even beginners in Yoga. Of the sun salutation on Cobra, warrior and dog to the triangle and the tree, we cover the basic Yoga Exercises. As an Extra we betray each Yoga Practice, what is the effect of this on the body and the soul. The first Yoga Exercise we introduce is called the sun salutation.


A typical warm up Exercise in Yoga is the sun salutation. The many change of position to speak to all areas of the body and prepare the muscles on the Asanas (yoga exercises).

  1. Both hands in front of the chest and exhale
  2. Inhale, both arms up, the shoulders and shoulder blades together, Bottom harness (see picture)
  3. Exhale, upper body down to bend, and with the hands touching the ground
  4. Inhaling, the left leg stretching to the rear and the foot put on. The right leg stretch, upper body upright
  5. Hold your breath, and also the second leg back, the arms are pressed by
  6. Exhale, forehead and chest can touch the ground
  7. Inhale, the upper body lifting
  8. Exhale, and with the pelvis, the heel on the floor presses, the arms are pressed by
  9. Inhale, right foot forward, arms on the bottom and to the rear routes
  10. Exhale and also with the left foot to come forward, the legs stretch, hands on the floor
  11. Inhale, both arms over the head stretch
  12. Exhale and both arms to the hip of the sun, run, repeat greeting, first the right leg to the back stretch. Exercise a total of three times to complete, to warm up the muscles.

Effect of Yoga Exercise sun salutation

  • Physical: Warms up the muscles, stretches the body, prepares it for the following Asanas. Stimulates the circulatory System
  • Emotionally: Harmonizes and gives self-confidence